Antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects of Nrf2 on SARS-CoV-2 pathway (Homo sapiens)

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12Pro-inflammatory stimuliInflammationNucleusCytoplasmsCGcGMPHMOX1COhemeGTPSARS-CoV-2TMPRSS2ACE2EndosomeSARS-CoV-2RNAorf1orf1abnsp8nsp7nsp121, 2polymerasecomplexnsp7nsp8nsp121, 3, 14nsp85. viral genome replication6. Subgenomic transription7. Translation of viral proteins8. Viral assemblyERGIC9.ExocytosisReleasePL2-PRO (nsp3)3CL-PRO(nsp5)NFE2L2KEAP1NFE2L2KEAP1PMAFARENFE2L2GenesTATA boxNrf2 target genesGCLCHMOX1SLC7A11NQO1GSTA2GCLMINF-I alpha/ betaIRF3HMOX1ISREIRF3PIL-8MMP3TNF alphaCCL2IL-12IL-1 BetaMMP1IL-6Inflammatory cytokinesironGUCY1B2GUCY1A2GUCY1A3GUCY1B3PKG2NOX1ROSbiliverdinIkBAp65p50IKKBIKKAIKKGIkBAPREp65p50Viral Infection /Oxidative stress1. Binding to ACE2 receptor2. Membrane fusion3. Translation4.Proteolysis


Antiviral and antihypertensive effects of Nrf2 and its link to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
1. Binding to ACE2 receptorPathway
2. Membrane fusionPathway
3. TranslationPathway
3CL-PRO(nsp5)ProteinQ87917582 (Wikidata)
5. viral genome replicationPathway
6. Subgenomic transriptionPathway
7. Translation of viral proteinsPathway
8. Viral assemblyPathway
ACE2GeneProduct59272 (Entrez Gene)
CCL2GeneProduct6347 (Entrez Gene)
COMetabolite17245 (ChEBI)
GCLCGeneProduct2729 (Entrez Gene)
GCLMGeneProduct2730 (Entrez Gene)
GSTA2GeneProduct2939 (Entrez Gene)
GTPMetaboliteCHEBI:37565 (ChEBI)
GUCY1A2GeneProductENSG00000152402 (Ensembl)
GUCY1A3GeneProductENSG00000164116 (Ensembl)
GUCY1B2GeneProductENSG00000123201 (Ensembl)
GUCY1B3GeneProductENSG00000061918 (Ensembl)
HMOX1GeneProduct3162 (Entrez Gene)
IKKA GeneProductENSG00000213341 (Ensembl)
IKKBGeneProductENSG00000104365 (Ensembl)
IKKGGeneProductENSG00000269335 (Ensembl)
IL-1 BetaGeneProductENSG00000125538 (Ensembl)
IL-12GeneProductIL12A (HGNC)
IL-6GeneProductENSG00000136244 (Ensembl)
IL-8GeneProductENSG00000169429 (Ensembl)
INF-I alpha/ betaProteinQ6046488 (Wikidata)
IRF3GeneProductENSG00000126456 (Ensembl)
IkBAGeneProductENSG00000100906 (Ensembl)
KEAP1GeneProductENSG00000079999 (Ensembl)
MAFGeneProductENSG00000186350 (Ensembl)
MMP1GeneProductENSG00000196611 (Ensembl)
MMP3GeneProductENSG00000149968 (Ensembl)
NFE2L2GeneProductENSG00000116044 (Ensembl)
NOX1GeneProductENSG00000007952 (Ensembl)
NQO1GeneProduct1728 (Entrez Gene)
PKG2GeneProductENSG00000138669 (Ensembl)
PL2-PRO (nsp3)ProteinQ87917581 (Wikidata) nsp3
RNARnaQ82069695 (Wikidata)
ROSMetaboliteCHEBI:26523 (ChEBI)
SLC7A11GeneProductENSG00000151012 (Ensembl)
TMPRSS2GeneProductENSG00000184012 (Ensembl)
TNF alphaGeneProductENSG00000232810 (Ensembl)
biliverdinMetabolite17033 (ChEBI)
cGMPMetaboliteCHEBI:16356 (ChEBI)
hemeMetaboliteHMDB03178 (HMDB)
ironMetabolite29033 (ChEBI)
nsp12ProteinQ94647436 (Wikidata) RdRp
nsp7ProteinQ90038963 (Wikidata)
nsp8ProteinQ88659350 (Wikidata)
orf1GeneProduct43740578 (Entrez Gene)
orf1abProteinP0DTD1 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
p50GeneProductENSG00000109320 (Ensembl)
p65GeneProductENSG00000173039 (Ensembl)
polymerase complexComplexCPX-5742 (Complex Portal)

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