Amino Acid Metabolism Pathway Excerpt (Histidine catabolism extension) (Homo sapiens)

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rs74877811TCA cycleglutamate metabolismAconitateGLUD1OxaloacetateHALisocitrateCitrateHistidinePyruvateAlanineGPT2OxaloacetateSuccinyl-CoAFTCDSuccinateFumarateGlutamateMalate2-oxo-glutarateUROC1AMDHD1UCA4I-5PROANF-Glu


This pathway was created based on findings from the bachelor thesis project by Kristin Koppelmaa which investigated vitamin D GWAS results.

Thesis DOI:

This pathway shows an excerpt of the WikiPathways amino acid metabolism (WP3925) pathway containing the segment between the metabolites histidine and glutamate that was extended. The proteins added to the conversion were AMDHD1 and UROC1. Although the HAL and FTCD proteins were included in the amino acid metabolism pathway previously, the lead SNP rs7487782 which exists in both HAL and AMDHD1, was added to the pathway and linked to these two genes. This variant was mapped to these genes during the analysis of a dataset originating from PMID: 29343764.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
2-oxo-glutarateMetaboliteCHEBI:16810 (ChEBI)
4I-5PROAMetaboliteCHEBI:27384 (ChEBI) trans-urocanic acid
AMDHD1GeneProductQ96NU7 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
AconitateMetaboliteHMDB0000072 (HMDB)
AlanineMetaboliteHMDB0000161 (HMDB)
CitrateMetaboliteHMDB0000094 (HMDB)
FTCDGeneProductENSG00000160282 (Ensembl) Homology Mapping from Mus musculus to Homo sapiens: Original ID = M:MGI:1339962
FumarateMetaboliteHMDB0000134 (HMDB)
GLUD1GeneProductENSG00000148672 (Ensembl) Homology Mapping from Mus musculus to Homo sapiens: Original ID = M:MGI:95753
GPT2GeneProductENSG00000166123 (Ensembl) Homology Mapping from Mus musculus to Homo sapiens: Original ID = M:MGI:1915391
GlutamateMetaboliteHMDB0000148 (HMDB)
HALGeneProductENSG00000084110 (Ensembl) Homology Mapping from Mus musculus to Homo sapiens: Original ID = M:MGI:96010
HistidineMetaboliteHMDB0000177 (HMDB)
MalateMetaboliteHMDB0000156 (HMDB)
NF-GluMetaboliteCHEBI:18327 (ChEBI) trans-urocanic acid
OxaloacetateMetaboliteHMDB0000223 (HMDB)
PyruvateMetaboliteHMDB0000243 (HMDB)
SuccinateMetaboliteHMDB0000254 (HMDB)
Succinyl-CoAMetaboliteHMDB0001022 (HMDB)
UCAMetaboliteCHEBI:30817 (ChEBI) trans-urocanic acid
UROC1GeneProductQ96N76 (Uniprot-TrEMBL) Dimer with NAD+
isocitrateMetaboliteHMDB0000193 (HMDB)

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