15q13.3 copy number variation syndrome (Homo sapiens)

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9, 13129, 1310114586111273unspecific cation channelexact function unclearpossibly involved in golgiapparatus organizationstacking of cristaelightRegulation of photosensitiviyof retinatumor growthubiquitinated proteinneocortex developmentincreased Ca2+ fluxupon stimulationSchizophrenia risk generecruitment and stimulation ofleukocytes and NKsChromosome 15:32,500,000dendritic growthneuronal developmentASD risk geneFunction unclearInactive phosphatidyl-inositol 3-phosphatase 10Source: https://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q9NXD2Chromosome 15:30,500,00 RNA geneRN7SL796PUBE2CP4CCL5FYNGOLGA8UPGOLGA8KGOLGA8HGOLGA8OCHRNA7RN7SL539PKLF13DNM1P32FAN1GOLGA8QULK4P2LINC02352ADP/ATP translocasesDNAMTMR10AcetylcholineAlpha-BungarotoxinRNU6-466PDNM1P50RNU6-18PULK4P1CREBBPRN7SL82PRN7SL628PDNM1P31HERC2P10hsa-mir-211ARHGAP11BFANCD2glutamateRN7SL185PFanconi Anemia PathwayOTUD7ATRPM1GRM6GPR75pseudo geneexact function unclearpossibly involved in golgiapparatus organizationstacking of cristaeexact function unclearpossibly involved in golgiapparatus organizationstacking of cristaeexact function unclearpossibly involved in golgiapparatus organizationstacking of cristaeUFANCD2U2CCL54SERPINH1KAT2B11


This pathway shows the genes deleted or duplicated in 15q13.3 copy number variation syndrome. The affected region is between 30,500,000-32,500,000 bp on Chromosome 15. The major genes in this region are OTUD7A and CHRNA7 which are known influencers of neuronal development and function. For several genes in this regio there are no exact functions known yet - e.g. the GOLGA gene group or the MTMR10 which is similar to phosphatidyl-inositol 3 phosphatases but without an active catalytic centre.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADP/ATP translocasesGeneProductPF00153 (Pfam)
ARHGAP11BGeneProductENSG00000285077 (Ensembl)
AcetylcholineMetaboliteCHEBI:15355 (ChEBI)
Alpha-BungarotoxinMetaboliteQ1159221 (Wikidata)
CCL5GeneProductENSG00000271503 (Ensembl)
CHRNA7GeneProductENSG00000175344 (Ensembl)
CREBBPGeneProductENSG00000005339 (Ensembl)
DNAMetaboliteCHEBI:16991 (ChEBI)
DNM1P31GeneProductENSG00000261491 (Ensembl)
DNM1P32GeneProductENSG00000261708 (Ensembl)
DNM1P50GeneProductENSG00000259890 (Ensembl)
FAN1GeneProductENSG00000198690 (Ensembl)
FANCD2GeneProductENSG00000144554 (Ensembl)
FYNGeneProductENSG00000010810 (Ensembl)
Fanconi Anemia PathwayPathwayWP3569 (WikiPathways)
GOLGA8HGeneProductENSG00000261794 (Ensembl)
GOLGA8KGeneProductENSG00000249931 (Ensembl)
GOLGA8OGeneProductENSG00000206127 (Ensembl)
GOLGA8QGeneProductENSG00000178115 (Ensembl)
GOLGA8UPGeneProductENSG00000103832 (Ensembl)
GPR75GeneProductENSG00000119737 (Ensembl)
GRM6GeneProductENSG00000113262 (Ensembl)
HERC2P10GeneProductENSG00000259845 (Ensembl)
KAT2BGeneProductENSG00000114166 (Ensembl)
KLF13GeneProductENSG00000169926 (Ensembl)
LINC02352GeneProductENSG00000259448 (Ensembl)
MTMR10GeneProductENSG00000166912 (Ensembl)
OTUD7AGeneProductENSG00000169918 (Ensembl)
RN7SL185PGeneProductENSG00000275776 (Ensembl)
RN7SL539PGeneProductENSG00000274076 (Ensembl)
RN7SL628PGeneProductENSG00000277467 (Ensembl)
RN7SL796PGeneProductENSG00000277031 (Ensembl)
RN7SL82PGeneProductENSG00000278696 (Ensembl)
RNU6-18PGeneProductENSG00000207257 (Ensembl)
RNU6-466PGeneProductENSG00000212526 (Ensembl)
SERPINH1GeneProductENSG00000149257 (Ensembl)
TRPM1GeneProductENSG00000134160 (Ensembl)
UBE2CP4GeneProductENSG00000259179 (Ensembl)
ULK4P1GeneProductENSG00000261279 (Ensembl)
ULK4P2GeneProductENSG00000260128 (Ensembl)
glutamateMetaboliteCHEBI:14321 (ChEBI)
hsa-mir-211RnaMI0000287 (miRBase Sequence)

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