Ganglio series sphingolipid metabolism (Homo sapiens)

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Ganglio- series of glycosphingolipids, biosynthesis

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  1. Yamaguchi K, Hata K, Koseki K, Shiozaki K, Akita H, Wada T, Moriya S, Miyagi T; ''Evidence for mitochondrial localization of a novel human sialidase (NEU4).''; Biochem J, 2005 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Yamashiro S, Haraguchi M, Furukawa K, Takamiya K, Yamamoto A, Nagata Y, Lloyd KO, Shiku H; ''Substrate specificity of beta 1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase in vitro and in cDNA-transfected cells. GM2/GD2 synthase efficiently generates asialo-GM2 in certain cells.''; J Biol Chem, 1995 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
B3GALT4GeneProductO96024 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
B4GALNT1GeneProductQ00973 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
GA1/ Asialo-GM1MetaboliteLMSP0503AB00 (LIPID MAPS)
GA2MetaboliteLMSP0503AA00 (LIPID MAPS)
GD1aMetaboliteLMSP0601AS00 (LIPID MAPS)
GD1bMetaboliteLMSP0601AQ00 (LIPID MAPS)
GD1cMetaboliteLMSP0601BN00 (LIPID MAPS)
GD2MetaboliteLMSP0601AN00 (LIPID MAPS)
GD3MetaboliteLMSP0601AK00 (LIPID MAPS)
GM1MetaboliteLMSP0601AP00 (LIPID MAPS)
GM1bMetaboliteLMSP0601AY00 (LIPID MAPS)
GM2MetaboliteLMSP0601AM00 (LIPID MAPS)
GM2aMetaboliteLMSP0601EK00 (LIPID MAPS)
GM3MetaboliteLMSP0601AJ00 (LIPID MAPS)
GP1cMetaboliteLMSP0601AX00 (LIPID MAPS)
GQ1bMetaboliteLMSP0601AV00 (LIPID MAPS)
GQ1cMetaboliteLMSP0601AU00 (LIPID MAPS)
GT1aMetaboliteLMSP0601AW00 (LIPID MAPS)
GT1bMetaboliteLMSP0601AT00 (LIPID MAPS)
GT1cMetaboliteLMSP0601AR00 (LIPID MAPS)
GT2MetaboliteLMSP0601AO00 (LIPID MAPS)
GT3MetaboliteLMSP0601AL00 (LIPID MAPS)
HEXAGeneProductP06865 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
HEXBGeneProductP07686 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
LacCerMetaboliteLMSP0501AB00 (LIPID MAPS)
NEU3GeneProductQ9UQ49 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
NEU4GeneProductQ8WWR8 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST3GAL1GeneProductQ11201 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST3GAL2GeneProductQ16842 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST3GAL4GeneProductQ11206 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST3GAL5GeneProductQ9UNP4 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST8SIA1GeneProductQ92185 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST8SIA5GeneProductO15466 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ST8SIA6GeneProductP61647 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
GA1/ Asialo-GM1GM1bmim-conversion47561 (Rhea) EC:
GA2GA1/ Asialo-GM1mim-conversion41961 (Rhea) EC:
GA2LacCermim-conversion48453 (Rhea)
GD1aGT1amim-conversion41769 (Rhea)
GD1bGT1bmim-conversion47573 (Rhea) EC:
GD2GD1bmim-conversion47569 (Rhea) EC:
GD3GD2mim-conversion43273 (Rhea) EC:
GD3GM3mim-conversion48125 (Rhea) EC:
GD3GT3mim-conversion41765 (Rhea)
GM1GD1amim-conversion18022 (Rhea) EC:
GM1bGD1cmim-conversion47577 (Rhea)
GM2GM1mim-conversion16774 (Rhea) EC:
GM2GM3mim-conversion47941 (Rhea) EC:
GM3GD3mim-conversion48289 (Rhea)
GM3GM2mim-conversion12589 (Rhea) EC:
GM3LacCermim-conversion47901 (Rhea) EC:
GP1cGQ1cmim-conversion48529 (Rhea)
GQ1bGT1bmim-conversion48157 (Rhea)
GQ1cGP1cmim-conversion47593 (Rhea)
GQ1cGT1cmim-conversion48533 (Rhea)
GT1bGD1bmim-conversion47861 (Rhea)
GT1bGQ1bmim-conversion41773 (Rhea)
GT1cGQ1cmim-conversion47589 (Rhea) EC:
GT2GT1cmim-conversion47585 (Rhea)
GT3GT2mim-conversion47581 (Rhea) EC:
LacCerGA2mim-conversion47565 (Rhea) EC:
LacCerGM3mim-conversion18418 (Rhea) EC:
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