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This pathway illustrates signaling networks implicated in uterine muscle contraction at labor and quiescence throughout gestation (pregnancy). The muscle of the uterus, responsible for contractile activity is the myometrium. Genes in this pathway are either transcribed in myometrial muscle cells or act upon the myometrium to regulate contraction. The left half of this pathway illustrates pathways of myometrial relaxation that are active throughout normal gestation. These signaling events act to suppress coordinated contractions to prevent the early onset of labor at term, largely via activation of the adenylyl-cyclase thrhough G-protein coupled receptors. On the right side of this pathway are signaling componets involved in the activation of uterine contractions at labor, in particular, activation of calcium mobilization via Oxytocin mediated binding to the Oxytocin G-protein coupled receptor. Additional genes implicated in this pathway, based on microarray expression profiling of gestation, term and postpartum of term mice are also included (e.g., Guca2b, Rdc1, Edg2) have also been included. For a detailed description of this pathway see:

Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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  1. Salomonis N, Cotte N, Zambon AC, Pollard KS, Vranizan K, Doniger SW, Dolganov G, Conklin BR; ''Identifying genetic networks underlying myometrial transition to labor.''; Genome Biol, 2005 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
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  3. Aggelidou E, Hillhouse EW, Grammatopoulos DK; ''Up-regulation of nitric oxide synthase and modulation of the guanylate cyclase activity by corticotropin-releasing hormone but not urocortin II or urocortin III in cultured human pregnant myometrial cells.''; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACTA1GeneProduct58 (Entrez Gene)
ACTA2GeneProduct59 (Entrez Gene)
ACTBGeneProduct60 (Entrez Gene)
ACTCGeneProduct70 (Entrez Gene)
ACTG1GeneProduct71 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY1GeneProduct107 (Entrez Gene) CYA1 HUMAN
ADCY2GeneProduct108 (Entrez Gene) There is no SwissProt entry for a full-length sequence in mouse. This EST is from the Affymetrix Murine6500 chip.
ADCY3GeneProduct109 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY4GeneProduct196883 (Entrez Gene) There is no SwissProt entry for a full-length sequence in mouse. This EST is from the Affymetrix Murine6500 chip.
ADCY5GeneProduct111 (Entrez Gene) There is no SwissProt entry for a full-length sequence in mouse. This EST is from the Affymetrix Murine6500 chip.
ADCY6GeneProduct112 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY7GeneProduct113 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY8GeneProduct114 (Entrez Gene)
ADCY9GeneProduct115 (Entrez Gene)
ADMGeneProduct133 (Entrez Gene)
ADMRGeneProduct11318 (Entrez Gene)
ADPMetabolite58-64-0 (CAS)
ARRB1GeneProduct408 (Entrez Gene)
ARRB2GeneProduct409 (Entrez Gene)
ATF1GeneProduct466 (Entrez Gene)
ATF2GeneProduct1386 (Entrez Gene)
ATF3GeneProduct467 (Entrez Gene)
ATF4GeneProduct468 (Entrez Gene)
ATF5GeneProduct22809 (Entrez Gene)
ATPMetabolite1927-31-7 (CAS)
ATP2A2GeneProduct488 (Entrez Gene)
ATP2A3GeneProduct489 (Entrez Gene)
CACNB3GeneProduct784 (Entrez Gene)
CALCAGeneProduct796 (Entrez Gene) CRF HUMAN PMID: 11854458
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CREB3GeneProduct10488 (Entrez Gene)
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CRHR1GeneProduct1394 (Entrez Gene)
Cyclic AMPMetaboliteHMDB0000058 (HMDB)
Cyclic GMPMetaboliteHMDB0001314 (HMDB)
DGKZGeneProduct8525 (Entrez Gene)
EDG2GeneProduct1902 (Entrez Gene)
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IGFBP1GeneProduct3484 (Entrez Gene)
IGFBP2GeneProduct3485 (Entrez Gene)
IGFBP3GeneProduct3486 (Entrez Gene) Relaxin is a member of the Insulin Growth Factor family of proteins. IGFBP-3 binds IGFII preferentially. (SwissProt).
IGFBP4GeneProduct3487 (Entrez Gene)
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IGFBP6GeneProduct3489 (Entrez Gene)
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IL6GeneProduct3569 (Entrez Gene)
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ITPR2GeneProduct3709 (Entrez Gene)
ITPR3GeneProduct3710 (Entrez Gene)
JUNGeneProduct3725 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 10218980
LGR7GeneProduct59350 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11809971
LGR8GeneProduct122042 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11809971 LGR8 MOUSE
MAFFGeneProduct23764 (Entrez Gene) OMIM: Inoue et al. (1994) demonstrated that the US-2 element in the promoter of the human oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR; 167055) binds specifically nuclear proteins from human myometrium at parturition. Using the US-2 element in a yeast 1-hybrid system to screen a human myometrium cDNA library, Kimura et al. (1999) isolated a full-length cDNA encoding the homolog of chicken MafF. Human MAFF encodes a deduced 164-amino acid protein with a predicted molecular mass of 17.8 kD. Like other small MAF proteins (e.g., MAFG, 602020), it contains an extended leucine zipper structure and lacks an N-terminal transactivating domain. Northern blot analysis showed a strong 2.6-kb signal in mRNA from term myometrium and from kidney, but not from nonpregnant myometrium. The MAFF protein is also preferentially expressed in term myometrium. The authors concluded that MAFF plays a role in OXTR gene upregulation at term.
MYL2GeneProduct4633 (Entrez Gene)
MYL4GeneProduct4635 (Entrez Gene)
MYLK2GeneProduct85366 (Entrez Gene) KML2 MOUSE
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PLCD1GeneProduct5333 (Entrez Gene)
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PRKCB1GeneProduct5579 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCDGeneProduct5580 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCEGeneProduct5581 (Entrez Gene) This EST is listed on the Affymetrix Murine6500 chip. The SwissProt entry name is KPCE MOUSE.
PRKCGGeneProduct5582 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCHGeneProduct5583 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCQGeneProduct5588 (Entrez Gene)
PRKCZGeneProduct5590 (Entrez Gene)
PRKD1GeneProduct5587 (Entrez Gene) KPCM HUMAN
RAMP1GeneProduct10267 (Entrez Gene)
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RAMP3GeneProduct10268 (Entrez Gene)
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RGS6GeneProduct9628 (Entrez Gene)
RGS7GeneProduct6000 (Entrez Gene)
RGS9GeneProduct8787 (Entrez Gene)
RLN1GeneProduct6013 (Entrez Gene)
RYR1GeneProduct6261 (Entrez Gene)
RYR2GeneProduct6262 (Entrez Gene)
RYR3GeneProduct6263 (Entrez Gene)
SFNGeneProduct2810 (Entrez Gene)
SLC8A1GeneProduct6546 (Entrez Gene)
SP1GeneProduct6667 (Entrez Gene)
YWHABGeneProduct7529 (Entrez Gene)
YWHAEGeneProduct7531 (Entrez Gene)
YWHAGGeneProduct7532 (Entrez Gene)
YWHAHGeneProduct7533 (Entrez Gene)
YWHAQGeneProduct10971 (Entrez Gene)
YWHAZGeneProduct7534 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 9861170 PMID: 1317796

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