Novel Jun-Dmp1 Pathway (Mus musculus)

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1MitogenAP-1Growth Arrest or ApoptosisDmp1Map2k1JunKrasp53Ink4aMycCcnd1Raf1ArfEts1Mapk1E2f1Mdm2Ets2JunbCdk4Rb1S PhaseEts2Ets1RrasNrasHrasArafBrafMap2k2Mapk3JunFosAP-1JunFos


Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway interacting with Arf/Mdm2/p53 cell cycle pathway to regulate cell growth and proliferation. The signalling of a mitogen acts through the Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway to inhibit the Rb protein and allow Myc and E2fs to continue into S phase and inhibits the Arf/Mdm2/p53 pathway leading to growth arrest or apoptosis. The Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway also directly acts on the Arf/Mdm2/p53 pathway with Dmp1 to prevent tumor formation by activating Arf. Arf inhibits Mdm2 allowing p53 to lead the cell to growth arrest or apoptosis. This pathway is based on figure 7 from Sreeramaneni et al.

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  1. Sreeramaneni R, Chaudhry A, McMahon M, Sherr CJ, Inoue K; ''Ras-Raf-Arf signaling critically depends on the Dmp1 transcription factor.''; Mol Cell Biol, 2005 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ArafGeneProductENSMUSG00000001127 (Ensembl)
ArfGeneProductENSMUSG00000048076 (Ensembl) Arf Not Specified
BrafGeneProductENSMUSG00000002413 (Ensembl)
Ccnd1GeneProductENSMUSG00000070348 (Ensembl)
Cdk4GeneProductENSMUSG00000006728 (Ensembl)
Dmp1GeneProductENSMUSG00000029307 (Ensembl)
E2f1GeneProductENSMUSG00000027490 (Ensembl)
Ets1GeneProductENSMUSG00000032035 (Ensembl)
Ets2GeneProductENSMUSG00000022895 (Ensembl)
FosGeneProductENSMUSG00000021250 (Ensembl)
Growth Arrest or ApoptosisPathwayWP1254 (WikiPathways)
HrasGeneProductENSMUSG00000025499 (Ensembl) Ras Not Specified
Ink4aGeneProductENSMUSG00000044303 (Ensembl)
JunGeneProductENSMUSG00000052684 (Ensembl)
JunbGeneProductENSMUSG00000052837 (Ensembl)
KrasGeneProductENSMUSG00000030265 (Ensembl) Ras Not Specified
Map2k1GeneProductENSMUSG00000004936 (Ensembl)
Map2k2GeneProductENSMUSG00000035027 (Ensembl)
Mapk1GeneProductENSMUSG00000063358 (Ensembl)
Mapk3GeneProductENSMUSG00000063065 (Ensembl)
Mdm2GeneProductENSMUSG00000020184 (Ensembl)
MycGeneProductENSMUSG00000022346 (Ensembl)
NrasGeneProductENSMUSG00000027852 (Ensembl) Ras Not Specified
Raf1GeneProductENSMUSG00000000441 (Ensembl)
Rb1GeneProductENSMUSG00000022105 (Ensembl)
RrasGeneProductENSMUSG00000038387 (Ensembl) Ras Not Specified
S PhasePathwayWP413 (WikiPathways)
p53GeneProductENSMUSG00000059552 (Ensembl)

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