Threonine Biosynthesis (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

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1, 2NADPO-phospho-L-homoserineL-Aspartate-semialdehydeH+L-AspartateL-Aspartyl-4-PH2ONADPhomoserineTHR1THR4NADPHL-threoninephosphateADPATPHOM2HOM3HOM6phosphateADPATPNADPH


Threonine biosynthesis as shown here covers the process of converting L-Aspartate into threonine. This pathway is regulated at multiple points by its end product, both via enzyme inhibition and attenuation. There is a three-step pathway that converts L-aspartate into homoserine. Two of the three enzymes that catalyze the first step in this pathway are bifunctional, also serving to catalyze the later step in the pathway. Homoserine feeds into biosynthetic pathways for both threonine and methionine. Fittingly, this pathway is regulated by the outputs of both of those pathways. SOURCE: SGD pathways,


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  1. Schultes NP, Ellington AD, Cherry JM, Szostak JW; ''Saccharomyces cerevisiae homoserine kinase is homologous to prokaryotic homoserine kinases.''; Gene, 1990 PubMed Europe PMC
  2. Ramos C, Calderón IL; ''Biochemical evidence that the Saccharomyces cerevisiae THR4 gene encodes threonine synthetase.''; FEBS Lett, 1994 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADPMetabolite58-64-0 (CAS)
ATPMetabolite1927-31-7 (CAS)
H+MetaboliteCHEBI:15378 (ChEBI)
H2OMetaboliteCHEBI:15377 (ChEBI)
HOM2ProteinS000002565 (SGD)
HOM3ProteinS000000854 (SGD)
HOM6ProteinS000003900 (SGD)
L-Aspartate-semialdehydeMetaboliteHMDB0012249 (HMDB)
L-AspartateMetaboliteCHEBI:17053 (ChEBI)
L-Aspartyl-4-PMetaboliteCHEBI:15836 (ChEBI)
L-threonineMetabolite72-19-5 (CAS)
NADPHMetabolite53-57-6 (CAS)
NADPMetaboliteHMDB0000217 (HMDB)
O-phospho-L-homoserineMetaboliteCHEBI:15961 (ChEBI)
THR1ProteinS000001067 (SGD)
THR4ProteinS000000649 (SGD)
homoserineMetabolite672-15-1 (CAS)
phosphateMetabolite14265-44-2 (CAS)

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