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2, 7, 9711, 71, 861, 371, 4, 5QL neuroblastNucleusQR neuroblastPosterior migrationMAB-5/Hoxmab-5/HoxLIN-17/FrizzledMIG-5EGL-20/WntMIG-14/MOM-3PorcupinePRY-1MIG-1/FrizzledAnterior migration1mab-5/HoxMAB-5/HoxPRY-1Signaling cell2, 6, 9EGL-20/WntBAR-1/beta-CateninBAR-1/beta-CateninNucleus


One of the functions of the Wnt-signaling pathway in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) is to control the proper anterior-posterior axis migration of descendants of the QL and QR neuroblasts. In wild type animals, Wnt signaling is activated in the QL neuroblast to induce expression of the Hox gene mab-5 resulting in the appropriate posterior migration of QL descendants. Any disruption in the Wnt signaling pathway leading to mab-5 expression results in erroneous anterior migration of QL neuroblast descendants.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
BAR-1/ beta-CateninGeneProductC54D1.6 (WormBase)
EGL-20/WntProteinW08D2.1 (WormBase)
LIN-17/FrizzledGeneProductY71F9B.5 (WormBase)
MAB-5/HoxGeneProductC08C3.3 (WormBase)
MIG-1/FrizzledGeneProductY34D9B.1 (WormBase)
MIG-14/MOM-3 PorcupineGeneProductR06B9.6 (WormBase)
MIG-5GeneProductWBGene00003241 (WormBase)
PRY-1GeneProductC37A5.9 (WormBase)
mab-5/HoxGeneProductC08C3.3 (WormBase)

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