Prostaglandin signaling (Homo sapiens)

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23598132428103020241216, 29Gene/ProteinFibroblastsNK cellsLegendProtection against viral infectionDecreased recruitment of CCR2 expressing monocytes and macrophagesDecreased platelet activationHuman Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cellspro-IL1BcAMPIRF7Ca2+ effluxProstaglandin E2 receptorProstaglandin E2Prostaglandin E receptor 4IFNA1VEGFAIL6Prostaglandin E receptor 4CSF1IL6IL8COX2Prostaglandin E2MMP9IL17AIL6IL8IL1BMonocytes, macrophages, fibroblasts, airway epithelial cellsTh17 cellsProstaglandin E2 receptorCCL2CXCL1MacrophageAREGVEGFATGFB1M2 MacrophageTissue repair, potential lung fibrosisProstaglandin E2 receptorProstaglandin E receptor 4NET formationProstaglandin E2 receptorProstaglandin E receptor 4PKAT cell activation and proliferationTh17 cellsIL17AIL17FAHR Inflammatory Th17 cell expansion17IFNGIL12AProstaglandin E receptor 4Natural killer cells antigen CD94NK and CD8+ T cell cytolytic activity4, 23CXCL9CXCL10NK cell migration719815, 18cAMPcAMPNFKB1Cytokine storm, hyperinflammation (postive feedback loop)IL1BProstaglandin I2IFNA1IL1BIL6TNF1TNFCCL26Th17 cells27Th1 cellsIL17AIFNGIP-activated cAMP22IFN SignalingProstaglandin E synthaseCOX2Prostaglandin E2IL6IL8TNFIL1ACCL2CXCL10CCL3IL1BNF-κB signalingEpithelial cells, monocytes, macrophages21FibroblastsProstaglandin E receptor 4Prostaglandin E2 receptor11, 14, 2526IL6 SignalingASCNLRP3pro-CASP1Macrophages and monocytesInflammasome ActivationCCR2Monocytes and neutrophilsMonocyte and Macrophage FunctionsNeutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) ReleasePI3K24CD28T Cell Function17Myeloid cellsNK Cell FunctionsT Cell ResponsesCASP1MetaboliteComplexActivationStimulationConversionInhibition


This pathway describes elements of Prostaglandin signaling in Homo sapiens affected by COVID-19. Prostaglandins are amongst the many inflammatory mediators that incite a cytokine storm in COVID-19 after Bradykinin receptor B1 (BDKRB1) activation. This pathway mainly focuses on PGE2 and PGI2 and their interactions that lead to hyperinflammation via cytokine storms, immunothrombosis as well as the recruitment of fibrosis-mediating factors (VEGF, TGFB1, AREG). These pathways take place in multiple cell types such as: Monocytes, Macrophages, Fibroblasts, Th17 cells, Nk cells, et cetera.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AHR ProteinENSG00000106546 (Ensembl)
AREGGeneProductENSG00000109321 (Ensembl)
ASCGeneProductENSG00000103490 (Ensembl)
CASP1GeneProductENSG00000137752 (Ensembl)
CCL2GeneProductENSG00000108691 (Ensembl)
CCL3GeneProductENSG00000277632 (Ensembl)
CCR2GeneProductENSG00000121807 (Ensembl)
CD28GeneProductENSG00000178562 (Ensembl)
CSF1GeneProductENSG00000184371 (Ensembl)
CXCL10GeneProductENSG00000169245 (Ensembl)
CXCL1GeneProductENSG00000163739 (Ensembl)
CXCL9GeneProductENSG00000138755 (Ensembl)
Ca2+ effluxMetaboliteCHEBI:29108 (ChEBI)
IFNA1GeneProductENSG00000197919 (Ensembl)
IL12AGeneProductENSG00000168811 (Ensembl)
IL17AGeneProductENSG00000112115 (Ensembl)
IL17FGeneProductENSG00000112116 (Ensembl)
IL1AGeneProductENSG00000115008 (Ensembl)
IL1BGeneProductENSG00000125538 (Ensembl)
IL6GeneProductENSG00000136244 (Ensembl)
IL8 GeneProductENSG00000169429 (Ensembl)
IP-activated cAMPMetaboliteHMDB0000058 (HMDB)
IRF7GeneProductENSG00000185507 (Ensembl)
MMP9GeneProductENSG00000100985 (Ensembl)
NFKB1GeneProductENSG00000109320 (Ensembl)
NLRP3GeneProductENSG00000162711 (Ensembl)
Natural killer cells antigen CD94ProteinE9PCX9 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
PI3KGeneProductENSG00000105851 (Ensembl)
PKAProteinEC (KEGG Genes)
Prostaglandin E receptor 4ProteinENSG00000171522 (Ensembl)
Prostaglandin E synthaseProteinO14684 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Prostaglandin E2 receptorProteinG3V2Y6 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Prostaglandin E2 receptorProteinP43116 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Prostaglandin E2Metabolite363-24-6 (CAS)
Prostaglandin I2Metabolite35121-78-9 (CAS)
TGFB1GeneProductTGFB1 (HGNC)
TNFGeneProductENSG00000232810 (Ensembl)
VEGFAGeneProductENSG00000112715 (Ensembl)
cAMPMetaboliteHMDB0000058 (HMDB)
pro-CASP1GeneProductENSG00000137752 (Ensembl)
pro-IL1BGeneProductENSG00000125538 (Ensembl)

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