Neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) subtypes pathway (Homo sapiens)

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131416103Coenzyme A synthesisBPAN DiseaseFAHN DiseaseLegendSphingolipid metabolism PathwayPalmitoyl-CoA(R)-4'-phosphopantothenateL-cysteinesphingomyelinSPTLC13-DehydrosphinganinedihydrosphingosineD-pantetheine 4'-phosphateACACA(R)-pantothenatediphosphateceramideFA2HMECP2Coenzyme Adihydroxysphingolipids1,2-saturated fatty acid(2R)-2-hydroxy fatty acid anionL-serinedihydroceramideCOASYPANK2acetyl-CoAFe(II)-cytochrome b5malonyl-CoA3'-dephospho-CoAsphingolipidsN-[(R)-4'-Phosphopantothenoyl]-L-cysteineFe(III)-cytochrome b51197592612128111896PIK3C3ATG10WIPI2ATG7ATG14AKT1S1ATG13RB1CC1AMPKRHEBULK1ATG16L1ATG12BECN1DEPTORLC3ATG2ALKB1ATG7PIK3R4TSC1ATG5MLST8TSC2ATG12WIPI1ATG4WDR45MTORRPTORPtdIns3PATG101ATG3ATG12ATG12ATG5LC3LC3LC3COASYCoPAN DiseasePKAN DiseaseIronLipid MetabolismFe2+Enoplasmic reticulumLysosomePLA2G6PeroxisomePantothenateMitochondrionAutophagosomeDCAF17NucleusWDR45MyelinsynthesisMembrane remodellingPLA2G6C19orf12FA2HATP13A2GTPBP2COASYPANK2FTLSCPxCoACPFe3+Lysosome / autophagosome synthesisIron homeostasisLipid metabolism and/or membrane remodellingUnknown function4


Neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) is an umbrella term for 12 disease subtypes, all characterized by the build-up of iron within the brain. One of these subtypes is beta-propeller protein-associated neurodegeneration (BPAN) caused by a mutation in the WDR45 gene. This protein is involved in the autophagy pathway; the exact mechanism is still unknown. Other NBIA subtypes are PKAN, CoPAN, and FAHN. PKAN and CoPAN are involved in Coenzyme A synthesis within mitochondria and FAHN is found in myelin synthesis. Dysfunctioning of these pathways leads to a phenotype characterized by developmental delay and intellectual disabilities. Nevertheless, the exact relation between mutation and phenotype remains unknown.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(2R)-2-hydroxy fatty acid anionMetaboliteCHEBI:76177 (ChEBI)
(R)-4'- phosphopantothenateMetaboliteCHEBI:10986 (ChEBI)
(R)-pantothenateMetaboliteCHEBI:29032 (ChEBI)
1,2-saturated fatty acidMetaboliteCHEBI:83955 (ChEBI)
3'-dephospho -CoAMetaboliteCHEBI:57328 (ChEBI)
3-DehydrosphinganineMetaboliteCHEBI:17862 (ChEBI)
ACACAGeneProductENSG00000278540 (Ensembl)
AKT1S1GeneProductENSG00000204673 (Ensembl)
AMPKGeneProductENSG00000132356 (Ensembl)
ATG101GeneProductENSG00000123395 (Ensembl)
ATG10GeneProductENSG00000152348 (Ensembl)
ATG12GeneProductENSG00000145782 (Ensembl)
ATG13GeneProductENSG00000175224 (Ensembl)
ATG14GeneProductENSG00000126775 (Ensembl)
ATG16L1GeneProductENSG00000085978 (Ensembl)
ATG2AGeneProductENSG00000110046 (Ensembl)
ATG3GeneProductENSG00000144848 (Ensembl)
ATG4GeneProductENSG00000101844 (Ensembl)
ATG5GeneProductENSG00000057663 (Ensembl)
ATG7GeneProductENSG00000197548 (Ensembl)
ATP13A2GeneProductENSG00000159363 (Ensembl)
BECN1GeneProductENSG00000126581 (Ensembl)
C19orf12GeneProductENSG00000131943 (Ensembl)
COASYGeneProductENSG00000068120 (Ensembl)
CPGeneProductENSG00000047457 (Ensembl)
Coenzyme AMetaboliteCHEBI:57287 (ChEBI)
D-pantetheine 4'-phosphateMetaboliteCHEBI:61723 (ChEBI)
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DEPTORGeneProductENSG00000155792 (Ensembl)
FA2HGeneProductENSG00000103089 (Ensembl)
FTLGeneProductENSG00000087086 (Ensembl)
Fe(II)-cytochrome b5MetaboliteCHEBI:29033 (ChEBI)
Fe(III)-cytochrome b5MetaboliteCHEBI:29034 (ChEBI)
GTPBP2GeneProductENSG00000172432 (Ensembl)
L-cysteineMetaboliteCHEBI:35235 (ChEBI)
L-serineMetaboliteCHEBI:33384 (ChEBI)
LC3GeneProductENSG00000101460 (Ensembl)
LKB1GeneProductENSG00000118046 (Ensembl)
MECP2GeneProductENSG00000169057 (Ensembl)
MLST8GeneProductENSG00000167965 (Ensembl)
MTORGeneProductENSG00000198793 (Ensembl)
N-[(R)-4'-Phospho pantothenoyl]-L-cysteineMetaboliteCHEBI:59458 (ChEBI)
PANK2GeneProductENSG00000125779 (Ensembl)
PIK3C3GeneProductENSG00000078142 (Ensembl)
PIK3R4GeneProductENSG00000196455 (Ensembl)
PLA2G6GeneProductENSG00000184381 (Ensembl)
Palmitoyl-CoAMetaboliteCHEBI:57379 (ChEBI)
PtdIns3PMetaboliteCHEBI:26034 (ChEBI)
RB1CC1GeneProductENSG00000023287 (Ensembl)
RHEBGeneProductENSG00000106615 (Ensembl)
RPTORGeneProductENSG00000141564 (Ensembl)
SCPxGeneProductENSG00000116171 (Ensembl)
SPTLC1GeneProductENSG00000090054 (Ensembl)
Sphingolipid metabolism PathwayPathwayWP4142 (WikiPathways)
TSC1GeneProductENSG00000165699 (Ensembl)
TSC2GeneProductENSG00000103197 (Ensembl)
ULK1GeneProductENSG00000177169 (Ensembl)
WDR45GeneProductENSG00000196998 (Ensembl)
WIPI1GeneProductENSG00000070540 (Ensembl)
WIPI2GeneProductENSG00000157954 (Ensembl)
acetyl-CoAMetaboliteCHEBI:57288 (ChEBI)
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dihydroceramideMetaboliteCHEBI:139048 (ChEBI)
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diphosphateMetaboliteCHEBI:33019 (ChEBI)
malonyl-CoAMetaboliteCHEBI:57384 (ChEBI)
sphingolipidsMetaboliteCHEBI:26739 (ChEBI)
sphingomyelinMetaboliteCHEBI:17636 (ChEBI)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
(R)-4'- phosphopantothenateN-[(R)-4'-Phospho pantothenoyl]-L-cysteinemim-conversion25156 (Rhea)
(R)-pantothenate(R)-4'- phosphopantothenatemim-conversion16374 (Rhea) Phosphorylation
1,2-saturated fatty acid(2R)-2-hydroxy fatty acid anionmim-conversion38855 (Rhea)
3'-dephospho -CoACoenzyme Amim-conversion18246 (Rhea)
D-pantetheine 4'-phosphate3'-dephospho -CoAmim-conversion19802 (Rhea)
N-[(R)-4'-Phospho pantothenoyl]-L-cysteineD-pantetheine 4'-phosphatemim-conversion16793 (Rhea)
Palmitoyl-CoAL-serine14761 (Rhea)
acetyl-CoAmalonyl-CoAmim-conversion18818 (Rhea)
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