Lamin A-processing pathway (Homo sapiens)

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CCaaX group1, 2CaaX groupCH3Farnesyl groupProgeria syndrome15 amino acidsZMPSTE24Farnesyl transferaseLMNAaaXCAAX prenyl protease 1 homologMature lamin AProtein-S-isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferasePre-lamin APre-lamin ACPre-lamin ACAAX prenyl protease 1 homologZMPSTE24CPre-lamin A


All lamins, except lamin C, contain a CaaX tail. This tail is comprised of respectively cysteine, two aliphatic amino acids and any amino acid with a COOH-terminal (variable). Aliphatic amino acids are nonpolar and hydrophobic and include glycine, alanine, valine, leucine and isoleucine. This structure acts as recognition point for a sequence of modifications. First the terminal cysteine is farnesylated by farnesyl transferase, where a isoprenyl group is added to the cysteine residue -also called isoprenylation. This is followed by proteolytic cleavage of the aaX part by Zmpste24 and methylation (CH3) of cysteine. Isoprenylation and methylation are both necessary for the localization of lamin A and B-type lamins in to the INM. Until this point processing of lamin A and type-B lamins is similar. While in type-B lamins the isoprenyl group remains attached to the cysteine, lamin A has a second cleavage site to cleave off an additional 15 amino acids upstream of the cysteine. This cleavage is also done by Zmpste24 and takes place at INM. When these 15 amino acids, 18 in total including aaX, are cleaved off mature lamin A is produced (1,2).

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  2. Cox LS, Faragher RG; ''From old organisms to new molecules: integrative biology and therapeutic targets in accelerated human ageing.''; Cell Mol Life Sci, 2007 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
15 amino acids
CAAX prenyl protease 1 homologProteinO75844 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
CMetaboliteCHEBI:15356 (ChEBI)
Farnesyl transferaseProtein
LMNAGeneProductENSG00000160789 (Ensembl)
Mature lamin AProtein72 kDa
Pre-lamin AGeneProductP02545 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Progeria syndromePathwayWP4320 (WikiPathways)
Protein-S-isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferaseProteinO60725 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ZMPSTE24GeneProductENSG00000084073 (Ensembl)

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