BMP2-WNT4-FOXO1 Pathway in Human Primary Endometrial Stromal Cell Differentiation (Homo sapiens)

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1FOXO1 TargetsSMAD-mediated signalingDKKsSMAD1SMAD5FOXO1WNT4BMP2SMAD8Differentiation of Human Endometrial Stromal CellsB-CateninDCNSSTcAMPSFRPsBCL2L11LEFTY2


This pathway is based on figure 6 from Li et al. BMP2 is activated by cAMP which promotes WNT4 expression in Human Primary Endometrial Stromal Cells (HPESCs) through SMAD1/5/8. WNT4 then induces FOXO1 function through B-Catenin which indirectly stimulates HPESC differentiation. DKKs and SFRPs are activated by BMP2 inhibit WNT4 and stop downstream signaling. Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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  1. Li Q, Kannan A, Das A, Demayo FJ, Hornsby PJ, Young SL, Taylor RN, Bagchi MK, Bagchi IC; ''WNT4 acts downstream of BMP2 and functions via β-catenin signaling pathway to regulate human endometrial stromal celldifferentiation.''; Endocrinology, 2013 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
B-CateninProteinB4DGU4 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
BCL2L11GeneProductENSG00000153094 (Ensembl)
BMP2GeneProductENSG00000125845 (Ensembl)
DCNGeneProductENSG00000011465 (Ensembl)
DKKsGeneProductO94907 (Uniprot-TrEMBL) Protein Family
Differentiation of Human Endometrial Stromal CellsPathwayWP2848 (WikiPathways)
FOXO1GeneProductENSG00000150907 (Ensembl)
LEFTY2GeneProductENSG00000143768 (Ensembl)
SFRPsGeneProductENSG00000104332 (Ensembl) Protein Family
SMAD1GeneProductENSG00000170365 (Ensembl)
SMAD5GeneProductENSG00000113658 (Ensembl)
SMAD8GeneProductENSG00000120693 (Ensembl)
SSTGeneProductENSG00000157005 (Ensembl)
WNT4GeneProductENSG00000162552 (Ensembl)
cAMPMetaboliteHMDB0000058 (HMDB)

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