lncRNA-mediated mechanisms of therapeutic resistance (Homo sapiens)

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1HCC cellsChemotherapyDrug-resistantcancer cellsImpaired drug expulsionTransporterexpressionCell survivalWNT6G0/G1 cell cycle arrestBcl-xlUCA1AK126698ApoptosisHOTAIRTP53Cell proliferationp21HIF1AMRULMEG3linc-RoRlinc-VLDLRP-gpHypoxiaRecipient cellsEVsEV linc-RoREV linc-VLDLR


LncRNA-mediated mechanisms of therapeutic resistance. Mechanisms of tumor cell resistance to chemotherapy or hypoxia involving lncRNA include modulation of drug transporters and elimination, survival signaling pathways, cell cycle progression and DNA repair, sensitization to apoptosis, and modulation of intercellular communication mediated by extracellular vesicles.

This pathway is based on Fig 6 from Parasramka et al: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27013343

Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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  1. Parasramka MA, Maji S, Matsuda A, Yan IK, Patel T; ''Long non-coding RNAs as novel targets for therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma.''; Pharmacol Ther, 2016 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AK126698RnaENSG00000203601 (Ensembl)
ApoptosisPathwayWP254 (WikiPathways)
Bcl-xlGeneProductENSG00000171552 (Ensembl)
Cell proliferationPathway
EV linc-RoRRnaENSG00000258609 (Ensembl)
EV linc-VLDLRRna401491 (Entrez Gene)
G0/G1 cell cycle arrestPathway
HIF1AGeneProductENSG00000100644 (Ensembl)
HOTAIRRnaENSG00000228630 (Ensembl)
MEG3RnaENSG00000214548 (Ensembl)
P-gpGeneProductENSG00000085563 (Ensembl)
TP53GeneProductENSG00000141510 (Ensembl)
UCA1RnaENSG00000214049 (Ensembl)
WNT6GeneProductENSG00000115596 (Ensembl)
linc-RoRRnaENSG00000258609 (Ensembl)
linc-VLDLRRna401491 (Entrez Gene)
p21GeneProductENSG00000124762 (Ensembl)

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