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116, 13, 165, 192, 5, 1951752, 3, 5, 16, 17, 19...166, 13, 165556, 13, 16185, 175, 194, 9, 126, 7, 10, 13, 19...55561385, 195519, 2356, 13, 165135, 192, 71956655145, 19521555, 196, 13, 16555, 165, 196, 13, 162133, 56, 7, 10, 13, 15...5, 813172432, 5, 7, 8, 10...5, 65, 1656, 13, 165, 19195, 192, 3, 5, 7, 1913, 175, 195245124, 95215, 195, 1952410, 13, 19, 215595, 1916, 17117, 2455, 10, 1951717, 18, 2355, 18, 19, 23554, 19552, 5, 1955812562, 5, 1352, 5, 8, 136, 13165, 6, 13, 165555, 195, 19524196, 13, 161316, 17, 2413, 16, 175, 19555, 195, 12196, 13, 1655, 13, 17, 195, 195125132255, 19196, 7, 13, 16, 193, 7, 17566, 13, 1656, 13525165, 8135, 1955, 1913, 1955, 195, 7, 9, 13, 175, 13, 1952, 5, 1317, 24456, 13, 165, 195, 19192, 5, 8195, 15, 16, 1919556, 131055, 192, 3, 5, 1994458, 135, 195, 19165, 1914215, 194, 5, 12, 14, 17...162, 56, 13, 165, 1613, 24132, 5, 162, 5, 19545, 14, 19, 201213, 175, 12, 195, 19175, 1356, 13, 16, 175, 19, 235, 1417, 2455, 195, 195, 17, 196, 13, 1655, 1985, 195, 1355, 195, 195, 135, 196, 13, 164, 9, 185, 1921556, 13, 1655, 195555126, 13, 165, 192, 5-7, 15...555, 191351752, 51213, 172, 5555, 194, 5, 146, 7, 13, 19106555216, 194, 18, 2319245, 195HIST1H1ECEBPDHIST1H2BBSMAD5BRMS1LSERTAD1HIST1H2BCSEMG2HIST1H2BITNFRSF17RBM12BEI24FBXO22TRIM22IKBIPNLRX1TP53I3HIST1H2BMBTG2TRIAP1CENPERPS27LPRKAB2PRKAB1CDKN1ASEL1LAENID2LRRFIP2PLK3ARRDC4ITPKCB3GNT2MEX3BLCE1EDAAM1MDM2ACTA2GADD45ACCP110CBLBGXYLT1HIST1H2BGTM7SF3TIGARRRM2BDCP1BITPR1PCDH8BLOC1S2COILPPM1DDDB2E2F8USP41HIST1H3DE2F7AMER1RAPGEF2TOPORSPTGER4PHLDA3DUSP14HIST1H2BN


This pathway describes the transcriptomic biomarker TGx-DDI genotoxicity assay (consisting of 64 genes) developed to readily distinguish DNA damage-inducing (DDI) agents from non-DDI agents.

Abstract from the paper "Development and validation of a high-throughput transcriptomic biomarker to address 21st century genetic toxicology needs" by Li et al. (2017) published in PNAS:

Standard in vitro assays to assess genotoxicity frequently generate positive results that are subsequently found to be irrelevant for in vivo carcinogenesis and human cancer risk assessment. Currently used follow-up methods, such as animal testing, are expensive and time-consuming, and the development of approaches enabling more accurate mechanism-based risk assessment is essential. We developed an in vitro transcriptomic biomarker-based approach that provides a robust biomarker reflecting stress-signaling responses. The biomarker correctly identifies the vast majority of irrelevant genotoxicity results from in vitro chromosome damage assays. TGx-DDI, a multigene biomarker for DNA damage-inducing agents, is the first biomarker that not only shows convincing interlaboratory and intralaboratory reproducibility, but also performs accurately in a system suitable for high-throughput screening.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACTA2GeneProduct59 (Entrez Gene)
AENGeneProduct64782 (Entrez Gene)
AMER1GeneProduct139285 (Entrez Gene)
ARRDC4GeneProduct91947 (Entrez Gene)
B3GNT2GeneProduct10678 (Entrez Gene)
BLOC1S2GeneProduct282991 (Entrez Gene)
BRMS1LGeneProduct84312 (Entrez Gene)
BTG2GeneProduct7832 (Entrez Gene)
CBLBGeneProduct868 (Entrez Gene)
CCP110GeneProduct9738 (Entrez Gene)
CDKN1AGeneProduct1026 (Entrez Gene)
CEBPDGeneProduct1052 (Entrez Gene)
CENPEGeneProduct1062 (Entrez Gene)
COILGeneProduct8161 (Entrez Gene)
DAAM1GeneProduct23002 (Entrez Gene)
DCP1BGeneProduct196513 (Entrez Gene)
DDB2GeneProduct1643 (Entrez Gene)
DUSP14GeneProduct11072 (Entrez Gene)
E2F7GeneProduct144455 (Entrez Gene)
E2F8GeneProduct79733 (Entrez Gene)
EI24GeneProduct9538 (Entrez Gene)
FBXO22GeneProduct26263 (Entrez Gene)
GADD45AGeneProduct1647 (Entrez Gene)
GXYLT1GeneProduct283464 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H1EGeneProduct3008 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H2BBGeneProduct3018 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H2BCGeneProduct8347 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H2BGGeneProduct8339 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H2BIGeneProduct8346 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H2BMGeneProduct8342 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H2BNGeneProduct8341 (Entrez Gene)
HIST1H3DGeneProduct8351 (Entrez Gene)
ID2GeneProduct3398 (Entrez Gene)
IKBIPGeneProduct121457 (Entrez Gene)
ITPKCGeneProduct80271 (Entrez Gene)
ITPR1GeneProduct3708 (Entrez Gene)
LCE1EGeneProduct353135 (Entrez Gene)
LRRFIP2GeneProduct9209 (Entrez Gene)
MDM2GeneProduct4193 (Entrez Gene)
MEX3BGeneProduct84206 (Entrez Gene)
NLRX1GeneProduct79671 (Entrez Gene) Type your comment here
PCDH8GeneProduct5100 (Entrez Gene)
PHLDA3GeneProduct23612 (Entrez Gene)
PLK3GeneProduct1263 (Entrez Gene)
PPM1DGeneProduct8493 (Entrez Gene)
PRKAB1GeneProduct5564 (Entrez Gene)
PRKAB2GeneProduct5565 (Entrez Gene)
PTGER4GeneProduct5734 (Entrez Gene)
RAPGEF2GeneProduct9693 (Entrez Gene)
RBM12BGeneProduct389677 (Entrez Gene)
RPS27LGeneProduct6232 (Entrez Gene) Type your comment here
RRM2BGeneProduct50484 (Entrez Gene)
SEL1LGeneProduct6400 (Entrez Gene)
SEMG2GeneProduct6407 (Entrez Gene)
SERTAD1GeneProduct29950 (Entrez Gene)
SMAD5GeneProduct4090 (Entrez Gene)
TIGARGeneProduct57103 (Entrez Gene)
TM7SF3GeneProduct51768 (Entrez Gene)
TNFRSF17GeneProduct608 (Entrez Gene)
TOPORSGeneProduct10210 (Entrez Gene)
TP53I3GeneProduct9540 (Entrez Gene)
TRIAP1GeneProduct51499 (Entrez Gene)
TRIM22GeneProduct10346 (Entrez Gene)
USP41GeneProduct373856 (Entrez Gene)

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