Monoamine GPCRs (Rattus norvegicus)

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G protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) which are also known as seven-(pass)-transmembrane domain receptors, 7TM receptors, heptahelical receptors, serpentine receptor, and G protein–linked receptors (GPLR), constitute a large protein family of receptors that detect molecules outside the cell and activate internal signal transduction pathways and, ultimately, cellular responses. Coupling with G proteins, they are called seven-transmembrane receptors because they pass through the cell membrane seven times. Source: Wikipedia

Monoamine GPCRs are Rhodopsin-like GPCRs that bind to monoamine neurotransmitters. Monoamine neurotransmitters


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP58(r20799) with a 83% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADRA2AGeneProduct25083 (Entrez Gene)
Acetylcholine MetaboliteHMDB0000895 (HMDB)
Adra1aGeneProduct29412 (Entrez Gene)
Adra1bGeneProduct24173 (Entrez Gene)
Adra1dGeneProduct29413 (Entrez Gene)
Adra2bGeneProduct24174 (Entrez Gene)
Adra2cGeneProduct24175 (Entrez Gene)
Adrb1GeneProduct24925 (Entrez Gene)
Adrb2GeneProduct24176 (Entrez Gene)
Adrb3GeneProduct25645 (Entrez Gene)
Chrm1GeneProduct25229 (Entrez Gene)
Chrm2GeneProduct81645 (Entrez Gene)
Chrm3GeneProduct24260 (Entrez Gene)
Chrm4GeneProduct25111 (Entrez Gene)
Chrm5GeneProduct53949 (Entrez Gene)
DopamineMetaboliteCHEBI:18243 (ChEBI)
Drd1aGeneProduct24316 (Entrez Gene)
Drd2GeneProduct24318 (Entrez Gene)
Drd3GeneProduct29238 (Entrez Gene)
Drd4GeneProduct25432 (Entrez Gene)
Drd5GeneProduct25195 (Entrez Gene)
EpinephrineMetaboliteHMDB0000068 (HMDB)
HTR5BGeneProduct79247 (Entrez Gene)
HistamineMetaboliteCHEBI:18295 (ChEBI)
Hrh1GeneProduct24448 (Entrez Gene)
Hrh2GeneProduct25461 (Entrez Gene)
Htr1aGeneProduct24473 (Entrez Gene)
Htr1bGeneProduct25075 (Entrez Gene)
Htr1dGeneProduct25323 (Entrez Gene)
Htr1fGeneProduct60448 (Entrez Gene)
Htr2aGeneProduct29595 (Entrez Gene)
Htr2bGeneProduct29581 (Entrez Gene)
Htr2cGeneProduct25187 (Entrez Gene)
Htr4GeneProduct25324 (Entrez Gene)
Htr5aGeneProduct25689 (Entrez Gene)
Htr6GeneProduct64354 (Entrez Gene)
Htr7GeneProduct65032 (Entrez Gene)
MuscarineMetabolite9308 (PubChem-compound)
NorepinephrineMetaboliteHMDB0000216 (HMDB)
SerotoninMetaboliteCHEBI:28790 (ChEBI)

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