Biotic Stress-response gene-network in rice (Oryza sativa)

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101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010LegendKinase / signaling moleculeTranscription Factor/ hub genesOsMKK4XB12OsMPK1OsWRKY71GIP-1XB21Os01g0250900OsMPK5GRNL2NRRH2SGT1OsMPK8TFXB2GRNL110GIP-23rTGA2.1TGA2.2GIP-20GIP-6GIP-18GIP-11GIP-9NH110NRRH3NRRNRRIP-3NRRH1TGA2.3rLG2NRRIP-1TGA2.1IP-2TGA2.1IP-1NH2NRRIP-2XB2IP-1XB2IP-2XB2-IP-3XB2IP-4XA2110XB3SnRK1AOs02g0817000OsWRKY28XB11XB11IP-1PBZ1IP-1XB15PBZ1XB11IP-2PBZ1IP-2XB22OsRBOHBOSRac1RAR1OSMPK12OSEREBP1XB22IP-1HSP90 10XB12IP-5OsWRKY67Biotic stress response gene network in riceRepression or inhibitionRACK1A9, 10XB24GIP139, 10KinaseOsWRKY62 19GAHormoneProteinsProtein-protein interaction measured by yeast two-hybrid assayProtein-protein interaction measured by bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC)


Biotic stress response gene-network in rice

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
GIP-11ProteinOs02g0782200 (Gramene Rice)
GIP-18ProteinOs09g0115500 (Gramene Rice)
GIP-1ProteinOs03g0786100 (Gramene Rice)
GIP-20ProteinOs08g0562200 (Gramene Rice)
GIP-23ProteinOs10g0537300 (Gramene Rice)
GIP-6ProteinOs04g0471400 (Gramene Rice)
GIP-9GeneProductOs03g0736000 (Gramene Rice)
GIP13ProteinOs02g0306401 (Gramene Rice) GIP13, Nicotinanamine aminotransferase Expresses in seed and is involved in XA21 mediated immunity and submergence tolerance in rice pathways
GRNL1ProteinOs1g0667900 (Gramene Rice)
GRNL2ProteinOs05g0563900|mRNA|AK062897|UTR (Gramene Rice)
HSP90 ProteinOs09g0482100|mRNA|AB111810|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
NH1ProteinOs01g0194300|mRNA|AK120715|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
NH2ProteinOs01g0767900 (Gramene Rice)
NRRH1ProteinOs05g0368000|COMBINER_EST|Os05g0368000|8 (Gramene Rice)
NRRH2ProteinOs01g0508500|mRNA|AK120501|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
NRRH3ProteinOs01g0508100|COMBINER_EST|CI557510|0 (Gramene Rice)
NRRIP-1ProteinO (Gramene Rice)
NRRIP-2ProteinOs07g0508300|mRNA|AK063908|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
NRRIP-3ProteinOs11g0139500|mRNA|AK103113|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
NRRProteinOs01g0130200|COMBINER|CI449644|6 (Gramene Rice)
OSEREBP1ProteinOs02g0782700|mRNA|AF193803|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OSMPK12ProteinOs06g0708000|mRNA|AF177392|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OSRac1ProteinOs01g0229400|mRNA|AB029508|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice) OsRac1

Expresses in seed and a key component of rice defense and submergence tolerance signaling pathway. 3: WikiPathways for plants: a community pathway curation portal and a case study in rice and arabidopsis seed development networks.; Hanumappa M; Preece J; Elser J; Nemeth D; Bono G; Wu K; Jaiswal P; Rice (N Y); 2013; PubMed

19: Towards establishment of a rice stress response interactome.; Seo YS; Chern M; Bartley LE; Han M; Jung KH; Lee I; Walia H; Richter T; Xu X; Cao P; Bai W; Ramanan R; Amonpant F; Arul L; Canlas PE; Ruan R; Park CJ; Chen X; Hwang S; Jeon JS; Ronald PC; PLoS Genet; 2011; PubMed
Os01g0250900ProteinOs01g0250900|mRNA|AK065179|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
Os02g0817000ProteinOs02g0817000 (Gramene Rice)
OsMKK4ProteinOs02g0787300|mRNA|AK120525|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsMPK1ProteinOs06g0154500|mRNA|AB183398|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsMPK5ProteinOs03g0285800|mRNA|AF216315|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsMPK8ProteinOs01g0665200|mRNA|AJ512643|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsRBOHBProteinOs01g0360200|mRNA|AK060770|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsWRKY28ProteinOs06g0649000|mRNA|AK106282|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsWRKY62 GeneProductOs09g0417800 (Gramene Rice) WRKY Family transcription factor 62 involved in biotic stress response and in NAC10 mediated abiotic stress response
OsWRKY67ProteinOs05g0183100|mRNA|AK066252|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
OsWRKY71ProteinOs02g0181300|mRNA|AK058773|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
PBZ1IP-1ProteinOs03g0183800|mRNA|AK100621|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
PBZ1IP-2ProteinOs03g0655400|mRNA|AB011368|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
PBZ1ProteinOs12g0555500|mRNA|AK071613|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
RACK1A ProteinOs01g0686800 (Gramene Rice) Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit beta-like protein A (RACK1A) Expresses in seed and is involved in XA21 mediated immunity and submergence tolerance in rice pathways
RAR1ProteinOs02g0535400|mRNA|AK111881|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
SGT1ProteinOs08g0447200|mRNA|AK067377|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
SnRK1AGeneProductOs05g0530500|mRNA|AF062479|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
TF GeneProduct
TGA2.1IP-1ProteinOs07g0585000|mRNA|AK071269|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
TGA2.1IP-2ProteinOs12g0573200|mRNA|AK111522|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
TGA2.2ProteinOs03g0318600 (Gramene Rice)
TGA2.3ProteinOs01g0279900|mRNA|AB051296|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XA21ProteinOs11g0569733 (Gramene Rice)
XB11IP-1ProteinOs11g0568700|mRNA|AK099671|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB11IP-2ProteinOs08g0151700|mRNA|AK073149|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB11ProteinOs01g0128800 (Gramene Rice)
XB12ProteinOs10g0577700|mRNA|AK061718|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB15ProteinOs03g0821300|mRNA|AJ575237|5'UTR+CDS (Gramene Rice)
XB2-IP-3ProteinOs09g0133800|mRNA|AK060425|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB21ProteinOs12g0548200|mRNA|AK072993|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB22IP-1ProteinOs11g0106900|COMBINER_EST|CI445507|0 (Gramene Rice)
XB22ProteinOs07g0171100|mRNA|AF272978|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB24 ProteinOs01g0771200 (Gramene Rice) XB24, ATPase Expresses in seed and is involved in XA21 mediated immunity and subergemce tolerance in rice pathways
XB2IP-1ProteinOs06g0681400|mRNA|AK121590|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB2IP-2ProteinOs04g0648500|mRNA|AK064227|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB2IP-4ProteinOs02g0148300|mRNA|AK071342|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB2ProteinOs06g0283200|mRNA|AK073829|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
XB3ProteinOs05g0112000|mRNA|AF272860|CDS (Gramene Rice)
rLG2ProteinOs01g0859500|mRNA|AK101338|CDS+3'UTR (Gramene Rice)
rTGA2.1ProteinOs07g0687700 (Gramene Rice)

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