Left/Right Asymmetry in the Nervous System (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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1high Ca2+OFFSRSX-3NSY-5unstable STR-2NSY-4MAP KinaseNSY-7STR-2SRSX-3wild typeONwild typehigh Ca2+unstable STR-2SRSX-3NSY-5NSY-4MAP KinaseNSY-7STR-2SRSX-3ONnsy-7 mutanthigh Ca2+unstable STR-2SRSX-3NSY-5NSY-4MAP KinaseNSY-7STR-2SRSX-3


"A model for the role of NSY-7 in establishment and maintenance of stable AWC chemosensory neuron subtypes. See the text for details."

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  1. Vasiliauskas D, Johnston R, Desplan C; ''Maintaining a stochastic neuronal cell fate decision.''; Genes Dev, 2009 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
NSY-4GeneProductY38F2AL.1 (WormBase)
NSY-5GeneProductT16H5.1 (WormBase)
NSY-7GeneProductC18F3.4 (WormBase)
SRSX-3GeneProductY97E10B.9 (WormBase)
STR-2GeneProductC50C10.7 (WormBase)
unstable STR-2GeneProductC50C10.7 (WormBase)

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