Fructose Metabolism in Proximal Tubules (Rattus norvegicus)

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3-71-3Polyol Pathwayspecific stepsLow affinityfor fructosePayoff phase of glycolysis AldoaAkr1b1TkfcFbp1G6pcGpiFructoseKhkSordNeutral lipidSynthesisGlucosePfklGlucose-6-PFructose-6-PSorbitolFructose-1-PFructose-1,6-biPGlyderaldehyde-3-PDihydroacetone-PGlyderaldehydeAldobTpi1AldobHk1PfkpPfkmHk1Rate limitingstepSlc5a10Slc2a5Slc5a9Slc2a2Fructosetransporters


Most of the fructose absorbed in the gut is cleared in its first hepatic passage; however, under certain conditions, such as ingestion of large amounts of free fructose, the sugar can reach high levels in plasma and filtrate through the glomeruli. Filtered fructose is reabsorbed by proximal tubule cells. Ingestion of large quantities of free fructose, usually from high fructose corn syrup, has been associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and elevated blood pressure. Salt-sensitivity of blood pressure in rodents receiving 10 or 20% fructose solutions is well documented. Sensitivity to salt, should include a renal defect, otherwise pressure natriuretis would restore Na balance. Since the bulk of fructose and other sugars are absorbed in proximal tubules, it is believed that fructose affect this nephron segment first. This pathway features the metabolism of fructose in proximal tubule cells. It was created using biochemical data showing metabolites accumulation and enzymatic activities in proximal tubules challenged with fructose. Also deep sequencing data from microdissected renal proximal tubules was used to confirm the presence of the transcript of the enzymes. Gene transcripts are annotated using ENTREZ Gene ID.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Akr1b1GeneProduct24192 (Entrez Gene)
AldoaGeneProduct24189 (Entrez Gene)
AldobGeneProduct24190 (Entrez Gene)
Dihydroacetone-PMetaboliteHMDB01473 (HMDB)
Fbp1GeneProduct24362 (Entrez Gene)
Fructose-1,6-biPMetaboliteHMDB01058 (HMDB)
Fructose-1-PMetaboliteHMDB01076 (HMDB)
Fructose-6-PMetaboliteHMDB00124 (HMDB)
FructoseMetaboliteHMDB00660 (HMDB)
G6pcGeneProduct25634 (Entrez Gene)
Glucose-6-PMetaboliteHMDB01401 (HMDB)
GlucoseMetaboliteHMDB00122 (HMDB)
Glyderaldehyde-3-PMetaboliteHMDB01112 (HMDB)
GlyderaldehydeMetaboliteHMDB01051 (HMDB)
GpiGeneProduct292804 (Entrez Gene)
Hk1GeneProduct25058 (Entrez Gene) Low affinity for fructose
KhkGeneProduct25659 (Entrez Gene)
Neutral lipid SynthesisPathwayWP3901 (WikiPathways)
PfklGeneProduct25741 (Entrez Gene)
PfkmGeneProduct65152 (Entrez Gene)
PfkpGeneProduct60416 (Entrez Gene)
Slc2a2GeneProduct25351 (Entrez Gene)
Slc2a5GeneProduct65197 (Entrez Gene)
Slc5a10GeneProduct303205 (Entrez Gene)
Slc5a9GeneProduct366441 (Entrez Gene)
SorbitolMetaboliteHMDB00247 (HMDB)
SordGeneProduct24788 (Entrez Gene)
TkfcGeneProduct361730 (Entrez Gene)
Tpi1GeneProduct24849 (Entrez Gene)

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