SARS-CoV-2 altering angiogenesis via NRP1 (Homo sapiens)

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41Host cellSARS-CoV-2Surface glycoprotein SMembrane fusionKDRFURINAngiogenesisVEGFAACE2S2S1NRP1NRP12, 5, 62-4


Mechanism of how the SARS-cov-2 virus is involved in altering angiogenesis and how NRP1 might play a role as an entry factor for the virus.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACE2GeneProductENSG00000130234 (Ensembl)
AngiogenesisPathwayWP1993 (WikiPathways)
FURINGeneProductENSG00000140564 (Ensembl)
KDRGeneProductENSG00000128052 (Ensembl)
Membrane fusionPathwayQ6556360 (Wikidata)
NRP1GeneProductENSG00000099250 (Ensembl)
S1ProteinQ106020256 (Wikidata)
S2ProteinQ106020384 (Wikidata)
Surface glycoprotein SProteinP0DTC2 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
VEGFAGeneProductENSG00000112715 (Ensembl)

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