Role of lipid metabolism in C. elegans (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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1, 2InhibitsFat storageKeyWell fed animals1CCO-1/LPD-4LPD-3LPD-6Unfolded protein response (UPR)LPD-5ATP1111SIR-2.1/SIR2.1LPD-92MAC-111LPD-81LPD-7SBP-11CBP-12HSP-422ATGL-1PhosphorylatedAAK-222PAR-42KRI-1lips-722DAF-16CTBP-122DAF-22Proposed to inhibitProposed to stimulateStimulatesDAF-162lipl-42DAF-16 translocation to nucleus2Starvationfil-12lips-72Conditional stimulationIRE-12Dauer animalsPhosphorylation ofAAK-2AAK-222RegulatesPhosphorylatesLIFESPANPositivelyinfluencesNegatively influences


"Lipases regulate life span in C. elegans. Several lipases, K04A8.5, LIPS-7, FIL-1, FIL-2, and ATGL-1, have been demonstrated to influence the lifespan of C. elegans. The

figure depicts the mechanisms by which these lipases are regulated and the pathways by which they affect longevity. Well fed animals were shown to live longer during germline stem cell (GSC) arrest. This phenotype depends on K04A8.5 lipase activity, which was suggested to be promoted by the KRI-1/DAF-16 signalling pathway. Additionally, a ctbp-1 mutant also displayed increased lifespan during well fed conditions. It was proposed that this NAD(H)-dependent corepressor, CTBP-1, acted downstream of SIR2.1 and DAF-2 but up stream of DAF-16. One of its target genes lips-7 encodes a lipase and is required for the increased life span of ctbp-1 mutants. IRE-1 and HSP-4, which are normally involved in the unfolded protein response, are required for expression of FIL-1 and FIL-2 during starvation. The two transcription regulators, SBP-1 and CBP-1, are likewise required for FIL-1 and FIL-2 induction. The a2 catalytic subunit of AMP-dependent kinase (AMPK) regulates the activity of the C. elegans paralogue of the adipose triglyceride lipase, ATGL-1, during the dauer stage. AMPK is regulated by AMP levels and by phosphorylation by human homologue of LKB1 kinase

PAR-4." Fig 1. Elle, et al., 2010. Fat storage genes identified in McKay et al., 2003.

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  1. McKay RM, McKay JP, Avery L, Graff JM; ''C elegans: a model for exploring the genetics of fat storage.''; Dev Cell, 2003 PubMed Europe PMC
  2. Elle IC, Olsen LC, Pultz D, Rødkaer SV, Faergeman NJ; ''Something worth dyeing for: molecular tools for the dissection of lipid metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans.''; FEBS Lett, 2010 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AAK-2GeneProductT01C8.1 (WormBase)
ATGL-1GeneProductWBGene00015484 (WormBase)
ATPMetaboliteCHEBI:15422 (ChEBI)
CBP-1GeneProductR10E11.1 (WormBase)
CCO-1/LPD-4GeneProductF26E4.9 (WormBase)
CTBP-1GeneProductF49E10.5 (WormBase)


to nucleus
GeneProductR13H8.1 (WormBase)
DAF-16GeneProductR13H8.1 (WormBase)
DAF-2GeneProductY55D5A.5 (WormBase)
HSP-4GeneProductF43E2.8 (WormBase)
IRE-1GeneProductC41C4.4 (WormBase)
KRI-1GeneProductZK265.1 (WormBase)
LPD-3GeneProductY47G6A.23 (WormBase)
LPD-5GeneProductZK973.10 (WormBase)
LPD-6GeneProductK09H9.6 (WormBase)
LPD-7GeneProductR13A5.12 (WormBase)
LPD-8GeneProductR10H10.1 (WormBase)
LPD-9GeneProductT21C9.5 (WormBase)
MAC-1GeneProductY48C3A.7 (WormBase)
PAR-4GeneProductY59A8B.14 (WormBase)
Phosphorylated AAK-2GeneProductT01C8.1 (WormBase)
Phosphorylation of AAK-2GeneProductR13H8.1 (WormBase)
SBP-1GeneProductY47D3B.7 (WormBase)
SIR-2.1/SIR2.1GeneProductR11A8.4 (WormBase)
Unfolded protein response (UPR)PathwayWP2578 (WikiPathways)
fil-1GeneProductT01C3.4 (WormBase)
lipl-4GeneProductK04A8.5 (WormBase)
lips-7GeneProductC09E8.2 (WormBase)

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