Dual hijack model of Vif in HIV infection (Homo sapiens)

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1Gene expressionUbiquitin ligationRUNX1A3GELOBELOCRBX1CUL5UBBVifCBFBUbCBFBE2VifCBFBVif


By hijacking CBF-b, Vif (Viral infectivity factor, HIV protein) is manipulating the ubquitination machinery and adversely effecting host transcriptional regulation. This pathways was adapted from figure 3 in Fraser et al. Viral proteins are highlighted in yellow.

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  1. Fraser JS, Gross JD, Krogan NJ; ''From systems to structure: bridging networks and mechanism.''; Mol Cell, 2013 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
A3GGeneProductENSG00000239713 (Ensembl)
CBFBGeneProductENSG00000067955 (Ensembl)
CUL5GeneProductENSG00000166266 (Ensembl)
E2GeneProductENSG00000067955 (Ensembl)
ELOBGeneProductENSG00000103363 (Ensembl)
ELOCGeneProductENSG00000154582 (Ensembl)
RBX1GeneProductENSG00000100387 (Ensembl)
RUNX1GeneProductENSG00000159216 (Ensembl)
UBBGeneProductENSG00000170315 (Ensembl)
VifGeneProductP69723 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)

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