Nonsense-Mediated Decay (NMD) (Homo sapiens)

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2, 5, 12, 19, 25...13, 31, 46, 48, 55...3, 7, 15, 18, 20...4, 16, 20, 25, 27...1, 6, 8-10, 12...7, 11, 12, 15, 20...11, 58, 60cytosolNonsense-mediated Decay Independent of the Exon Junction ComplexNonsense-mediated Decay Enhanced by the Exon Junction ComplexRPS5 RPS24 mRNA with premature termination codon preceding exon junction GSPT1 mRNA Cleaved by SMG6RPS4Y2 RPS9 UPF3A 18S rRNA 5.8S rRNA EIF4A3 RPS18 RPL32 RPL8 RPS24 RPL26L1 EIF4G1 RPS6 PhosphorylatedUPF1:SMG5:SMG7:SMG6:PP2A:Translated mRNPRPS16 RPL4 SMG1:UPF1:EJC:Translated mRNPNCBP1 CASC3 RPS26 RPL10L RPL32 PABPC1 RPL39L RPL23 ATPRPL27A RPS9 RPL9 RPL11 EIF4G1 RPL4 PPP2CA RPL28 RPS26 ETF1 MAGOH RPS4X RPS23 RPL30 RPS21 RPS27 RPL34 RPL3L RPL35A RPL27A EIF4A3 RPS4Y1 RPS17 RPL13A RNPS1 RPS29 RPS10 RPS27 28S rRNA RPL28 RPL10A RPS15 RPS6 RPS27A(77-156) RPL3L RPS17 RPL36A RPS27A(77-156) RPS14 RPS6 RPS11 RPS7 RPL5 RPL41 RPL23A tRNA RPL31 RPL36A FAU RPL13A RPL27 PPP2R2A RPL4 RPS3A RPS2 RPL13 RPS16 UPF3A RPS6 RPL9 RPS13 RPL39L UPF1:eRF3 Complex onTranslated mRNARPS2 PABPC1 RPSA RPS24 RPL22 SMG7 RPL26 RPL35 RPL7 SMG1 ADPFAU RPL17 RPL22L1 RPS13 GSPT2 NCBP1 SMG1 UPF3B RPL11 RPL36 RPS7 RPS8 RPL23A RPL21 RPS11 RPS25 RPL26 NCBP1 RPSA RPL32 SMG9 RPL31 RPL6 RPS2 RPL18 RPS3A PABPC1 Cap Binding Complex(CBC)RPL38 RPL27A RPS4X mRNA with premature termination codon preceding exon junction RPL7A RPS27A(77-156) RPL3L EIF4G1 RPL3L RPS27 RPL19 RPS15A 5.8S rRNA RPL35 18S rRNA RPS9 RPL24 RPS11 RPL39L EIF4G1RPS21 RPS27L SMG5 GDP UPF1 RPS29 RPLP2 RPL10L CASC3 RPL34 RPL7 RPL35A RPL26L1 GDP RPL27 RPS27A(77-156) RPL30 RPL38 RPLP2 RPL18 5' Fragment of Cleaved mRNA RPS6 ETF1 RPS8 RPS25 RPS3A RPL18 5.8S rRNA p-4S-UPF1 RPS15 RPS17 RPL40 RPLP0 RPS27L RPL39 mRNA with premature termination codon preceding exon junction RPS4X RPL4 RPS20 PPP2R1A RPL38 RPS20 RPL32 RPS3 RPL8 RPL32 RPL23 RPS19 RPS17 PP2A(Aalpha:B55alpha:Calpha)RPS20 PPP2R1A ETF1 FAU UPF2 RPL11 RPLP1 RPS5 RPL27A EIF4G1 RPS9 RPL15 RPL35 RPL39L RPS13 RPL36 RPL37A RPS12 RPL36A RPS10 RPL40 NCBP1 RPL31 RPL19 RPS10 PNRC2RPL17 RPS10 RPS12 RPL37A MAGOH EIF4G1 NCBP1 RPL39 RPL26 RBM8A PABPC1MAGOHB mRNA with premature termination codon not preceding exon junction RPS20 RPL19 RPS9 RPL35A RPS25 RPL22 RPS15 RPL23 SMG8 RPS15A RPLP0 GSPT2 RPLP0 RPL17 18S rRNA ETF1 RPL22 GSPT1 RPS19 RPL37 RPL26 RPL17 RPS12 RPL18 RPS26 NCBP2 RPS3A RBM8A SMG5 RPLP1 RPS3 RPL13A RPL11 5S rRNA RPS11 RPL7A RPL27 RPL9 MAGOH RPL36AL RPL37 RPL35 RPL18A RPL6 RPS4X RPL35A RPL3 RPS13 RPL40 RPS7 RPL22L1 FAU UPF1RPL31 RPS13 RPS16 RPS4Y1 28S rRNA RPL10A RPS26 RPS11 SMG1 FAU RPLP2 p-4S-UPF1 Translated mRNAComplex withPrematureTermination CodonNot Preceding ExonJunctionRPL41 RPL29 RPL14 RPS21 RPS7 GSPT1 18S rRNA RPL24 RPS9 RPS5 PPP2R2A RPS15 RPL37A RPL21 RPL26L1 RPL9 RPL22 RPL10 SMG7 RPL3L RPLP2 RPS25 RPS5 RPS23 RPL13 FAU RPL29 RPS23 RPL23A RPL22 RPS2 RPS24 RPL14 RPL15 RPL12 RPS4Y2 5.8S rRNA MAGOH SMG6RPL27A RPL13A RPS4Y2 RPS3 RPLP1 RPL39 RPS2 RPL3 RPS18 RPL5 RPL37A RPL5 RPL30 RPSA RPL26 RPL31 PPP2R1A RPL8 RPL7A RPS12 RPL10A RPL27 5S rRNA RPL39 UPF3A PPP2R2A RPL6 RBM8A SMG9 RPS4Y1 RPL6 RPS27 UPF1 RPL7A SMG8 RPS24 RPS28 RPS14 DCP1A18S rRNA RPL13A RPL34 GSPT1 5S rRNA RPL36 RPLP0 RPL26L1 NCBP1 RPL5 RPL9 RPS18 RPS14 RPS28 RPS29 RPS12 RPS8 RNPS1 GSPT2 RPL21 RPL15 tRNA RPL19 RPL10 RPL24 RPS15A RPS27 RPL18A RPL30 RPS19 SMG5NCBP2 RBM8A RPL37A SMG9 RPS24 PPP2CA RPL38 RPL24 GDP GSPT2 UPF2 RPL36AL SMG1:SMG8:SMG9ComplexRPL37 RPS3 RPL38 PABPC1 RPL18A RPL29 RPS27L 5.8S rRNA RPL40 RPS14 RPS7 EIF4A3 RPL28 RPL35 RPS14 RPS4Y2 RPL34 RPL39L RPL3 RPL13 RPS18 RPS27L RPL11 RPL39L RPS18 RPLP0 RPS27A(77-156) RPL26L1 RPL21 RPL36AL RPS27L Translated mRNAComplex withPrematureTermination CodonPreceding ExonJunctionRPL22L1 RPL14 RPSA RPL14 RPS4Y2 RPL36A RPS17 RPL40 RPS6 RPL28 RPL11 CASC3 3' Fragment of Cleaved mRNA NCBP2 RPS8 RPL10A RPL13 RPS19 RPS27 RPS3A RPL22L1 5S rRNA RPL40 RPL30 RPL23 RPS14 RPS26 RPS8 RPL23 RPL32 RPS21 RPL35A NCBP2 UPF3B RPS27L RPS28 RPL37 RPL6 5S rRNA RPS23 RPS4Y2 RPS15 RPS28 RPL41 PABPC1 RPL3L RPL10 28S rRNA RPS15A RPL7 RPS4Y1 MAGOHB RPL12 RPL15 RPL13 MAGOHB RPL36 GSPT1 SMG7RPL21 tRNA SMG6 RPL3 NCBP2 RPL36A RPL23 RPS5 RPL23A RPS23 RPL18A RPL27 RPL4 RPS16 RPL29 RPL7 RPL18A RPL15 RPL8 RPS10 RPSA 28S rRNA RPL29 RPS4Y1 RPS28 RPL36AL GDP RPS29 5.8S rRNA RPL15 RPL22 RPS19 RPL39 NCBP1 RPL36A RPL19 ETF1 RPL9 RPL19 PABPC1 RPL36 RPL10L 28S rRNA SMG8 RPL12 RPS15A RPL10 RPS18 RPLP1 PABPC1 RPL18 GSPT1 RPS10 RPL31 EIF4G1 5S rRNA RPL27A RPLP2 RPS21 RPL30 RPS11 RPL13A RNPS1 RPL10L RPL28 RPS3A RPS4Y1 RPL36 RPL5 RPS7 tRNA RNPS1 PPP2CA RPL39 RPL41 RPL3 RPS16 RPS4X RPS29 RPL23A RPL36AL EIF4A3 EIF4G1 SMG1:PhosphorylatedUPF1:EJC:TranslatedmRNPtRNA 28S rRNA RPL26 RPLP1 RPL7A RPL10 mRNA with premature termination codon preceding exon junction RPL14 RPL34 RPL6 NCBP2 RPL29 CASC3 RPS4X RPS5 MAGOHB RPL34 RPL24 RPS28 RPS8 RPL8 RPL27 SMG6 UPF3AS-2 RPL21 RPS17 UPF2 RPS3 RPL17 RPL7 RPS13 RPS29 RPL5 NCBP1 RPL17 NCBP2 GDP RPS21 RPL18A RPL37 RPS19 RPS25 RPL7 RPL35A RPL36AL RPLP2 RPS23 RPL10A GSPT2 RPL3 RPL23A RPS20 RPL12 RPL22L1 UPF3B RPL37 tRNA RPS3 RPL18 RPL38 GSPT2 UPF3A RPS26 RPS27A(77-156) UPF3B 18S rRNA RPL8 RPS15A RPS25 RPS16 RPL41 RPLP1 RPL24 ETF1 GDP RPSA RPL10 RPS15 RPL12 RPLP0 RPL12 RPL10L RPL14 RPL13 RPL4 RPL22L1 RPL28 p-4S-UPF1 p-4S-UPF1RPL7A RPL35 NCBP2 mRNA with premature termination codon not preceding exon junction RPS2 UPF2 RPL10A RPS20 RPL41 RPL26L1 RPL37A RPS12 RPL10L 132720, 3033