Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

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Small (40S) SubunitLarge (60S) SubunitS9-BL7-BS0-BAcidic Protein P1-alphaL13-BAcidic Protein P0L20L7-likeS17-BL37-AS27-BS6L11L6-AS28L15-AL14-BS10-AL24-AS20S5L2L3L21-AS24S16L22-BS19-BL18S8S19-AS26-BS2L9-BS11S10-BL26-AAcidic Protein P1-betaL30S0-AAcidic Protein P2-alphaS1-AL29S7-BS14-AL16-BS29-AS21S15L4-AS7-AL24-BL17-AS30L6-BL36-AL41S3L4-BL13-AL1L33-AL35L42L10L8-AL26-BS18S17-AAcidic Protein P2-betaS12L22-AL37-BS37S26-AL31L34-BL27L23L7-AL34-AL38L43L21-BL39L15-BL9-AL32L28S27-AS4S1-BL8-BL16-AL36-BL17-BS25L5S22L12S23S29-BL40S9-AL33-BL14-AL25S14-BL19S13


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Acidic Protein P0GeneProductS000004332 (SGD) Also known as L10E
Acidic Protein P1-alphaGeneProductS000002239 (SGD) Also known as A1
Acidic Protein P1-betaGeneProductS000002288 (SGD) Also known as L44’ or L12EIIB
Acidic Protein P2-alphaGeneProductS000005399 (SGD) Also known as A2
Acidic Protein P2-betaGeneProductS000002790 (SGD) Also knwon as L45, YL44C, YPA1, or L12EIA
L10GeneProductS000004065 (SGD) Also known as L9
L11GeneProductS000003317 (SGD) Also known as L16, YL16, 39A, or RP39
L12GeneProductS000000780 (SGD) Also known as L15 or YL23
L13-AGeneProductS000002240 (SGD)
L13-BGeneProductS000004750 (SGD)
L14-AGeneProductS000001489 (SGD)
L14-BGeneProductS000000993 (SGD)
L15-AGeneProductS000004019 (SGD) Also known as YL10, L13, RP15R, or YP18
L15-BGeneProductS000004728 (SGD) Also known as YL10, L13, RP15R, or YP18
L16-AGeneProductS000001395 (SGD) Also known as L13A or RP22
L16-BGeneProductS000005013 (SGD) Also known as YL15 or RP23
L17-AGeneProductS000001663 (SGD) Also known as YL17-A
L17-BGeneProductS000003713 (SGD) Also known as YL17-B
L18GeneProductS000005245 (SGD) Also known as RP28
L19GeneProductS000000123 (SGD) Also known as L23, YL14, RP33, or RP15L
L1GeneProductS000003103 (SGD) Also known as L10a
L20GeneProductS000004855 (SGD) Also known as L18A
L21-AGeneProductS000000395 (SGD)
L21-BGeneProductS000006000 (SGD)
L22-AGeneProductS000004051 (SGD) Also known as YL31 or RP4
L22-BGeneProductS000006436 (SGD)
L23GeneProductS000000183 (SGD) Also known as L17
L24-AGeneProductS000002999 (SGD) Also known as L30A, RP29, or YL21
L24-BGeneProductS000003380 (SGD) Also known as L30B, RP29, or YL21
L25GeneProductS000005487 (SGD) Also known as YL25 or RP61L
L26-AGeneProductS000004336 (SGD) Also known as YL33
L26-BGeneProductS000003266 (SGD) Also known as YL33
L27GeneProductS000001052 (SGD)
L28GeneProductS000003071 (SGD) Also known as L27A, L29, YL24, or RP62
L29GeneProductS000006437 (SGD) Also known as YL43
L2GeneProductS000001280 (SGD) Also known as YL6, L5, or RP8
L30GeneProductS000002998 (SGD) Also known as YL32 or RP73
L31GeneProductS000002233 (SGD) Also known as YL28
L32GeneProductS000000188 (SGD)
L33-AGeneProductS000006064 (SGD) Also known as L37A, YL37, or RP47
L33-BGeneProductS000005760 (SGD) Also known as L37B, YL27, or RP47
L34-AGeneProductS000002135 (SGD)
L34-BGeneProductS000001314 (SGD)
L35GeneProductS000002295 (SGD)
L36-AGeneProductS000004807 (SGD) Also known as L39A or YL39
L36-BGeneProductS000006438 (SGD) Also known as L39B or YL39
L37-AGeneProductS000004175 (SGD) Also known as L35 or YP55
L37-BGeneProductS000002908 (SGD) Also known as L35 or YP55
L38GeneProductS000004317 (SGD)
L39GeneProductS000003725 (SGD) Also known as L46 or YL40
L3GeneProductS000005589 (SGD) Also known as YL1 or RP1
L4-AGeneProductS000000235 (SGD) Also known as L2A or RP2
L4-BGeneProductS000002419 (SGD) Also known as L2B or RP2
L40GeneProductS000001410 (SGD) Also known as CEP52
L41GeneProductS000002293 (SGD) Also known as YL41 or YL47
L42GeneProductS000001183 (SGD) Also known as L44, YL27, YP44, or L41
L43GeneProductS000003855 (SGD) Also known as L37A or YL35
L5GeneProductS000006052 (SGD) Also known as L1 or YL3
L6-AGeneProductS000004538 (SGD) Also known as L17, YL16, or RP18
L6-BGeneProductS000004440 (SGD) Also known as L17, YL16, or RP18
L7-AGeneProductS000003044 (SGD) Also known as L6A, YL8A, or RP11
L7-BGeneProductS000006119 (SGD) Also known as L6B or YL8B
L7-likeGeneProductS000004947 (SGD)
L8-AGeneProductS000001025 (SGD) Also known as L7A-2, L4-2, YL5, or RP6
L8-BGeneProductS000003968 (SGD) Also known as L7A-1, L4-1, YL5, or RP6
L9-AGeneProductS000003115 (SGD) Also known as L8, YL11, or RP25
L9-BGeneProductS000005011 (SGD) Also known as L8, YL11, or RP25
S0-AGeneProductS000003446 (SGD) Also known as Nucleic acid-binding protein NAB1A
S0-BGeneProductS000004038 (SGD) Also known as Nucleic acid-binding protein NAB1B
S1-AGeneProductS000004433 (SGD) Also known as RP10A
S1-BGeneProductS000004528 (SGD) Also known as RP10B
S10-AGeneProductS000005819 (SGD)
S10-BGeneProductS000004843 (SGD)
S11GeneProductS000000252 (SGD) Also known as S18, YS12, or RP41
S12GeneProductS000005896 (SGD)
S13GeneProductS000002471 (SGD) Also known as S27A or YS15
S14-AGeneProductS000000627 (SGD) Also known as RP59A
S14-BGeneProductS000003727 (SGD) Also known as RP59B
S15GeneProductS000005400 (SGD) Also known as S21, YS21, RP52, or RIG protein
S16GeneProductS000002241 (SGD) Also known as RP61R
S17-AGeneProductS000004486 (SGD) Also known as RP51A
S17-BGeneProductS000002855 (SGD) Also known as RP51B
S18GeneProductS000002858 (SGD)
S19-AGeneProductS000005481 (SGD) Also known as S16A, YS16, RP55, or YP45
S19-BGeneProductS000005246 (SGD) Also known as S16B, YS16, or RP55
S20GeneProductS000001007 (SGD)
S21GeneProductS000001765 (SGD) Also known as S36 or YS25
S22GeneProductS000003726 (SGD) Also known as S24, YS22, RP50, or YP58
S23GeneProductS000003350 (SGD) Also known as S28, YS14, or RP37
S24GeneProductS000000876 (SGD) Also known as RP50
S25GeneProductS000003259 (SGD) Also known as S31, YS23, or RP45
S26-AGeneProductS000003157 (SGD)
S26-BGeneProductS000000933 (SGD)
S27-AGeneProductS000001639 (SGD) Also known as YS20 or RP61
S27-BGeneProductS000001063 (SGD) Also known as YS20 or RP61
S28GeneProductS000004254 (SGD) Also known as S33 or YS27
S29-AGeneProductS000004380 (SGD) Also known as S36 or YS29
S29-BGeneProductS000002219 (SGD) Also known as S36 or YS29
S2GeneProductS000003091 (SGD) Also known as S4, YS5, or RP12
S30GeneProductS000004278 (SGD)
S37GeneProductS000004157 (SGD) Also known as CEP76 or YS24
S3GeneProductS000005122 (SGD) Also known as YS3 or RP13
S4GeneProductS000001246 (SGD) Also known as S7, YS6, or RP5
S5GeneProductS000003884 (SGD) Also known as S2, YS8, or RP14
S6GeneProductS000000385 (SGD) Also known as S10, YS4, or RP9
S7-AGeneProductS000005622 (SGD) Also known as RP30
S7-BGeneProductS000005040 (SGD)
S8GeneProductS000000168 (SGD) Also known as S14, YS9, or RP19
S9-AGeneProductS000006002 (SGD) Also known as S13, YS11, RP21, or YP28
S9-BGeneProductS000000393 (SGD) Also known as S13, YS11, RP21, or YP28

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