Spina bifida (Homo sapiens)

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7222722222224222Folic acid shortagecatalyzationLegendinhibitionconversionMTHFRTHFFolic acid2'-Deoxycytidine 5'-monophosphate(1−) residueMTRMethionine5-MethyltetrahydrofolateSpina bifidaMTRR5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate5,10-MethenyltetrahydrofolateCaffeine5-Methyl dCMP(1−) residue10-FormyltetrahydrofolateMethylcobalaminDNA synthesisCell proliferationMTHFD1EthanolProtein synthesisSHMT1HomocysteineCobalamin4MethylcobalaminCobalaminTHFHomocysteineMethionineMAT1ADNMT11DNMT3bKIAA0828MAT2BS-AdenosylhomocysteineS-Adenosylmethionine1DNMT3a1AHCYLow methionine intakeAlcohol intakePhysiological changeGeneMetaboliteCellular processmovement out of a groupcausationstimulationTobacco Smoke PollutionassociationDiseaseToxin


Pathway under construction to explain how Spina Bifida occurs during development. Many genes in the pathway are known risk factors for Spina Bifida. The current theory suggests that the shortage of nucleotides in neuroepithelial cells slows the cellular replication leading to a 'retarded' neural fold development.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
10-FormyltetrahydrofolateMetaboliteHMDB00972 (HMDB)
2'-Deoxycytidine 5'-monophosphate(1−) residueMetaboliteCHEBI:85452 (ChEBI)
5,10-MethenyltetrahydrofolateMetaboliteCHEBI:57455 (ChEBI)
5,10-MethylenetetrahydrofolateMetaboliteCHEBI:12071 (ChEBI)
5-Methyl dCMP(1−) residueMetabolite85454 (ChEBI)
5-MethyltetrahydrofolateMetaboliteCHEBI:15641 (ChEBI)
AHCYGeneProduct191 (Entrez Gene)
Alcohol intakeFOODON:00001579 (Other)
Caffeine2519 (PubChem-compound)
Cell proliferationQ1952798 (Wikidata)
Cellular process-
CobalaminMetaboliteCHEBI:30411 (ChEBI)
DNA synthesisQ5205774 (Wikidata)
DNMT1GeneProduct1786 (Entrez Gene)
DNMT3aGeneProduct1788 (Entrez Gene)
DNMT3bGeneProduct1789 (Entrez Gene)
EthanolMetaboliteCHEBI:16236 (ChEBI)
Folic acidMetaboliteCHEBI:27470 (ChEBI)
Gene- (Ensembl)
HomocysteineMetaboliteHMDB00742 (HMDB)
KIAA0828GeneProduct23382 (Entrez Gene)
Low methionine intake
MAT1AGeneProduct4143 (Entrez Gene)
MAT2BGeneProduct27430 (Entrez Gene)
MTHFD1GeneProduct4522 (Entrez Gene)
MTHFRGeneProduct4524 (Entrez Gene)
MTRGeneProduct4548 (Entrez Gene)
MTRRGeneProduct4552 (Entrez Gene)
MethionineMetaboliteCHEBI:16643 (ChEBI)
MethylcobalaminMetaboliteHMDB02274 (HMDB)
Physiological change
Protein synthesisQ211935 (Wikidata)
S-AdenosylhomocysteineMetabolite57856 (ChEBI)
S-AdenosylmethionineMetabolite67040 (ChEBI)
SHMT1GeneProduct6470 (Entrez Gene)
Spina bifidaQ844717 (Wikidata)
THFMetaboliteCHEBI:20506 (ChEBI)
Tobacco Smoke PollutionQ66901592 (Wikidata)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
10-FormyltetrahydrofolateTHFmim-conversion20221 (Rhea)
5,10-Methenyltetrahydrofolate5-Methyltetrahydrofolatemim-conversion19817 (Rhea)
5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate10-Formyltetrahydrofolatemim-conversion23700 (Rhea)
5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate5,10-Methenyltetrahydrofolatemim-conversion22813 (Rhea)
MTRRmim-catalysis23908 (Rhea)
mim-conversion10280 (Rhea)
mim-conversion14714 (Rhea)
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