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PInflammationAutophagyMelatonin effectsLightMelatonin synthesis and breakdownEthinhyloestradiolN-AcetylserotoninPerPKAIRAK1Cancer growthcytoskeleton rearrangement dendrite formationCaMK2 CYP1A1ASMTPinolineCYP2D6PER3ApoEhsa-mir-146aCryMAOACAM6-SulfatoxymelatoninAANATPER2ADRBSerotonin5-methoxypsoralenTRAF6MAP2 ClockFOXO1CYP2C19CSNK1ECSNK1Dcyclic 6-hydroxymelatoninNoradrenalineMelatonincAMPTryptophan metabolismEDN1ARNTLPER1MTNR1BBufoteninArntlCLOCKBiogenic Amine SynthesisSIRT1ACHEMTNR1Acircadian rhythmECE-15-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid6-HydroxymelatoninN,N-DimethyltryptamineSULT1A1GSK3BPKCCYP1B1CYP1A2Lipopolysaccharide5-MethoxytryptamineNf-kbfree radicalsedu-1-mRNA27410335662343, 91081CRY2CRY1PerCryAANATPcAMPLighthsa-mir-1262cyclic 3-hydroxymelatonin


Melatonin is an important regulator of circadian rythmus and influences also insulin secretion, immune function, retinal function and neuroprotection. The synthesis starts with the amino acid tryptophan which is catalyzed to serotonin. AANAT and ASMT catalyze the reaction to N-acetylserotonin and melatonin, respectively. Melatonin is mainly discarded by the liver enzyme CYP1A2 but other enzymes from the cytochrome family are also known to metabolize melatonin. Recent investigation show e.g. that melatonin plays an important role in colon cancer growth.

Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acidMetaboliteCHEBI:27823 (ChEBI)
5-MethoxytryptamineMetaboliteCHEBI:2089 (ChEBI) 0-methylserotonin
5-methoxypsoralenMetabolite2355 (PubChem-compound)
6-HydroxymelatoninMetaboliteCHEBI:2198 (ChEBI)
6-SulfatoxymelatoninMetaboliteHMDB0041815 (HMDB)
AANATGeneProductENSG00000129673 (Ensembl)
AANATProteinENSP00000250615 (Ensembl)
ACHEGeneProductENSG00000087085 (Ensembl) AAA (aryl-acylamidase) is a subfunction of ACHE
ADRBGeneProductENSG00000043591 (Ensembl)
ARNTLGeneProductENSG00000133794 (Ensembl)
ASMTGeneProductENSG00000196433 (Ensembl)
ApoEGeneProductP02649 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
ArntlProteinENSP00000374357 (Ensembl)
Biogenic Amine SynthesisPathwayWP550 (WikiPathways)
BufoteninMetaboliteCHEBI:3210 (ChEBI)
CAMGeneProductENSG00000198668 (Ensembl) calmodulin 1, CALM1
CLOCKGeneProductENSG00000134852 (Ensembl)
CRY1GeneProductENSG00000008405 (Ensembl)
CRY2GeneProductENSG00000121671 (Ensembl)
CSNK1DProteinENSG00000141551 (Ensembl)
CSNK1EProteinENSG00000213923 (Ensembl)
CYP1A1GeneProductENSG00000140465 (Ensembl)
CYP1A2GeneProductENSG00000140505 (Ensembl)
  • Synonym CP12, P3-450
  • Main melatonin hydroxylating enzyme
CYP1B1GeneProductENSG00000138061 (Ensembl) Low expression in liver, high expression in (fetal) brain and kidney
CYP2C19GeneProductENSG00000165841 (Ensembl)
CYP2D6GeneProductENSG00000100197 (Ensembl) proven only for rat
CaMK2 GeneProductENSG00000070808 (Ensembl)
Cancer growthPathway
ClockProteinENSP00000426983 (Ensembl)
CryProteinENSP00000008527 (Ensembl)
ECE-1GeneProductENSG00000117298 (Ensembl)
EDN1GeneProductENSG00000078401 (Ensembl)
EthinhyloestradiolMetabolite5991 (PubChem-compound)
FOXO1GeneProductENSG00000150907 (Ensembl)
GSK3BGeneProductENSG00000082701 (Ensembl)
IRAK1GeneProductENSG00000184216 (Ensembl)
LipopolysaccharideMetaboliteCHEBI:16412 (ChEBI)
MAOAProteinENSG00000189221 (Ensembl)
MAP2 GeneProductENSG00000078018 (Ensembl)
MTNR1AGeneProductENSG00000168412 (Ensembl)
MTNR1BGeneProductENSG00000134640 (Ensembl)
MelatoninMetaboliteCHEBI:16796 (ChEBI)
N,N-DimethyltryptamineMetaboliteCHEBI:28969 (ChEBI)
N-AcetylserotoninMetaboliteCHEBI:17697 (ChEBI)
Nf-kbGeneProductENSG00000109320 (Ensembl)
NoradrenalineMetaboliteCHEBI:33569 (ChEBI)
PER1GeneProductENSG00000179094 (Ensembl)
PER2GeneProductENSG00000132326 (Ensembl)
PER3GeneProductENSG00000049246 (Ensembl)
PKCGeneProductENSG00000154229 (Ensembl) PCK - alpha (literature does not give the exact subclass of PCK)
PerProteinENSP00000314420 (Ensembl)
PinolineMetabolite1868 (PubChem-compound)
SIRT1GeneProductENSG00000096717 (Ensembl)
SULT1A1GeneProductENSG00000196502 (Ensembl)
SerotoninMetaboliteCHEBI:28790 (ChEBI)
TRAF6GeneProductENSG00000175104 (Ensembl)
Tryptophan metabolismPathwayWP465 (WikiPathways)
cAMPMetaboliteCHEBI:17489 (ChEBI)
circadian rhythmPathwayWP1797 (WikiPathways)
cyclic 3-hydroxymelatoninMetaboliteHMDB0060069 (HMDB)
cyclic 6-hydroxymelatoninMetaboliteHMDB0060810 (HMDB)
cytoskeleton rearrangement dendrite formationPathway
free radicalsMetaboliteCHEBI:26519 (ChEBI)
hsa-mir-126RnaMI0000471 (miRBase Sequence)
hsa-mir-146aRnaMI0000477 (miRBase Sequence)

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