Mitochondrial complex I inhibition leading to chemical-induced Fanconi syndrome (Homo sapiens)

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KE888: Binding of inhibitor, NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I)AutophagyNecrosisDeguelinDecreased proximal tubule vectorial transportDecreased mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylationApoptosisFerroptosisAssembly of mitochondrial complex IOxidative stress responseImpaired proteostasisUnfolded Protein ResponseRotenoneKE887: Inhibition, NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I)KE1477: Decrease, OXPHOSKE1562: Decreased Na/K ATPase activityKE1563: Decreased proximal tubular vectorial transportKE1564: Chemical induced Fanconi syndromeKE55: N/A, Cell injury/deathKE889: Impaired, Proteostasis


This pathway is a meta-pathway that represents an updated version of the Adverse Outcome Pathway 276: Inhibition of complex I of the electron transport chain leading to chemical induced Fanconi syndrome ( All Key Events are present as Key Event nodes, with their corresponding molecular pathways as pathway nodes.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ApoptosisPathwayWP1772 (WikiPathways)
Assembly of mitochondrial complex IPathwayWP4324 (WikiPathways)
AutophagyPathwayWP4923 (WikiPathways)
Decreased mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylationPathwayWP111 (WikiPathways)
Decreased proximal tubule vectorial transportPathwayWP4917 (WikiPathways)
DeguelinMetaboliteCHEBI:4357 (ChEBI)
FerroptosisPathwayWP4313 (WikiPathways)
Impaired proteostasisPathwayWP4918 (WikiPathways)
KE1477: Decrease, OXPHOSEvent1477 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE1562: Decreased Na/K ATPase activity Event1562 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE1563: Decreased proximal tubular vectorial transport Event1563 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE1564: Chemical induced Fanconi syndrome Event1564 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE55: N/A, Cell injury/death Event55 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE887: Inhibition, NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I)Event887 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE888: Binding of inhibitor, NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I)Event888 (AOP-Wiki KE)
KE889: Impaired, Proteostasis Event889 (AOP-Wiki KE)
NecrosisPathwayWP5022 (WikiPathways)
Oxidative stress responsePathwayWP3941 (WikiPathways)
RotenoneEvent50 (AOP-Wiki Stressor)
Unfolded Protein ResponsePathwayWP4925 (WikiPathways)

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