Ovarian Infertility Genes (Rattus norvegicus)

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NucleusOoplasmGranulosa CellNucleusCytoplasmOocytePrlrPtger2Ccnd2Nrip1Smpd1NCOR1Zp3Mlh1CebpbTF2DFig-alphaEgr1Nr5a1AtmMsh5Smad3Cyp19a1Cdkn1bFshrDmc1Esr2Gdf9DAZLZp3ZP2PgrGja4LhcgrSmpd1Gja4InhaVdrBMPR1BSyne2Cdk4


Ovarian bottleneck genes associated with infertility. A valuable approach to the study of infertility is the comparison of mutations of individual human and mouse genes associated with infertility phenotypes. The individual gene pages in the OKdb (Ovarian Kaleidoscope Database: http://ovary.stanford.edu) contain information on associated fertility phenotypes sorted by ovarian and nonovarian defects and by subfertility or infertility. If one searches for null mutations (under mutation type) causing infertility (infertile - ovarian defect, under female fertility status) in mice (under species), 44 gene entries are found. The expression of these infertility genes in the oocyte and granulosa cells together with their cellular localization is presented in Ovarian Infertility gene map. The theca cell genes are not presented because most publications emphasize granulosa cell studies.


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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP34(r20749) with a 82% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AtmGeneProduct300711 (Entrez Gene)
BMPR1BGeneProduct310914 (Entrez Gene)
Ccnd2GeneProduct64033 (Entrez Gene)
Cdk4GeneProduct94201 (Entrez Gene)
Cdkn1bGeneProduct83571 (Entrez Gene)
CebpbGeneProduct24253 (Entrez Gene)
Cyp19a1GeneProduct25147 (Entrez Gene)
DAZLGeneProduct680486 (Entrez Gene)
Dmc1GeneProduct362960 (Entrez Gene)
Egr1GeneProduct24330 (Entrez Gene)
Esr2GeneProduct25149 (Entrez Gene)
FshrGeneProduct25449 (Entrez Gene)
Gdf9GeneProduct59304 (Entrez Gene)
Gja4GeneProduct25655 (Entrez Gene)
InhaGeneProduct24504 (Entrez Gene)
LhcgrGeneProduct25477 (Entrez Gene)
Mlh1GeneProduct81685 (Entrez Gene)
Msh5GeneProduct294252 (Entrez Gene)
NCOR1GeneProduct54299 (Entrez Gene)
Nr5a1GeneProduct83826 (Entrez Gene)
Nrip1GeneProduct304157 (Entrez Gene)
PgrGeneProduct25154 (Entrez Gene)
PrlrGeneProduct24684 (Entrez Gene)
Ptger2GeneProduct81752 (Entrez Gene)
Smad3GeneProduct25631 (Entrez Gene)
Smpd1GeneProduct308909 (Entrez Gene)
Syne2GeneProduct299151 (Entrez Gene)
VdrGeneProduct24873 (Entrez Gene)
ZP2GeneProduct81828 (Entrez Gene)
Zp3GeneProduct114639 (Entrez Gene)

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