Glucose Alanine cycle (Homo sapiens)

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1MuscleLiverUreaAlanineLactateGlucoseAmino AcidGlucosePyruvatePyruvateAlanine2-Oxo amino AAPyruvate


Based on figure in Keith N Frayn, Metabolic regulation a human perspective 3rd edition, page 204

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  1. Frayn, K. N.; ''Metabolic regulation: A human perspective. ''; , 2010


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
2-Oxo amino AA Metabolite
AlanineMetaboliteHMDB0000161 (HMDB)
Amino AcidMetaboliteQ8066 (Wikidata)
GlucoseMetaboliteHMDB0000122 (HMDB)
LactateMetaboliteHMDB0000190 (HMDB)
PyruvateMetaboliteC00022 (KEGG Compound)
UreaMetaboliteHMDB0000294 (HMDB)

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