Mitotic Prophase (Homo sapiens)

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5057, 82, 93757, 68, 8150, 56, 69, 9261, 791, 16, 8333, 743, 72, 7639, 668239, 6639, 666, 617551, 588, 6214, 40, 713, 10, 18, 20, 45...43, 44, 50, 60, 69...53, 7125, 84, 903, 8041, 512, 17, 38, 7119, 22, 78, 85, 9349, 64, 948, 41, 6212, 26, 28, 29, 36...7575, 939, 11, 13, 15, 23...1, 16, 21, 27, 31...82Golgi membraneER to Golgi transport vesicle membranecytosolnucleoplasmH2AFZ POM121 p-T195-RAB1A PPP2R1B p-S22/23, S395-LamindimersHIST1H2BC NUP153 ATPHIST1H2AB HIST1H2BL p-S23, S395, S405-LMNB1 NUPL1-2 ATPHIST1H2BL HIST1H2BK MeK-HIST1H4A NDC1 LPINGORASP2:BLZF1:RAB2A:GTPHIST2H2AC HIST1H2AB SMC4 ENSAp-S62-ARPP19 HIST3H2BB TPR MCPH1 Stacked GolgicisternaeHIST3H2BB HIST1H2AD NCAPH2 NUP133 H2AFZ ER to Golgitransport vesiclefused withcis-GolgiATPNUP54 NCAPG2 NUP93 NUP85 NUP88 H2BFS TMPO-1 p-T210-PLK1 PPP2CB Nuclear Pore Complex(p-2S,3T-NUP98)NUP188 H2AFB1 Sister Chromosomal Arm NUPL2 H3K4me3 HyperphosphorylatedCondensinII:NucleosomeCCNB2 NUP210 SEH1L-2 BANF1 H2AFJ SMC2 PPP2R2D p-4S,3T-NUP98-4 HIST1H2BO HIST2H2AC H2AFV NUP35 NUMA1 ADPHIST1H2BN HIST1H2AJ ADPEMD/TMPO/LEMD3/LEMD2:Lamin filaments:BANF1:ChromatinH3K4me3 Fe2+ HIST1H2BK p-3S,2T-NEK9:NEK6/NEK7p-S106-LPIN3 NCAPG2 p-4S,3T-NUP98HIST1H2AC HIST1H2BC p-T497,T638,S657-PRKCA p-S29,T210,T333,S750,S869-NEK9 NUP62 NUP107 HIST1H2BJ EMD CCNB1 HIST1H2AB p-S29,T333,S750,S869-NEK9 H2BFS POM121C NCAPH2 2OGHIST1H2BD MCPH1HIST1H2AC p-2S,3T-NUP98-3 HIST1H2BK HIST1H2BA VRK1 LEMD2 NUP107 H2AFV p-T500,T642,S661-PRKCB PPP2R1A ADPSET HIST1H2AC PiSUCCAp-Y204-MAPK3-3/p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 homodimerATPHIST1H2BO p-T500,T642,S661-PRKCB Nup45 HIST3H2BB CTDNEP1:CNEP1R1HIST1H2BH NUP37 p-S37-GOLGA2 p-T195-RAB1A H2AFX GTP HIST1H2BM NUP155 p-T222,T225-GORASP2 H3K4me2 NUP35 p-3S,T-NEK9p-T2055-NUMA1homodimerH3K4me3 HIST1H2BN HIST1H2BO H2AFX HIST1H2BN ADPp-S395, S405-LMNB1 HIST1H2AC RAE1 p-3S,2T-NEK9H2AFV NUP93 H2AFB1 HIST1H2BA RAB2A H3K4me2 p-T216,S274,S373-GORASP1:p-S37-GOLGA2:p-RAB1:GTP:p-T210-PLK1p-S62-ARPP19Lamin filaments p-3S,2T-NEK9:p-S206-NEK6/p-S195-NEK7H3K4me3 HIST1H2BD EMD/ TMPO/ LEMD3/LEMD2NUP50 NUP98-3 SMC2 NCAPG2 p-T216,S274,S373-GORASP1 Sister Centromere p-S395-LMNA-2 ATPH2AFX HIST1H2BB NEK7 NUP54 HIST1H2BL CondensinII:Nucleosome withH4K20me1PHF8-3 HIST3H2BB p-T2055-NUMA1 NUP214 RANBP2 H3K4me3 HIST1H2BK p-T216,S189,S274,S373-GORASP1:p-S37-GOLGA2:p-RAB1:GTP:p-T210-PLK1HIST2H2AA3 InterphasechromosomesLPIN1 ATPNEK6/NEK7ADPVRK2-2 H2AFV HIST1H2BO SMC2 CCNB1:p-T161-CDK1POM121C HIST1H2BD HIST1H2BB NCAPD3 ATPH2AFJ CTDNEP1 HIST1H2BH PHF8:Nucleosome withH3K4me2/3:H4K20me1p-T497,T638,S657-PRKCA VRK1/VRK2Mitotic G2-G2/Mphasesp-T161-CDK1 p-4S,3T-NUP98-4 p-2S-PHF8:Fe2+NUP155 p-T210-PLK1 HIST1H2BH NUP155 ATPSMC4 p-T210-PLK1 SMC2 H2BFS ChromatinNCAPG2 MeK-HIST1H4A HIST1H2BM p-T1415-NCAPD3 GOLGA2 GTP ATPADPHIST2H2AA3 PPP2CB p-S29,T210,T333,S750,S869-NEK9 HIST2H2BE NUP98-5 AAAS NUP153 HIST1H2BJ p-S106-LPINNCAPD3 HIST1H2BB p-T191-RAB1B HIST2H2AA3 ATPp-T210-PLK1 ADPp-T222,225-GORASP2:BLZF1:RAB2A:GTPHIST1H2BM Fe2+ NUP35 HIST1H2AB p-T216,S274,S373-GORASP1 PHF8-2 HIST1H2AB HIST1H2AD PHF8-2 HIST1H2AJ NCAPH2 H3K4me2 Nup45 HIST1H2BL HIST1H4 RAE1 PPP2CA H3K4me2 p-4S,3T-NUP98-3 NUP43 RAB2A H2BFS H2AFZ Ca2+HIST1H2AJ HIST2H2AA3 MeK-HIST1H4A HIST1H2AD NUP210 HIST1H2BK ADPMitotic PrometaphaseNuclear Pore Complex(NPC)EMD/TMPO/LEMD3/LEMD2:Lamin filamentsHIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2BO HIST2H2BE NUP88 HIST1H2AJ NUP54 H2BFS HIST2H2AA3 HIST2H2BE H3K4me3 NCAPG2 NUP160 HIST1H2BN MASTLHIST1H2BJ CondensinII:MCPH1:SETp-S62-ARPP19 HIST1H2BA GORASP1:GOLGA2:USO1:RAB1:GTPNUP98-5 HIST1H2BO HIST1H2BD H2AFZ LEMD3 ADPADPp-T2,T3,S4-BANF1 PiNUP205 p-Y204-MAPK3-3 PhosphorylatedCondensinII:Nucleosomep-S22, S395-LMNA-2 H2AFZ HIST2H2BE LEMD2 p-T333-NEK9 NUMA1 homodimerNUP210 PPP2R1B PartiallyDisassembled NPCHIST1H2BH HIST1H2BA ADPH2AFV ADPNUP160 NUP37 HIST1H2AB NUP43 PHF8-1 H2AFJ DAGPPP2R1A p-T191-RAB1B Lamin filaments CO2NUP214 CNEP1R1 NCAPH2 EMD HIST1H2BD HIST2H2BE USO1 H2AFV HIST1H2AD HIST1H2BC p-T191-RAB1B H2AFJ HIST2H2AC p-S195-NEK7 p-S395-Lamin dimersPOM121C HIST1H2BB HIST1H2BJ NUP214 p-S189,T216,S274,S373-GORASP1 HIST1H2AJ H2AFV MeK-HIST1H4A PHF8:Nucleosome withH3K4me2/3NUPL2 Condensed prophasechromosomesGORASP2 NUP85 SEH1L-2 BLZF1 HIST1H2BN RANBP2 NUP88 H2OH2AFB1 p-S-NCAPG2 RAE1 NUP153 HIST1H2BK SMC2 NUP62 H2AFB1 HIST2H2AC Sister Chromosomal Arm HIST1H2BA p-S395-LMNA-1 Nup45 LEMD3 p-S67-ENSA H2AFB1 HIST1H2AB HIST1H2AD HIST1H2BJ HIST3H2BB NDC1 NUP43 ADPATPHIST1H2BA HIST1H2BL H2AFX p-S37-GOLGA2 PHF8-1 HIST1H2BJ NUP85 ADPHIST1H2AC p-PKCA, p-PKCBNUPL2 TMPO-1 NUP98-5 NCAPD3 BLZF1 p-T2,T3,S4-BANF1p-S67-ENSA HIST2H2AC HIST1H2BC p-T210-PLK1H2BFS HIST1H2BB NUP50 EMD p-S206-NEK6 RAB1A CCNB1 SMC4 Golgi cisternaeNUP160 HIST1H2BM H2AFX HIST1H2AD p-S106-LPIN1 H2AFX NUPL1-2 NUP205 ATPHIST1H2BC p-T210-PLK1p-S69,S120-PHF8-3 SMC4 ADP1,2-diacyl-glycerol3-phosphateGTP H2BFS p-T210-PLK1:Phosphorylated Condensin II:Nucleosomep-T1415-NCAPD3 p-S67-ENSAADPp-4S,3T-NUP98-3 DAG HIST1H2AJ p-S22, S395-LMNA-1 H3K4me3 HIST2H2AC SMC2 p-S62-ARPP19/p-S67-ENSAHIST1H2BB H2AFB1 RAB1B NUP133 H2AFJ p-T194,T207,T741-MASTLGORASP1 p-S33,84-PHF8-2 SMC4 NCAPH2 CH2Op-4S,3T-NUP98HIST1H2BC ADPNCAPD3 USO1 homodimerATPNUP188 ATPSister Centromere ATPH2AFZ HIST1H2BC p-T333-NEK9HIST1H2BD SMC4 Condensin IITPR HIST1H2BH PHF8-3 H2AFX p-2S,3T-NUP98-4 ER to Golgitransport vesicleSETD8HIST2H2BE Nucleosome withH3K4me2/3:H4K20me1AdoHcyHIST1H2BN NUP98-4 NDC1 HIST1H2BJ ATPGTP ADPHIST2H2AC HIST1H2BA H2AFJ NEK7 HIST1H2BB POM121 GTP p-T161-CDK1 NCAPG2 MeK-HIST1H4A NUP93 NUP62 SMC2 HIST1H2AC HIST1H2BH SETp-S37-GOLGA2 HIST1H2BH LEMD3 HIST1H2BL RB1p-S29,T210,T333,S750,S869-NEK9 MeK-HIST1H4A HIST1H2AJ HIST1H2AC PPP2R2D HIST1H2BK POM121 SMC4 PPP2CA NEK6 TMPO-1 ADPH2AFJ HIST1H2BN HIST1H2BM Ca2+ p-T216,S274,S373-GORASP1:p-S37-GOLGA2:p-RAB1:GTPHIST1H2BL ATPH2OCondensin II:RB1NUP205 NCAPH2 ATPHIST2H2AA3 HIST1H2BM H3K4me2 AAAS LPIN3 O2H2AFB1 LPIN2 H3K4me2 RB1 PP2A-PPP2R2DUSO1 ARPP19LEMD2 HIST1H2BD DAG:active PKC:Ca+2NUP37 p-S-NCAPH2 Fe2+ GTP HIST1H2AD p-S62-ARPP19/p-S67-ENSA:PP2A-PPP2R2DTPR AdoMetNEK6 NUP188 HIST3H2BB H2AFZ NUPL1-2 p-S69,120-PHF8-1 HIST1H2BO ATPNUP107 SEH1L-2 p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 NUP50 HIST1H2BM NUP133 p-T1415,S1419-NCAPD3 H3K4me2 AAAS p-T195-RAB1A HIST2H2BE HIST3H2BB p-S106-LPIN2 CCNB1,CCNB2:p-T161-CDK1RANBP2 48, 556234, 35, 378, 41, 6241, 5147041, 5141, 62430, 86, 91448, 5530, 86, 915, 30, 86, 914