Sulfide oxidation pathway (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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1PseudomonasaeruginosaCyanide AssimilationO2Electron Transport Inhibition+Sulfide OxidationpolysulfideHIF-1H2SCYSL-2ETHE-1thiosulfatesulfateSQRD-1H2Shydrogen cyanidecysteinehydrogen cyanide+beta-cyanoalanine+H2S+O-Acetylserineacetate+cysteineCYSL-1


"Proposed mechanism. Both H2S and HCN can inhibit electron transport. Electron transport inhibition causes induction of HIF-1 activity resulting in high expression of SQRD-1 and CYSL-2. SQRD-1 catalyzes the first step in the H2S-oxidation pathway, ultimately resulting in production of sulfate and thiosulfate. CYSL-2 catalyzes the first step in the HCN assimilation pathway, producing H2S. The resultant H2S is detoxified by CYSL-1."

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  1. Budde MW, Roth MB; ''The response of Caenorhabditis elegans to hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide.''; Genetics, 2011 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CYSL-1GeneProductC17G1.7 (WormBase)
CYSL-2GeneProductK10H10.2 (WormBase)
ETHE-1GeneProductC33A12.7 (WormBase)
H2SMetabolite7783-06-4 (ChemIDplus)
HIF-1GeneProductF38A6.3 (WormBase)
O-AcetylserineMetabolite4985-36-8 (ChemIDplus)
SQRD-1GeneProductF02H6.5 (WormBase)
acetateMetabolite71-50-1 (ChemIDplus)
beta-cyanoalanineMetabolite923-01-3 (ChemIDplus)
cysteineMetabolite52-90-4 (ChemIDplus)
hydrogen cyanideMetabolite74-90-8 (ChemIDplus)
hydrogen cyanideMetaboliteHMDB0002084 (HMDB)
polysulfideMetabolite9080-49-3 (ChemIDplus)
sulfateMetaboliteHMDB0001448 (HMDB)
thiosulfateMetaboliteHMDB0000257 (HMDB)

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