Genes involved in male infertility (Homo sapiens)

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6216102017198151837211117141922209, 1341713, 2383152211DNAsynapsed chromosome axisREC8BumicroRNP 15S particleRNA-Induced Silencing Complex1. Butyrylation of H4 by EP300 or CREBBP2. Stimulates binding of butyrylated H4 to BRDT3. Compelex of H4(Bu) and BRDT inhibits sperm cell development specific genesP-TEFb complexDNAMePRMT6common cell functionBRDTHORMAD1 and HORMAD2retrotransposonsNANOS1piRNAPRDM9PIWILEPPINEndocrine functionPIWIL 1-4interacts with different proteinsthat conctrol the translation of mRNAs of spermatogenesis associated proteinsPRM1-3sperm specific histone like proteinsDAZLSpecific spermatogenic functionH2BFWT a sperm cell specific histoneMOV10L1binds piRNA precursors, unwinds them for further processingSperm specific gene expressionMSMBPRMT6BRDTCATARNTLSEMG1STRA8MSH4UBR2PARP1BRCA2DAZ3TNFPRM2LIG4HIST3H3PEX10TAS2R38EPPINCoenzyme ASIRPACDK9DDX4PRM3SLC46A1FASLGRAG1BCL2PACRGYBX2XRCC4DAZ2PON2CDC42BPAHORMAD1USP26HORMAD2XRCC2PEMTAmoxicillinSOX5CRISP2SLC16A7PIWIL4MAS1LSOD3EP300FOLH1CCNKSHMT1SEPT12PSAT1TRIP13DND1ERCC2MTHFD1CREBBPKDM3ATEX15MTHFRLRWD1BHMTNOS3CLOCKTSSK6CLUNOS2AGO2KLK2OR2W3PRDM9AHRRNFE2L2CYP1A1MOV10L1POLBPIWIL2CCDC36SRD5A2MLH1MTRXRCC3MMP2ABLIM1SPATA17HMGA1LOC203413CHD2DAZ4H2BFWTEPSTI1GPX1SPO11SOD2GentamicinPMS2TSSK4CCNA1CTCFLAHRVCXTMEM132EAPOBPRM1PUM2UBDATMPON1XPCPRM2SPO11GNAO1MLH3ARLTFCYP17A1PRM2ERCC1CCNT2XRCC5REC8Butyryl-CoARFC1MMP9NOS1UBE2BCXXC1FASTCN2DAZ1THBS1RGS9SEMG1DDX4MDM2HLA-DRADDX20PIWIL1ESR1PIWIL3NANOS1ABCB1MTRRMSH5CCNT1ESR2POLGUSP8DAZLINSRSIRPGNQO1ETV5HIST1H4ApiRNA precursorCYP26B1BRDTHIST1H4ABuHIST1H4ABRDTCCNA1DAZLDAZLEPPINH2BFWTHORMAD1HORMAD2HORMAD1HORMAD2DNAsynapsed chromosome axis1616MOV10L1NANOS1NANOS121PIWIL1PIWIL4PIWIL3PIWIL29, 139, 13piRNA9, 13PRDM9VCXCTCFL19PRDM912, 191917Pathways of genes involved in specific spermatogenic functionPRM1PRM2YBX2PRM1PRM218PRMT6HIST3H3HIST1H4AHMGA1HIST1H4AMeMe20POLBMe20


Pathway(s) of genes involved in male infertility. The list of genes is derived from Krausz et al.(1) and can be sorted in general (common) cell function, endocrine function and specific spermatogenic function.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ABCB1GeneProductENSG00000085563 (Ensembl)
ABLIM1GeneProductENSG00000099204 (Ensembl)
AGO2GeneProductENSG00000123908 (Ensembl)
AHRGeneProductENSG00000106546 (Ensembl)
AHRRGeneProductENSG00000063438 (Ensembl)
APOBGeneProductENSG00000084674 (Ensembl)
ARGeneProductENSG00000169083 (Ensembl)
ARNTLGeneProductENSG00000133794 (Ensembl)
ATMGeneProductENSG00000149311 (Ensembl)
AmoxicillinMetaboliteHMDB0015193 (HMDB)
BCL2GeneProductENSG00000171791 (Ensembl)
BHMTGeneProductENSG00000145692 (Ensembl)
BRCA2GeneProductENSG00000139618 (Ensembl)
BRDTGeneProductENSG00000137948 (Ensembl)
Butyryl-CoAMetaboliteCHEBI:15517 (ChEBI)
CATGeneProductENSG00000121691 (Ensembl)
CCDC36GeneProductENSG00000173421 (Ensembl) IHO1
CCNA1GeneProductENSG00000133101 (Ensembl)
CCNKGeneProductENSG00000090061 (Ensembl)
CCNT1GeneProductENSG00000129315 (Ensembl)
CCNT2GeneProductENSG00000082258 (Ensembl)
CDC42BPAGeneProductENSG00000143776 (Ensembl)
CDK9GeneProductENSG00000136807 (Ensembl)
CHD2GeneProductENSG00000173575 (Ensembl)
CLOCKGeneProductENSG00000134852 (Ensembl)
CLUGeneProductENSG00000120885 (Ensembl)
CREBBPGeneProductENSG00000005339 (Ensembl)
CRISP2GeneProductENSG00000124490 (Ensembl)
CTCFLGeneProductENSG00000124092 (Ensembl)
CXXC1GeneProductENSG00000154832 (Ensembl)
CYP17A1GeneProductENSG00000148795 (Ensembl)
CYP1A1GeneProductENSG00000140465 (Ensembl)
CYP26B1GeneProductENSG00000003137 (Ensembl)
Coenzyme AMetaboliteHMDB0001423 (HMDB)
DAZ1GeneProductENSG00000188120 (Ensembl)
DAZ2GeneProductENSG00000205944 (Ensembl)
DAZ3GeneProductENSG00000187191 (Ensembl)
DAZ4GeneProductENSG00000205916 (Ensembl)
DAZLGeneProductENSG00000092345 (Ensembl)
DDX20GeneProductENSG00000064703 (Ensembl) GEMIN3
DDX4GeneProductENSG00000152670 (Ensembl)
DND1GeneProductENSG00000256453 (Ensembl)
EP300GeneProductENSG00000100393 (Ensembl)
EPPINGeneProductENSG00000101448 (Ensembl)
EPSTI1GeneProductENSG00000133106 (Ensembl)
ERCC1GeneProductENSG00000012061 (Ensembl)
ERCC2GeneProductENSG00000104884 (Ensembl)
ESR1GeneProductENSG00000091831 (Ensembl)
ESR2GeneProductENSG00000140009 (Ensembl)
ETV5GeneProductENSG00000244405 (Ensembl)
FASGeneProductENSG00000026103 (Ensembl)
FASLGGeneProductENSG00000117560 (Ensembl)
FOLH1GeneProductENSG00000086205 (Ensembl)
GNAO1GeneProductENSG00000087258 (Ensembl)
GPX1GeneProductENSG00000233276 (Ensembl)
GentamicinMetaboliteCHEBI:17833 (ChEBI)
H2BFWTGeneProductENSG00000123569 (Ensembl)
HIST1H4AGeneProductENSG00000278637 (Ensembl)
HIST3H3GeneProductENSG00000168148 (Ensembl)
HLA-DRAGeneProductENSG00000204287 (Ensembl)
HMGA1GeneProductENSG00000137309 (Ensembl)
HORMAD1GeneProductENSG00000143452 (Ensembl)
HORMAD2GeneProductENSG00000176635 (Ensembl)
INSRGeneProductENSG00000171105 (Ensembl)
KDM3AGeneProductENSG00000115548 (Ensembl) Alternative name JMJD1A, in the article faulty as JMJDIA
KLK2GeneProductENSG00000167751 (Ensembl)
LIG4GeneProductENSG00000174405 (Ensembl)
LOC203413GeneProductLocus without annotation yet
LRWD1GeneProductENSG00000161036 (Ensembl)
LTFGeneProductENSG00000012223 (Ensembl)
MAS1LGeneProductENSG00000204687 (Ensembl)
MDM2GeneProductENSG00000135679 (Ensembl)
MLH1GeneProductENSG00000076242 (Ensembl)
MLH3GeneProductENSG00000119684 (Ensembl)
MMP2GeneProductENSG00000087245 (Ensembl)
MMP9GeneProductENSG00000100985 (Ensembl)
MOV10L1GeneProductENSG00000073146 (Ensembl)
MSH4GeneProductENSG00000057468 (Ensembl)
MSH5GeneProductENSG00000204410 (Ensembl)
MSMBGeneProductENSG00000263639 (Ensembl)
MTHFD1GeneProductENSG00000100714 (Ensembl)
MTHFRGeneProductENSG00000177000 (Ensembl)
MTRGeneProductENSG00000116984 (Ensembl)
MTRRGeneProductENSG00000124275 (Ensembl)
NANOS1GeneProductENSG00000188613 (Ensembl)
NFE2L2GeneProductENSG00000116044 (Ensembl)
NOS1GeneProductENSG00000089250 (Ensembl)
NOS2GeneProductENSG00000007171 (Ensembl)
NOS3GeneProductENSG00000164867 (Ensembl)
NQO1GeneProductENSG00000181019 (Ensembl)
OR2W3GeneProductENSG00000238243 (Ensembl)
PACRGGeneProductENSG00000112530 (Ensembl)
PARP1GeneProductENSG00000143799 (Ensembl)
PEMTGeneProductENSG00000133027 (Ensembl)
PEX10GeneProductENSG00000157911 (Ensembl)
PIWIL1GeneProductENSG00000125207 (Ensembl)
PIWIL2GeneProductENSG00000197181 (Ensembl)
PIWIL3GeneProductENSG00000184571 (Ensembl)
PIWIL4GeneProductENSG00000134627 (Ensembl)
PMS2GeneProductENSG00000122512 (Ensembl)
POLBGeneProductENSG00000070501 (Ensembl)
POLGGeneProductENSG00000140521 (Ensembl)
PON1GeneProductENSG00000005421 (Ensembl)
PON2GeneProductENSG00000105854 (Ensembl)
PRDM9GeneProductENSG00000164256 (Ensembl)
PRM1GeneProductENSG00000175646 (Ensembl)
PRM2GeneProductENSG00000122304 (Ensembl)
PRM3GeneProductENSG00000178257 (Ensembl)
PRMT6GeneProductENSG00000198890 (Ensembl)
PSAT1GeneProductENSG00000135069 (Ensembl)
PUM2GeneProductENSG00000055917 (Ensembl) PUMILIO2
RAG1GeneProductENSG00000166349 (Ensembl)
REC8GeneProductENSG00000100918 (Ensembl)
RFC1GeneProductENSG00000035928 (Ensembl)
RGS9GeneProductENSG00000108370 (Ensembl)
SEMG1GeneProductENSG00000124233 (Ensembl)
SEPT12GeneProductENSG00000140623 (Ensembl)
SHMT1GeneProductENSG00000176974 (Ensembl)
SIRPAGeneProductENSG00000198053 (Ensembl)
SIRPGGeneProductENSG00000089012 (Ensembl)
SLC16A7GeneProductENSG00000118596 (Ensembl)
SLC46A1GeneProductENSG00000076351 (Ensembl) also known as PCFT1
SOD2GeneProductENSG00000112096 (Ensembl)
SOD3GeneProductENSG00000109610 (Ensembl)
SOX5GeneProductENSG00000134532 (Ensembl)
SPATA17GeneProductENSG00000162814 (Ensembl)
SPO11GeneProductENSG00000054796 (Ensembl)
SRD5A2GeneProductENSG00000277893 (Ensembl)
STRA8GeneProductENSG00000146857 (Ensembl)
TAS2R38GeneProductENSG00000257138 (Ensembl)
TCN2GeneProductENSG00000185339 (Ensembl)
TEX15GeneProductENSG00000133863 (Ensembl)
THBS1GeneProductENSG00000137801 (Ensembl) TSP-1
TMEM132EGeneProductENSG00000181291 (Ensembl)
TNFGeneProductENSG00000232810 (Ensembl)
TRIP13GeneProductENSG00000071539 (Ensembl)
TSSK4GeneProductENSG00000139908 (Ensembl)
TSSK6GeneProductENSG00000178093 (Ensembl)
UBDGeneProductENSG00000213886 (Ensembl)
UBE2BGeneProductENSG00000119048 (Ensembl)
UBR2GeneProductENSG00000024048 (Ensembl)
USP26GeneProductENSG00000134588 (Ensembl)
USP8GeneProductENSG00000138592 (Ensembl)
VCXGeneProductENSG00000182583 (Ensembl)
XPCGeneProductENSG00000154767 (Ensembl)
XRCC2GeneProductENSG00000196584 (Ensembl)
XRCC3GeneProductENSG00000126215 (Ensembl)
XRCC4GeneProductENSG00000152422 (Ensembl)
XRCC5GeneProductENSG00000079246 (Ensembl)
YBX2GeneProductENSG00000006047 (Ensembl)
piRNA precursorRna

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