Osteoblast (Rattus norvegicus)

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NucleusOsteoblastVitamin DPDGF RaPDGF-BBParathyroid hormoneParathyroid hormoneBone sialoproteinRANK ligandPhosphateOsteoprotegerinVitamin DPDGF-BBavb3 integrinBone sialoproteinFGF-23NPT3PTH receptorSodiumPTH receptorOsteoprotegerinFGF-23OsteocalcinCollagen 1Soluble RANK ligandPDGF RbPDGF RaPDGF Rb


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Bone sialoproteinGeneProduct25295 (Entrez Gene)
Collagen 1GeneProduct29393 (Entrez Gene)
FGF-23GeneProduct170583 (Entrez Gene)
NPT3GeneProduct25548 (Entrez Gene)
OsteocalcinGeneProduct25295 (Entrez Gene)
OsteoprotegerinGeneProduct25341 (Entrez Gene)
PDGF RaGeneProduct25267 (Entrez Gene)
PDGF RbGeneProduct24629 (Entrez Gene)
PTH receptorGeneProduct56813 (Entrez Gene)
Parathyroid hormoneGeneProduct24694 (Entrez Gene)
RANK ligandGeneProduct117516 (Entrez Gene)
Soluble RANK ligandGeneProduct
Vitamin DGeneProduct
avb3 integrinGeneProduct

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