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1GABA transaminase Serum paraoxonase/lactonase 3 (a)ALDHsuccinic semialdehyde 4-hydroxybutaldehyde gamma-butyrolactoneSSADH4,5-dihydroxyhexanoic acidGHB dehydrogenaseTCA cycleADHglycolic acid3-oxo-4-hydroxybutyric acid d-2-hydroxyglutarate transhydrogenasegamma-hydroxybutanoic acid (GHB)fatty acid beta-oxidation spiralSSA reductaseSerum paraoxonase/lactonase 3 (c) 3,4-dihydrobutyric acid succinic acidgamma-aminobutanoic acid (GABA)succinic semialdehyde lactamaseSerum paraoxonase/lactonase 3 (b)1,4-butanediol ADHALDH


Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter and a psychoactive drug. This compound is a precursor to GABA, glutamate, and glycine in certain brain areas, acts on the GHB receptor and is a weak agonist at the GABAB receptor.

GHB has been used in a medical setting as a general anesthetic and as a treatment for cataplexy, narcolepsy, and alcoholism. It is also used illegally as an intoxicant, to try to increase athletic performance, and as a date rape drug. GHB is also produced as a result of fermentation, and is found in small quantities in some beers and wines, beef and small citrus fruits. Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency is a disease that causes GHB to accumulate in the blood.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
d-2-hydroxyglutarate transhydrogenaseProtein1.1.99.24 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
1,4-butanediol MetaboliteQ161521 (Wikidata)
3,4-dihydrobutyric acid Metabolite150929 (PubChem-compound)
3-oxo-4-hydroxybutyric acidMetabolite19793911 (PubChem-compound)
4,5-dihydroxyhexanoic acidMetaboliteQ27161948 (Wikidata)
4-hydroxybutaldehyde Metabolite93093 (PubChem-compound) a.k.a. gamma-Hydroxybutyraldehyde
ADHProteinQ410754 (Wikidata) alcohol dehydrogenase
ALDHProtein1.2.1.3 (Enzyme Nomenclature) aldehyde dehydrogenase
GABA transaminase ProteinQ21118182 (Wikidata)
GHB dehydrogenaseProtein1.1.1.61 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
SSA reductaseProteinQ21097418 (Wikidata)
SSADHQ2823333 (Wikidata) DISEASE: succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency
Serum paraoxonase/lactonase 3 (a)Protein3.1.8.1 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
Serum paraoxonase/lactonase 3 (b)Protein3.1.1.81 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
Serum paraoxonase/lactonase 3 (c) Protein3.1.1.2 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
TCA cyclePathwayWP78 (WikiPathways)
fatty acid beta-oxidation spiralPathwayWP143 (WikiPathways)
gamma-aminobutanoic acid (GABA)MetaboliteQ210021 (Wikidata) a.k.a. gamma-Aminobutyric acid
gamma-butyrolactoneMetaboliteQ79739 (Wikidata)
gamma-hydroxybutanoic acid (GHB)MetaboliteQ207920 (Wikidata) a.k.a. gamma-hydroxybutanoic acid
glycolic acidMetaboliteQ409373 (Wikidata)
lactamaseProtein3.5.2.6 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
succinic acidMetaboliteQ213050 (Wikidata)
succinic semialdehyde MetaboliteQ4602542 (Wikidata)

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