Hypoxia-dependent proliferation of myoblasts (Mus musculus)

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652102811183134739417351Elf4EIGF1PI3KR1PI3KVEGFTSC2HGFproliferation andlate differentiationMTOR1CalcitriolMYF5AKTMYOD1Smad3MSTNSmad2MYOGRHEBAMPKTrim63Fbxo32FGFDDIT44TSC1


Molecular mechanisms involved in myogenic proliferation during hypoxia. Black arrow: activation of the signaling pathway/ protein/ molecule. Blunt red arrow: inhibition of the signaling pathway/protein/ molecule.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AKTGeneProduct11651 (Entrez Gene)
CalcitriolProteinP70160 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DDIT44GeneProduct74747 (Entrez Gene)
FGFGeneProduct14164 (Entrez Gene)
Fbxo32GeneProduct67731 (Entrez Gene)
HGFGeneProduct15234 (Entrez Gene)
IGF1GeneProduct16000 (Entrez Gene)
MSTNGeneProduct17700 (Entrez Gene)
MTOR1GeneProduct56717 (Entrez Gene)
MYF5GeneProduct17877 (Entrez Gene)
MYOD1GeneProduct17927 (Entrez Gene)
MYOGGeneProduct17928 (Entrez Gene)
RHEBGeneProduct19744 (Entrez Gene)
Smad2GeneProduct17126 (Entrez Gene)
Smad3GeneProduct17127 (Entrez Gene)
TSC1GeneProduct64930 (Entrez Gene)
TSC2GeneProduct22084 (Entrez Gene)
Trim63GeneProduct433766 (Entrez Gene)
VEGFGeneProduct22339 (Entrez Gene)
proliferation and late differentiation

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