Progeria-associated lipodystrophy (Homo sapiens)

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813, 171911685, 174613, 1711113, 17713, 17119xConversionCatalysisStimulationOxidative lesionsMetaboliteGene/proteinTranscriptionBindingDNA damage repairInhibitionGrowth arrestApoptosisCell migrationetc.Progeria diseaseHutchinson-Gilford Progeria SyndromeWerner syndromePPARGPARP1SMAD2MDP syndromeMandibuloacraldysplasiaSMAD4Progeroid features-hepatocellular carcinoma predisposition syndrome SMAD3Nestor-Guillermo progeria syndromeMarfan syndromeRECQLLamin ATGFB1Keppen-Lubinskysyndrome3, 14, 155, 1714, 1514, 151214, 15714, 1514, 15414, 15Structural support inconncective tissueK+ influxDNA replication and repairProgeria Associated LipodystrophyGlucose homeostasisFBN1DPCBANF1SPRTNAsprosinPOLD1Fibrillin-1KCNJ6GPCRWRNInsulin16DNA replicationRNA transcriptionCell cycle regulationMehcanical supportetc.1810, 181818141818182LMNB118FarnesylLMNB221411, 14Nuclear Laminanon-matured Lamin APrelamin-A/CPrelamin-A/CZMPSTE24CAAXFNTAFarnesyl-L-cysteineICMTLMNAPrelamin-A/CCAAXPrelamin-A/CFarnesyl-L-cysteineZMPSTE24MFarnesyl-L-cysteineM1818SMAD3SMAD2SMAD4BANF1PARP1MethylatioinMMutationsLegendLamin ALamin B2Lamin B13, 14, 15xx


Progeroid syndromes are a group of diseases that cause premature aging in the affected. In this pathway, the progeroid diseases, which also show lipodystrophy in the affected, are in red and linked to these are the genes that are mutated for these diseases. These genes are specifically linked to lipodystrophy.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AsprosinProteinP35555 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
BANF1GeneProductENSG00000175334 (Ensembl)
CAAXMetaboliteCHEBI:15356 (ChEBI)
DPCGeneProductENSG00000168631 (Ensembl) DNA-protein cross-links
FBN1GeneProductENSG00000166147 (Ensembl)
FNTAGeneProductENSG00000168522 (Ensembl)
Farnesyl-L-cysteineMetaboliteCHEBI:86019 (ChEBI)
FarnesylMetaboliteCHEBI:86019 (ChEBI)
Fibrillin-1ProteinF6U495 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
GPCRProteinA0A0K0PUW7 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria SyndromeQ213098 (Wikidata)
ICMTGeneProductENSG00000116237 (Ensembl)
InsulinProteinA6XGL2 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
KCNJ6GeneProductENSG00000157542 (Ensembl) GIRK2
Keppen-Lubinsky syndromeQ3961676 (Wikidata)
LMNAGeneProductENSG00000160789 (Ensembl)
LMNB1GeneProductENSG00000113368 (Ensembl)
LMNB2GeneProductENSG00000176619 (Ensembl)
Lamin AGeneProductENSG00000160789 (Ensembl)
Lamin B1GeneProductENSG00000113368 (Ensembl)
Lamin B2GeneProductENSG00000176619 (Ensembl)
MDP syndromeQ17120696 (Wikidata)
Mandibuloacral dysplasiaQ16968886 (Wikidata)
Marfan syndromeQ208562 (Wikidata)
Nestor-Guillermo progeria syndromeQ55784059 (Wikidata)
PARP1GeneProductENSG00000143799 (Ensembl)
POLD1GeneProductENSG00000062822 (Ensembl)
PPARGGeneProductENSG00000132170 (Ensembl)
Prelamin-A/CProteinP02545 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Progeroid features-hepatocellular carcinoma predisposition syndrome Q55784868 (Wikidata)
RECQLGeneProductENSG00000004700 (Ensembl)
SMAD2GeneProductENSG00000175387 (Ensembl)
SMAD3GeneProductENSG00000166949 (Ensembl)
SMAD4GeneProductENSG00000141646 (Ensembl)
SPRTNGeneProductENSG00000010072 (Ensembl)
TGFB1ProteinENSG00000105329 (Ensembl)
WRNGeneProductENSG00000165392 (Ensembl)
Werner syndromeQ1154619 (Wikidata)
ZMPSTE24GeneProductENSG00000084073 (Ensembl)

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