Sulindac Metabolic Pathway (Homo sapiens)

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1MsrB2CYP1B1MsrAFMOSulindac-SSulfindac sulfideSulindac-RSulindac sulfoneMsrB3CYP1A2CYP1A2


Metabolism of sulindac sulfide is catalyzed by MsrA, MsrB2, and MsrB3.

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  1. Brunell D, Sagher D, Kesaraju S, Brot N, Weissbach H; ''Studies on the metabolism and biological activity of the epimers of sulindac.''; Drug Metab Dispos, 2011 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CYP1A2GeneProductENSG00000140505 (Ensembl)
CYP1B1GeneProductENSG00000138061 (Ensembl)
FMOGeneProductIPR000960 (InterPro)
MsrAGeneProductENSG00000175806 (Ensembl)
MsrB2GeneProductENSG00000148450 (Ensembl)
MsrB3GeneProductENSG00000174099 (Ensembl)
Sulfindac sulfideMetabolite4509492 (Chemspider)
Sulindac sulfoneMetabolite4582441 (Chemspider) The structure for the sulfone in the paper is inconsistent with the entries in ChemSpider and PubChem; I assume the paper made typographic errors.
Sulindac-RMetabolite16046677 (PubChem-compound)
Sulindac-SMetabolite11245227 (PubChem-compound)

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