Neurogenesis regulation in the olfactory epithelium (Homo sapiens)

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6152032, 393659, 669, 27, 6347, 50, 692930, 60, 7518, 21, 2661, 733, 34, 623128, 40, 5723, 545844, 5645, 7425, 37582, 388, 4217, 7013, 483611, 551, 72766816, 49675814, 71527, 83541, 43464, 5319, 51, 6522, 54ORN matureINHIBITIONSTIMULATIONSupporting cellsBoth positive and negative regulation in neurogenesis+PPositive regulation of neurogenesisBINDINGNegative regulation of neurogenesisCOEXISTANCE RELATIONHES1KDM1ASEMA4AAPPRETNEUROD1SOX2BDNFRETMECP2MAP1BAGRNERBB4NOTCH1NEURL1PAX6MRE11AGHRLID1ID2TCF3TCF4NEUROG3MEF2CNTRK3NTRK1NTRK2FAIMNGFPLXND1CXCL12NGFRPSEN1APPDAB1DISC1MAP2NUMBLLRP8RELNVLDLRNDEL1NUMBMARK2MAPTPAFAH1B1RTN4RTN4RSOX2STAT3JAG1DLL1HEY1GSK3BCDK5R1CDK5NRG1Horizontal basal cells 58Globose basal cells NUMBASCL1+P+PMYCIL17A


Transcriptional regulatory network during neuronal and non-neuronal lineage in the olfactory epithelium.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AGRNGeneProductENSG00000188157 (Ensembl)
APP GeneProductENSG00000142192 (Ensembl)
APPGeneProductENSG00000142192 (Ensembl)
ASCL1 GeneProductENSG00000139352 (Ensembl)
BDNF GeneProductENSG00000176697 (Ensembl)
CDK5GeneProductENSG00000164885 (Ensembl)
CDK5R1GeneProductENSG00000176749 (Ensembl)
CXCL12 GeneProductENSG00000107562 (Ensembl)
DAB1 GeneProductENSG00000173406 (Ensembl)
DISC1 GeneProductENSG00000162946 (Ensembl)
DLL1GeneProductENSG00000198719 (Ensembl)
ERBB4 GeneProductENSG00000178568 (Ensembl)
FAIM GeneProductENSG00000158234 (Ensembl)
GHRL GeneProductENSG00000157017 (Ensembl)
GSK3BGeneProductENSG00000082701 (Ensembl)
HES1 GeneProductENSG00000114315 (Ensembl)
HEY1GeneProductENSG00000164683 (Ensembl)
ID1 GeneProductENSG00000125968 (Ensembl)
ID2 GeneProductENSG00000115738 (Ensembl)
IL17A GeneProductENSG00000112115 (Ensembl)
JAG1GeneProductENSG00000101384 (Ensembl)
KDM1AGeneProductENSG00000004487 (Ensembl)
LRP8 GeneProductENSG00000157193 (Ensembl)
MAP1B GeneProductENSG00000131711 (Ensembl)
MAP2 GeneProductENSG00000078018 (Ensembl)
MAPT GeneProductENSG00000186868 (Ensembl)
MARK2 GeneProductENSG00000072518 (Ensembl)
MECP2 GeneProductENSG00000169057 (Ensembl)
MEF2C GeneProductENSG00000081189 (Ensembl)
MRE11A GeneProductENSG00000020922 (Ensembl)
MYC GeneProductENSG00000136997 (Ensembl)
NDEL1GeneProductENSG00000166579 (Ensembl)
NEURL1 GeneProductENSG00000107954 (Ensembl)
NEUROD1 GeneProductENSG00000162992 (Ensembl)
NEUROG3 GeneProductENSG00000122859 (Ensembl)
NGF GeneProductENSG00000134259 (Ensembl)
NGFR GeneProductENSG00000064300 (Ensembl)
NOTCH1 GeneProductENSG00000148400 (Ensembl)
NRG1 GeneProductENSG00000157168 (Ensembl)
NTRK1 GeneProductENSG00000198400 (Ensembl)
NTRK2 GeneProductENSG00000148053 (Ensembl)
NTRK3 GeneProductENSG00000140538 (Ensembl)
NUMB GeneProductENSG00000133961 (Ensembl)
NUMBL GeneProductENSG00000105245 (Ensembl)
PAFAH1B1 GeneProductENSG00000007168 (Ensembl)
PAX6 GeneProductENSG00000007372 (Ensembl)
PLXND1 GeneProductENSG00000004399 (Ensembl)
PSEN1 GeneProductENSG00000080815 (Ensembl)
RELN GeneProductENSG00000189056 (Ensembl)
RET GeneProductENSG00000165731 (Ensembl)
RETGeneProductENSG00000165731 (Ensembl)
RTN4GeneProductENSG00000115310 (Ensembl)
RTN4RGeneProductENSG00000040608 (Ensembl)
SEMA4AGeneProductENSG00000196189 (Ensembl)
SOX2 GeneProductENSG00000181449 (Ensembl)
SOX2GeneProductENSG00000181449 (Ensembl)
STAT3GeneProductENSG00000168610 (Ensembl)
TCF3 GeneProductENSG00000071564 (Ensembl)
TCF4 GeneProductENSG00000196628 (Ensembl)
VLDLR GeneProductENSG00000147852 (Ensembl)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
ArrowR-HSA-9021450 (Reactome)
ArrowWP2059 (WikiPathways)
ArrowWP5120 (WikiPathways)
Arrowbta04550 (KEGG Pathway)
Arrowhsa04330 (KEGG Pathway)
Arrowmmu04330 (KEGG Pathway)
CDK5R1ArrowWP5124 (WikiPathways)
NGF Arrowhsa04020 (KEGG Pathway)
NOTCH1 TBarhsa04330 (KEGG Pathway)
TBarWP2038 (WikiPathways)
TBarhsa04330 (KEGG Pathway)
TBarhsa04950 (KEGG Pathway)
TBarmap04330 (KEGG Pathway)
TBarwp2038 (WikiPathways)
VLDLR mim-bindingR-HSA-8866376 (Reactome)
mim-bindingR-HSA-416690 (Reactome)
mim-bindingR-HSA-8866376 (Reactome)
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