RNA interference and miRNA (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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RNA polymerase familyRNA dependentdsRNANucleusmiRNA processor complexSome famous miRNA'sRISC Complexpri-miRNA(primary)inhibitor / competitorargonaute familyFeedback / SpreadingSilencingInhibitionOther genes involved in RNAi22nt siRNApre-miRNAALG-1lin-14RDE-2/MUT-8lin-28lin-4rrf-1lin-41ALG-2let-7DCR-1/Dicerppw-1tsn-1vig-1rrf-3mut-16RDE-3/MUT-2DRSH-1/Drosharrf-2mut-7PASH-1/DGCR8rde-4ego-1rde-1


RNA interference (RNAi) refers to the silencing of gene expression by the overexpression of sequence-specific RNA molecules. This process is associated with a cellular and nuclear defense mechanism used to combat molecular parasites such as transposons and viruses. In addition, RNA interference has been shown to play a regulatory role in development. Work in C. elegans and other organisms have identified many key regulators and pathways necessary for this process. RNAi has been adapted into a tool for the study of gene function; through the use of RNAi, the expression of a target gene can be inhibited by the reverse engineering of a corresponding dsRNA.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ALG-1GeneProductF48F7.1 (WormBase)
ALG-2GeneProductT07D3.7 (WormBase)
DCR-1/DicerGeneProductK12H4.8 (WormBase)
DRSH-1/DroshaGeneProductF26E4.10 (WormBase)
PASH-1/DGCR8GeneProductT22A3.5 (WormBase)
RDE-2/MUT-8GeneProductF21C3.4 (WormBase)
RDE-3/MUT-2GeneProductK04F10.6 (WormBase)
ego-1GeneProductF26A3.3 (WormBase)
let-7GeneProductlet-7 (WormBase)
lin-14GeneProductT25C12.1 (WormBase)
lin-28GeneProductF02E9.2 (WormBase)
lin-41GeneProductC12C8.3 (WormBase)
lin-4GeneProductlin-4 (WormBase)
mut-16GeneProductB0379.3 (WormBase)
mut-7GeneProductZK1098.8 (WormBase)
ppw-1GeneProductC18E3.7 (WormBase)
rde-1GeneProductK08H10.7 (WormBase)
rde-4GeneProductT20G5.11 (WormBase)
rrf-1GeneProductF26A3.8 (WormBase)
rrf-2GeneProductM01G12.12 (WormBase)
rrf-3GeneProductF10B5.7 (WormBase)
tsn-1GeneProductF10G7.2 (WormBase)
vig-1GeneProductF56D12.5 (WormBase)

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