MicroRNA for targeting cancer growth and vascularization in glioblastoma (Homo sapiens)

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1Notch Intracellular domainTumor growthStem cell maintenanceAbnormal angiogenesisVEGFAHES1HIF1ANMIR31MIR148AHEY1HIF1AVEGFBVEGFCHIF1ANICD


miR-148a and miR-31 target the factor inhibiting hypoxia (FIH1) to promote downstream HIF1α and Notch signaling

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  1. Wong HK, Fatimy RE, Onodera C, Wei Z, Yi M, Mohan A, Gowrisankaran S, Karmali P, Marcusson E, Wakimoto H, Stephens R, Uhlmann EJ, Song JS, Tannous B, Krichevsky AM; ''The Cancer Genome Atlas Analysis Predicts MicroRNA for Targeting Cancer Growth and Vascularization in Glioblastoma.''; Mol Ther, 2015 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
HES1GeneProductENSG00000114315 (Ensembl)
HEY1GeneProductENSG00000164683 (Ensembl)
HIF1AGeneProductENSG00000100644 (Ensembl)
HIF1ANGeneProductENSG00000166135 (Ensembl)
MIR148ARnaMI0000253 (miRBase Sequence)
MIR31GeneProductMI0000089 (miRBase Sequence)
VEGFAGeneProductENSG00000112715 (Ensembl)
VEGFBGeneProductENSG00000173511 (Ensembl)
VEGFCGeneProductENSG00000150630 (Ensembl)

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