7q11.23 copy number variation syndrome (Homo sapiens)

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26433472, 2730, 505642443631, 4926461516, 17, 3248123452110358, 13, 5449, 52, 554025141845564525224034382839195960482452535712421658349141, 471112372919Neurotransmitter release mechanism in synapsismethyl-transferaseactivityno specific functionsknownsynaptic plasticityheart developmentInvolved in histone methylationDNA replicationlinks microtubules to dendritic lamellar bodycytosol organizationdendrite phenotypedevelopmentimportant for embryonic development, especialyof cranio-facial featuresChromosome 7:72,744,454unknown functiontranslocationclearance of ubiquitinated proteins in the aggreasomechaperone functionBrain development33PCNAHDAC2DNAJC30ATP5MC2FBLN2CLDN5ABHD11-AS1CLDN1MIR590EIF4HEIF2AATP6ERCC6FKBP6STX1AVAMP2RNU6-1080PPKLRGRIP1FBN1DDX21 ELN-AS1rapamycinHSPA2N7-methylguanosine 5'-phosphate residueATPAF1ATP5MC1SMARCA5RNU6-1198PTCA cycleCHTF18ATP5A1UBE2E1ATP5OCDKN1CBAZ1BBTKSNARE complexLipogenesisCl-ATP5ErRNANRG1DLDCLDN3NUP62Elastic fibre formationhsa-mir-4284GAPDHguanosine 5'-monophosphate residueFBLN5RFC5STX1AVPS37DMYO1CglucoseATP5DRNU6-1070PTBL2RN7SL265PMYCATP5PBRFC2CLASP1Botulinum neurotoxin type CS-adenosyl-L-homocysteineCLIP2SNAP25VPS9D1WNT2STAG3L2CLASP2LIMK1CFL1MLXIPLEIF2AK3ELNSerotoninEndosomal buddingMETTL27S-adenosyl-L-methionineHOXC8AcetylcholineB-WICH chromatin remodelling complexMYBBP1AFASDEKBUD23GlutamateClostridium enterotoxinOGDHUBE2E3RB1NorepinephrineBECN1CLDN4HDAC3ULK1ER stressHMGA1MAPK3CTNNB1USF1PRKG1Eukaryotic Translation InitiationHDAC6TSG101RNA5SP233ATP5BBCL7BMVB12AWnt Signalingsynaptonemal complexPCNAABHD11ACACAGABATight junctions CLTCGTF2IRD1BAZ1BDopamineSF3B1ATF4TMEM270TRIM50GTF2ISQSTM1ATP8DLSTESCRT-I complexOxoglutarate dehydrogenase complexFK506LAT2UBE2L6ATPFZD9H2AXBRD4L-tyrosine residueGRB2ATP synthase F0 and F1 complexATPAF2ATP5MC3UBIAD1ACACBB Cell Receptor Signaling PathwayChromosome 7:74,142,513RNA genephosphorylated statepseudo geneubiquitinated stateBECN1UBECN1U5616TRIM50TRIM501414Schizophrenia risk geneFKBP6ADP L-tyrosine-O-phosphate(2−) residue19H2AX194343Apoptosis43EIF2A25ATF4FASACACAACACBPKLR6, 17, 326, 17, 326, 17, 32VPS28VPS37AVPS37BVPS37CVPS37DVirus budding33NorepinephrineGABASerotoninDopamineGlutamateAcetylcholine22Cl-LAT29


7q11.23 copy number variation syndrome (MIM 609757, also called Williams-Beuren region duplication syndrome, WBS duplication syndrome, Chromosome 7q11.23 duplication syndrome, or Somerville-van-der-Aa syndrome) is a copy number variation syndrome with a duplication in the region chr7:72,744,454-74,142,513 (GRCh37/hg19). The breakpoint is defined from Carolyn B Mervis 7q11.23 Duplication Syndrome in Gene Reviews PMID: 20301295.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
L-tyrosine-O-phosphate(2−) residueMetabolite82620 (ChEBI)
ABHD11-AS1GeneProductENSG00000225969 (Ensembl)
ABHD11GeneProductENSG00000106077 (Ensembl)
ACACAGeneProductENSG00000278540 (Ensembl)
ACACBGeneProductENSG00000076555 (Ensembl)
ADPMetabolite456216 (ChEBI)
ATF4ProteinENSG00000128272 (Ensembl)
ATP synthase F0 and F1 complexComplex
ATPMetabolite30616 (ChEBI)
ATP5A1GeneProductENSG00000152234 (Ensembl)
ATP5BGeneProductENSG00000110955 (Ensembl)
ATP5DGeneProductENSG00000099624 (Ensembl)
ATP5EGeneProductENSG00000124172 (Ensembl)
ATP5MC1GeneProductENSG00000159199 (Ensembl) ATP5G1
ATP5MC2GeneProductENSG00000135390 (Ensembl) ATP5G2
ATP5MC3GeneProductENSG00000154518 (Ensembl) ATP5G3
ATP5OGeneProductENSG00000241837 (Ensembl)
ATP5PBGeneProductENSG00000116459 (Ensembl) ATP5F1
ATP6GeneProductENSG00000198899 (Ensembl) MT-ATP6
ATP8GeneProductENSG00000228253 (Ensembl) MT-ATP8
ATPAF1GeneProductENSG00000123472 (Ensembl)
ATPAF2GeneProductENSG00000171953 (Ensembl)
AcetylcholineMetaboliteCHEBI:15355 (ChEBI)
ApoptosisPathwayWP254 (WikiPathways)
B Cell Receptor Signaling PathwayPathwayWP23 (WikiPathways)
B-WICH chromatin remodelling complexComplexCPX-1099 (Other)
BAZ1BGeneProductENSG00000009954 (Ensembl)
BAZ1BGeneProductQ9UIG0 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
BCL7BGeneProductENSG00000106635 (Ensembl)
BECN1GeneProductENSG00000126581 (Ensembl)
BRD4GeneProductENSG00000141867 (Ensembl)
BTKGeneProductENSG00000010671 (Ensembl)
BUD23GeneProductENSG00000071462 (Ensembl)
Botulinum neurotoxin type CProteinP18640 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CDKN1CGeneProductENSG00000129757 (Ensembl)
CFL1GeneProductENSG00000172757 (Ensembl)
CHTF18GeneProductENSG00000127586 (Ensembl)
CLASP1GeneProductENSG00000074054 (Ensembl)
CLASP2GeneProductENSG00000163539 (Ensembl)
CLDN1GeneProductENSG00000163347 (Ensembl)
CLDN3GeneProductENSG00000165215 (Ensembl)
CLDN4GeneProductENSG00000189143 (Ensembl)
CLDN5GeneProductENSG00000184113 (Ensembl)
CLIP2GeneProductENSG00000106665 (Ensembl)
CLTCGeneProductENSG00000141367 (Ensembl)
CTNNB1GeneProductENSG00000168036 (Ensembl)
Cl-MetaboliteCHEBI:17996 (ChEBI)
Clostridium enterotoxinProteinPF03505 (Pfam)
DDX21 GeneProductQ9NR30 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DEKGeneProductP35659 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DLDGeneProductENSG00000091140 (Ensembl)
DLSTGeneProductENSG00000119689 (Ensembl)
DNAJC30GeneProductENSG00000176410 (Ensembl)
DopamineMetaboliteCHEBI:18243 (ChEBI)
EIF2AGeneProductENSG00000144895 (Ensembl)
EIF2AK3GeneProductENSG00000172071 (Ensembl) PERK
EIF4HGeneProductENSG00000106682 (Ensembl)
ELN-AS1GeneProductENSG00000232415 (Ensembl)
ELNGeneProductENSG00000049540 (Ensembl)
ER stressPathwayWP4861 (WikiPathways)
ERCC6GeneProductQ03468 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ESCRT-I complexComplexESCRT-I (Ensembl)
Elastic fibre formationPathwayWP2666 (WikiPathways)
Endosomal buddingPathway
Eukaryotic Translation InitiationPathwayWP1812 (WikiPathways)
FASGeneProductENSG00000026103 (Ensembl)
FBLN2GeneProductENSG00000163520 (Ensembl)
FBLN5GeneProductENSG00000140092 (Ensembl)
FBN1GeneProductENSG00000166147 (Ensembl)
FK506MetaboliteCHEBI:61049 (ChEBI)
FKBP6GeneProductENSG00000077800 (Ensembl)
FZD9GeneProductENSG00000188763 (Ensembl)
GABAMetabolite16865 (ChEBI)
GAPDHGeneProductENSG00000111640 (Ensembl)
GRB2GeneProductENSG00000177885 (Ensembl)
GRIP1GeneProductENSG00000155974 (Ensembl)
GTF2IGeneProductENSG00000263001 (Ensembl)
GTF2IRD1GeneProductENSG00000006704 (Ensembl)
GlutamateMetaboliteCHEBI:14321 (ChEBI)
H2AXProteinP16104 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
HDAC2GeneProductENSG00000196591 (Ensembl)
HDAC3GeneProductENSG00000171720 (Ensembl)
HDAC6GeneProductENSG00000094631 (Ensembl)
HMGA1GeneProductENSG00000137309 (Ensembl)
HOXC8GeneProductENSG00000037965 (Ensembl)
HSPA2GeneProductENSG00000126803 (Ensembl)
L-tyrosine residueMetabolite46858 (ChEBI)
LAT2GeneProductENSG00000086730 (Ensembl)
LIMK1GeneProductENSG00000106683 (Ensembl)
LipogenesisPathwayWP3965 (WikiPathways)
MAPK3GeneProductENSG00000102882 (Ensembl)
METTL27GeneProductENSG00000165171 (Ensembl)
MIR590GeneProductENSG00000207741 (Ensembl)
MLXIPLGeneProductENSG00000009950 (Ensembl) ChREBP
MVB12AGeneProductENSG00000141971 (Ensembl)
MYBBP1AGeneProductQ9BQG0 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
MYCGeneProductENSG00000136997 (Ensembl)
MYO1CGeneProductO00159 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
N7-methylguanosine 5'-phosphate residueMetabolite74480 (ChEBI)
NRG1GeneProductENSG00000157168 (Ensembl)
NUP62GeneProductENSG00000213024 (Ensembl)
NorepinephrineMetaboliteCHEBI:18357 (ChEBI)
OGDHGeneProductENSG00000105953 (Ensembl)
Oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complexComplex
PCNAGeneProductENSG00000132646 (Ensembl)
PKLRGeneProductENSG00000143627 (Ensembl)
PRKG1GeneProductENSG00000185532 (Ensembl)
RB1GeneProductENSG00000139687 (Ensembl)
RFC2GeneProductENSG00000049541 (Ensembl)
RFC5GeneProductENSG00000111445 (Ensembl)
RN7SL265PGeneProductENSG00000241709 (Ensembl)
RNA5SP233GeneProductENSG00000238391 (Ensembl)
RNU6-1070PGeneProductENSG00000252538 (Ensembl)
RNU6-1080PGeneProductENSG00000206709 (Ensembl)
RNU6-1198PGeneProductENSG00000252713 (Ensembl)
S-adenosyl-L-homocysteineMetabolite16680 (ChEBI)
S-adenosyl-L-methionineMetabolite15414 (ChEBI)
SF3B1GeneProductO75533 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SMARCA5GeneProductO60264 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SNAP25GeneProductENSG00000132639 (Ensembl)
SNARE complexComplex
SQSTM1GeneProductENSG00000161011 (Ensembl)
STAG3L2GeneProductENSG00000277072 (Ensembl)
STX1AGeneProductENSG00000106089 (Ensembl)
SerotoninMetaboliteCHEBI:28790 (ChEBI)
TBL2GeneProductENSG00000106638 (Ensembl)
TCA cyclePathwayWP78 (WikiPathways)
TMEM270GeneProductENSG00000175877 (Ensembl)
TRIM50GeneProductENSG00000146755 (Ensembl)
TSG101GeneProductENSG00000074319 (Ensembl) VPS23
Tight junctions PathwayWP1793 (WikiPathways)
UBE2E1GeneProductENSG00000170142 (Ensembl)
UBE2E3GeneProductENSG00000170035 (Ensembl)
UBE2L6GeneProductENSG00000156587 (Ensembl)
UBIAD1GeneProductENSG00000120942 (Ensembl) TERE1
ULK1GeneProductENSG00000177169 (Ensembl)
USF1GeneProductENSG00000158773 (Ensembl)
VAMP2GeneProductENSG00000220205 (Ensembl)
VPS28GeneProductENSG00000160948 (Ensembl) VPS23
VPS37AGeneProductENSG00000155975 (Ensembl) VPS23
VPS37BGeneProductENSG00000139722 (Ensembl) VPS23
VPS37CGeneProductENSG00000167987 (Ensembl) VPS23
VPS37DGeneProductENSG00000176428 (Ensembl)
VPS9D1GeneProductENSG00000075399 (Ensembl) C16orf7
Virus buddingPathway
WNT2GeneProductENSG00000105989 (Ensembl)
Wnt SignalingPathwayWP428 (WikiPathways)
glucoseMetaboliteCHEBI:17234 (ChEBI)
guanosine 5'-monophosphate residueMetabolite50324 (ChEBI)
hsa-mir-4284GeneProductMI0015893 (miRBase Sequence)
rRNAMetaboliteCHEBI:18111 (ChEBI)
rapamycinMetaboliteCHEBI:9168 (ChEBI)
synaptonemal complexComplex

Annotated Interactions

SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
ATPADPmim-conversion10596 (Rhea)
L-tyrosine residue L-tyrosine-O-phosphate(2−) residuemim-conversion10596 (Rhea)
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