Biosynthesis of DHA-derived SPMs (Homo sapiens)

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1, 15, 342343414, 3513, 17, 24, 28, 3110, 26, 303, 5, 213763311625, 368, 20, 2767610, 26, 3010, 26, 3032, 343425, 3615, 393410, 26, 302, 383418, 32, 343317, 28326, 244, 283422, 343318, 32, 3439342, 7, 9, 12, 23346, 2617, 19, 281134372, 7, 12342, 73, 5, 21, 34623366203334cytosolendoplasmic reticulum lumenProtectinsMaresin-like SPMsAT-(N)PD1 16S,17S-epoxy-DHAMaresinsresolvin D3 MaR-L2 LTA4H:Zn2+RvD3, RvD4LTC4S 7(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHAresolvin D4 LTA4H CYP4RCTR1 Maresin-like SPMsaspirin-triggered resolvin D6 resolvin D4 PCTR2 RvD1 CYP2D6 RvD1, RvD2LTA4H:Zn2+resolvin D3 14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHA O2resolvin D6ALOX1514(S),21(S)-diHDHA reduced acceptor22-OH-(N)PD1 17(R)-Hp-DHA(N)PD1PDXMaR2GSTM4 dimerO27S(8)-epoxy-17(R)-HDHAO-acetyl-L-serine-PTGS2 HydroperoxyreductaseRvD1-6aspirin-triggered resolvin D3 PCTR3 ALOX5MCTR1ALOX12:Fe2+22-OH-(N)PD1CYP1A1, CYP1A2H2ONADP+H2OEPHX2 H+PCTR3ALOX154S(5)-epoxy-17(R)-HDHAreduced acceptorRvD1NADP+H2OO2CYP1A1 MaR2 H+PDX NAD+H2Oaspirin-triggered resolvin D2 MCTR1 17R(16)-epoxy-DHAaspirin-triggered resolvin D4 CYP2C9 NADPHH+AT-RvD5 RCTR2MCTR3MaR-L1 17(S)-Hp-DHAoxidised acceptorRCTR3ALOX12 PCTR1 resolvin D5 H2OAT-RvD6 CYP4O2RCTR1NADPHRvD1-6Fe2+ 7S(8)-epoxy-17(S)-HDHAZn2+ resolvin D5 NADP+Mg2+ GPX4-2O217(S)-HDHAZn2+ 14(S)-Hp-DHADHA14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHA CYP3A4 O2NADP+PCTR27(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHA22-OH-(N)PD1 RCTR3 NADPH13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHA(N)PD1 LTC4S trimerresolvin D4 NADPHMaR-L2ProtectinsMaR-L2 AT-RvD1, AT-RvD2HPGD CYP2C8 H2O14(R)-HDHAaspirin-triggered resolvin D4 AT-RvD1-6aspirin-triggered resolvin D2 NADPHaspirin-triggered resolvin D4 H+GGTH2ORCTR2 PCTR1GlyALOX5resolvin D6 H2OLTA4H Epoxide hydrolaseLTC4S trimer7-epi-MaR1GlyMCTR2AT-RvD5DPEPRvD2 PTGS2 GSSGaspirin-triggered resolvin D5 14(S),21(S/R)-diHDHA CYP2E1 HydroperoxyreductaseNADP+resolvin D57(S),17(S)-diHp-DHAGSH8-oxo-17(S)-RvD1 NADP+AT-RvD1 RvD1 LTC4S 7(S),14(S)-diHp-DHAMCTR2 resolvin D3 AT-RvD1 17(R)-HDHAMaR1 heme b aspirin-triggered resolvin D3 LTA4H:Zn2+L-GluNADHRvD2 CYP1A2 MaR1 AT-(N)PD1MaR2 14(S),21(R)-diHDHA MaresinsNADPHMaR-L1 MCTR2 O2PCTR2 EPHX2 dimerMCTR1 H2OH2O4(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHA(N)PD1 PDX NADPHAc-PTGS2 dimerGSHoxidised acceptorALOX517(S)-oxo-RvD1,8-oxo-17(S)-RvD1H2Osulfido conjugatesNADPHH2OO2sulfido conjugates14(R),21(R)-diHDHA aspirin-triggered resolvin D3 CYP2E114(S),21(S/R)-diHDHA CYP1A2 7-epi-MaR1 14(S)-HDHARCTR3 AT-(N)PD1 CYP1A2,2C8,2C9,2D6,2E1,3A4HPGD dimerNADP+MaR1GSH14(R),21(S)-diHDHA RCTR1 AT-RvD1-6H2ORvD2 AT-RvD1 GGT7-epi-MaR1NADPHresolvin D6 Zn2+ PCTR3 7-epi-MaR1 LTA4H RCTR2 H2OH2O17(S)-oxo-RvD1 GSTM4 MaR-L1GSHMCTR3 ALOX5aspirin-triggered resolvin D2 4(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHARvD1 O2AT-RvD6PCTR1 LipoxygenaseMCTR3 4S(5)-epoxy-17(S)-HDHAAT-RvD3, AT-RvD414(S),21(S/R)-diHDHAL-GluNADP+CYP2E1NADP+14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHA2916


Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a major ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) found in fish oil is the source of D-series resolvins (RvDs), one of the specialized proresolving mediators (SPMs) that show potent anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving actions (Molfino et al. 2017). The biosynthesis of RvDs occurs mainly during the process of inflammation when endothelial cells interact with leukocytes. Dietary DHA circulates in plasma or is present in cellular membranes as it can easily integrate into membranes. On injury or infection, DHA moves with edema into the tissue sites of acute inflammation where it is converted to exudate RvDs to interact with local immune cells (Kasuga et al. 2008). The initial transformation of DHA by aspirin-acetylated cyclooxygenase-2 or cyclooxygenase-mediated catalysis can produce stereospecific D-resolvins (18(R)- or 18(S)-RvDs respectively). Combinations of oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis reactions determine the type of D-resolvin formed (RvD1-6) (Serhan et al. 2002, Serhan & Petasis 2011, Serhan et al. 2014). View original pathway at:Reactome.


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Reactome Author: Jassal, Bijay

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(N)PD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:138655 (ChEBI)
(N)PD1MetaboliteCHEBI:138655 (ChEBI)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:132228 (ChEBI)
14(R),21(R)-diHDHA MetaboliteCHEBI:137361 (ChEBI)
14(R),21(S)-diHDHA MetaboliteCHEBI:137368 (ChEBI)
14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHA R-ALL-9027324 (Reactome)
14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHA R-ALL-9031816 (Reactome)
14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHAComplexR-ALL-9027324 (Reactome)
14(R)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:137346 (ChEBI)
14(S),21(R)-diHDHA MetaboliteCHEBI:137354 (ChEBI)
14(S),21(S)-diHDHA MetaboliteCHEBI:137360 (ChEBI)
14(S),21(S/R)-diHDHA R-ALL-9027326 (Reactome)
14(S),21(S/R)-diHDHA R-ALL-9031811 (Reactome)
14(S),21(S/R)-diHDHAComplexR-ALL-9027326 (Reactome)
14(S)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:137347 (ChEBI)
14(S)-Hp-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:140220 (ChEBI)
16S,17S-epoxy-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:140225 (ChEBI)
17(R)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:91137 (ChEBI)
17(R)-Hp-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138590 (ChEBI)
17(S)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138640 (ChEBI)
17(S)-Hp-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:136113 (ChEBI)
17(S)-oxo-RvD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:132800 (ChEBI)
17(S)-oxo-RvD1, 8-oxo-17(S)-RvD1ComplexR-ALL-9024799 (Reactome)
17R(16)-epoxy-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:140192 (ChEBI)
22-OH-(N)PD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:140243 (ChEBI)
22-OH-(N)PD1MetaboliteCHEBI:140243 (ChEBI)
4(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138601 (ChEBI)
4(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138641 (ChEBI)
4S(5)-epoxy-17(R)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138612 (ChEBI)
4S(5)-epoxy-17(S)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138647 (ChEBI)
7(S),14(S)-diHp-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:140196 (ChEBI)
7(S),17(S)-diHp-DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:140245 (ChEBI)
7(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138602 (ChEBI)
7(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138642 (ChEBI)
7-epi-MaR1 MetaboliteCHEBI:140193 (ChEBI)
7-epi-MaR1MetaboliteCHEBI:140193 (ChEBI)
7S(8)-epoxy-17(R)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138613 (ChEBI)
7S(8)-epoxy-17(S)-HDHAMetaboliteCHEBI:138646 (ChEBI)
8-oxo-17(S)-RvD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:132797 (ChEBI)
ALOX12 ProteinP18054 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ALOX12:Fe2+ComplexR-HSA-2142793 (Reactome)
ALOX15ProteinP16050 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ALOX5ProteinP09917 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
AT-(N)PD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:140202 (ChEBI)
AT-(N)PD1MetaboliteCHEBI:140202 (ChEBI)
AT-RvD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:138179 (ChEBI)
AT-RvD1, AT-RvD2ComplexR-ALL-9024574 (Reactome)
AT-RvD1-6ComplexR-ALL-9024575 (Reactome)
AT-RvD1-6ComplexR-ALL-9024582 (Reactome)
AT-RvD3, AT-RvD4ComplexR-ALL-9024570 (Reactome)
AT-RvD5 MetaboliteCHEBI:138617 (ChEBI)
AT-RvD5MetaboliteCHEBI:138617 (ChEBI)
AT-RvD6 MetaboliteCHEBI:138618 (ChEBI)
AT-RvD6MetaboliteCHEBI:138618 (ChEBI)
Ac-PTGS2 dimerComplexR-HSA-2314687 (Reactome)
CYP1A1 ProteinP04798 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP1A1, CYP1A2ComplexR-HSA-9037759 (Reactome)
CYP1A2 ProteinP05177 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP1A2,2C8,2C9,2D6,2E1,3A4ComplexR-HSA-9027041 (Reactome)
CYP2C8 ProteinP10632 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP2C9 ProteinP11712 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP2D6 ProteinP10635 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP2E1 ProteinP05181 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP2E1ProteinP05181 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP3A4 ProteinP08684 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CYP4R-HSA-8957350 (Reactome)
DHAMetaboliteCHEBI:28125 (ChEBI)
DPEPR-HSA-2161751 (Reactome)
EPHX2 ProteinP34913 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
EPHX2 dimerComplexR-HSA-2142777 (Reactome)
Epoxide hydrolaseR-HSA-9025025 (Reactome)
Fe2+ MetaboliteCHEBI:18248 (ChEBI)
GGTR-HSA-2161915 (Reactome)
GPX4-2ProteinP36969-2 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
GSHMetaboliteCHEBI:16856 (ChEBI)
GSSGMetaboliteCHEBI:17858 (ChEBI)
GSTM4 ProteinQ03013 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
GSTM4 dimerComplexR-HSA-3301926 (Reactome)
GlyMetaboliteCHEBI:57305 (ChEBI)
H+MetaboliteCHEBI:15378 (ChEBI)
H2OMetaboliteCHEBI:15377 (ChEBI)
HPGD ProteinP15428 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
HPGD dimerComplexR-HSA-2142778 (Reactome)
Hydroperoxy reductaseR-HSA-9024779 (Reactome)
L-GluMetaboliteCHEBI:29985 (ChEBI)
LTA4H ProteinP09960 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
LTA4H:Zn2+ComplexR-HSA-266038 (Reactome)
LTC4S ProteinQ16873 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
LTC4S trimerComplexR-HSA-2142762 (Reactome)
LipoxygenaseR-HSA-9026899 (Reactome)
MCTR1 MetaboliteCHEBI:138202 (ChEBI)
MCTR1MetaboliteCHEBI:138202 (ChEBI)
MCTR2 MetaboliteCHEBI:138206 (ChEBI)
MCTR2MetaboliteCHEBI:138206 (ChEBI)
MCTR3 MetaboliteCHEBI:138209 (ChEBI)
MCTR3MetaboliteCHEBI:138209 (ChEBI)
MaR-L1 MetaboliteCHEBI:137349 (ChEBI)
MaR-L1MetaboliteCHEBI:137349 (ChEBI)
MaR-L2 MetaboliteCHEBI:137350 (ChEBI)
MaR-L2MetaboliteCHEBI:137350 (ChEBI)
MaR1 MetaboliteCHEBI:138249 (ChEBI)
MaR1MetaboliteCHEBI:138249 (ChEBI)
MaR2 MetaboliteCHEBI:138248 (ChEBI)
MaR2MetaboliteCHEBI:138248 (ChEBI)
Maresin-like SPMsComplexR-ALL-9031800 (Reactome)
Maresin-like SPMsComplexR-ALL-9031809 (Reactome)
MaresinsComplexR-ALL-9031813 (Reactome)
MaresinsComplexR-ALL-9031815 (Reactome)
Mg2+ MetaboliteCHEBI:18420 (ChEBI)
NAD+MetaboliteCHEBI:15846 (ChEBI)
NADHMetaboliteCHEBI:16908 (ChEBI)
NADP+MetaboliteCHEBI:18009 (ChEBI)
NADPHMetaboliteCHEBI:16474 (ChEBI)
O-acetyl-L-serine-PTGS2 ProteinP35354 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
O2MetaboliteCHEBI:15379 (ChEBI)
PCTR1 MetaboliteCHEBI:140262 (ChEBI)
PCTR1MetaboliteCHEBI:140262 (ChEBI)
PCTR2 MetaboliteCHEBI:140263 (ChEBI)
PCTR2MetaboliteCHEBI:140263 (ChEBI)
PCTR3 MetaboliteCHEBI:140264 (ChEBI)
PCTR3MetaboliteCHEBI:140264 (ChEBI)
PDX MetaboliteCHEBI:138653 (ChEBI)
PDXMetaboliteCHEBI:138653 (ChEBI)
PTGS2 ProteinP35354 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ProtectinsComplexR-ALL-9031812 (Reactome)
ProtectinsComplexR-ALL-9031819 (Reactome)
RCTR1 MetaboliteCHEBI:140268 (ChEBI)
RCTR1MetaboliteCHEBI:140268 (ChEBI)
RCTR2 MetaboliteCHEBI:140269 (ChEBI)
RCTR2MetaboliteCHEBI:140269 (ChEBI)
RCTR3 MetaboliteCHEBI:140270 (ChEBI)
RCTR3MetaboliteCHEBI:140270 (ChEBI)
RvD1 MetaboliteCHEBI:81564 (ChEBI)
RvD1, RvD2ComplexR-ALL-9024759 (Reactome)
RvD1-6ComplexR-ALL-9024812 (Reactome)
RvD1-6ComplexR-ALL-9024814 (Reactome)
RvD1MetaboliteCHEBI:81564 (ChEBI)
RvD2 MetaboliteCHEBI:81565 (ChEBI)
RvD3, RvD4ComplexR-ALL-9024809 (Reactome)
Zn2+ MetaboliteCHEBI:29105 (ChEBI)
aspirin-triggered resolvin D2 MetaboliteCHEBI:138614 (ChEBI)
aspirin-triggered resolvin D3 MetaboliteCHEBI:138615 (ChEBI)
aspirin-triggered resolvin D4 MetaboliteCHEBI:138616 (ChEBI)
aspirin-triggered resolvin D5 MetaboliteCHEBI:138617 (ChEBI)
aspirin-triggered resolvin D6 MetaboliteCHEBI:138618 (ChEBI)
heme b MetaboliteCHEBI:26355 (ChEBI)
oxidised acceptorR-ALL-9024637 (Reactome)
reduced acceptorR-ALL-5359016 (Reactome)
resolvin D3 MetaboliteCHEBI:138648 (ChEBI)
resolvin D4 MetaboliteCHEBI:138649 (ChEBI)
resolvin D5 MetaboliteCHEBI:138645 (ChEBI)
resolvin D5MetaboliteCHEBI:138645 (ChEBI)
resolvin D6 MetaboliteCHEBI:138643 (ChEBI)
resolvin D6MetaboliteCHEBI:138643 (ChEBI)
sulfido conjugatesComplexR-ALL-9031853 (Reactome)
sulfido conjugatesComplexR-ALL-9031855 (Reactome)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
(N)PD1ArrowR-HSA-9024890 (Reactome)
(N)PD1R-HSA-9037761 (Reactome)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAArrowR-HSA-9024983 (Reactome)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9024973 (Reactome)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9024993 (Reactome)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9026544 (Reactome)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9026777 (Reactome)
13(S),14(S)-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9026780 (Reactome)
14(R),21(S/R)-diHDHAArrowR-HSA-9027321 (Reactome)
14(R)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9027043 (Reactome)
14(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9027044 (Reactome)
14(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9027321 (Reactome)
14(S),21(S/R)-diHDHAArrowR-HSA-9027302 (Reactome)
14(S)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9027033 (Reactome)
14(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9027042 (Reactome)
14(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9027302 (Reactome)
14(S)-Hp-DHAArrowR-HSA-9020274 (Reactome)
14(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9024983 (Reactome)
14(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9024997 (Reactome)
14(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9027033 (Reactome)
16S,17S-epoxy-DHAArrowR-HSA-9024881 (Reactome)
16S,17S-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9024890 (Reactome)
16S,17S-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9026901 (Reactome)
17(R)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9020271 (Reactome)
17(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9020251 (Reactome)
17(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9020259 (Reactome)
17(R)-Hp-DHAArrowR-HSA-9020261 (Reactome)
17(R)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9020262 (Reactome)
17(R)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9020271 (Reactome)
17(S)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9020273 (Reactome)
17(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9020264 (Reactome)
17(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9020282 (Reactome)
17(S)-Hp-DHAArrowR-HSA-9020275 (Reactome)
17(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9020273 (Reactome)
17(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9024872 (Reactome)
17(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9024881 (Reactome)
17(S)-Hp-DHAR-HSA-9026918 (Reactome)
17(S)-oxo-RvD1, 8-oxo-17(S)-RvD1ArrowR-HSA-9024766 (Reactome)
17R(16)-epoxy-DHAArrowR-HSA-9020262 (Reactome)
17R(16)-epoxy-DHAR-HSA-9020257 (Reactome)
22-OH-(N)PD1ArrowR-HSA-9037761 (Reactome)
4(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9020259 (Reactome)
4(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9020278 (Reactome)
4(S)-Hp-17(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9024624 (Reactome)
4(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9020264 (Reactome)
4(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9020249 (Reactome)
4(S)-Hp-17(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9020277 (Reactome)
4S(5)-epoxy-17(R)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9020278 (Reactome)
4S(5)-epoxy-17(R)-HDHAR-HSA-9020270 (Reactome)
4S(5)-epoxy-17(S)-HDHAArrowR-HSA-9020277 (Reactome)
4S(5)-epoxy-17(S)-HDHAR-HSA-9020253 (Reactome)
7(S),14(S)-diHp-DHAArrowR-HSA-9024997 (Reactome)
7(S),14(S)-diHp-DHAR-HSA-9025007 (Reactome)