Programmed Cell Death (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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34, 11ProgrammedCell Death9-1-1 complexPCD Signal:DNA damagePCD Signal:Somatic developmentPCD Signal: germlinedevelopmentcep-1mrt-2ced-4gld-1ape-1gld-3ced-9pax-2ced-13akt-1hus-1hpr-9clk-2egl-38fsn-1egl-1ced-3abl-197, 102185612


Programmed Cell Death pathway. Based on conference notes, european worm meeting 2004

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  1. Gao MX, Liao EH, Yu B, Wang Y, Zhen M, Derry WB; ''The SCF FSN-1 ubiquitin ligase controls germline apoptosis through CEP-1/p53 in C. elegans.''; Cell Death Differ, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC
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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
abl-1GeneProductM79.1 (WormBase)
akt-1GeneProductC12D8.10 (WormBase)
ape-1GeneProductF46F3.4 (WormBase)
ced-13GeneProductR09F10.9 (WormBase)
ced-3GeneProductC48D1.2 (WormBase)
ced-4GeneProductC35D10.9 (WormBase)
ced-9GeneProductT07C4.8 (WormBase)
cep-1GeneProductF52B5.5 (WormBase)
clk-2GeneProductC07H6.6 (WormBase)
egl-1GeneProductF23B12.9 (WormBase)
egl-38GeneProductC04G2.7 (WormBase)
fsn-1GeneProductC26E6.5 (WormBase)
gld-1GeneProductT23G11.3 (WormBase)
gld-3GeneProductT07F8.3 (WormBase)
hpr-9GeneProductY39A1A.23 (WormBase)
hus-1GeneProductH26D21.1 (WormBase)
mrt-2GeneProductY41C4A.14 (WormBase)
pax-2GeneProductK06B9.5 (WormBase)

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