FABP4 in ovarian cancer (Homo sapiens)

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Regulation of FABP4 in ovarian cancer. FABP4 (fatty acid binding protein) can substantially increase metastatic potential of ovarian cancer cells, and leads to more aggressive disease. Mir-409-3p negatively regulates FABP4 in ovarian cancer cells, and mir-409-3p is decreased in hypoxic conditions. Pink arrows indicates potential therapuetic therapeutic stratgeies; in Gharpure et al, DOPC nanoliposomes containing either miR-409-3p mimic or FABP4 siRNA was shown to inhibit tumor progression. Description was adapted from Gharpure et al.

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  1. Gharpure KM, Pradeep S, Sans M, Rupaimoole R, Ivan C, Wu SY, Bayraktar E, Nagaraja AS, Mangala LS, Zhang X, Haemmerle M, Hu W, Rodriguez-Aguayo C, McGuire M, Mak CSL, Chen X, Tran MA, Villar-Prados A, Pena GA, Kondetimmanahalli R, Nini R, Koppula P, Ram P, Liu J, Lopez-Berestein G, Baggerly K, S Eberlin L, Sood AK; ''FABP4 as a key determinant of metastatic potential of ovarian cancer.''; Nat Commun, 2018 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
FABP4GeneProductENSG00000170323 (Ensembl)
MIR409RnaENSG00000199107 (Ensembl)

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