Genes targeted by miRNAs in adipocytes (Homo sapiens)

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miRNA overexpressionKCNJ2KCNQ1MIR133A1MIR1-2MIR1-1HDAC4MIR133BMIR133A2GJA1HCN4TMSB4XHCN2in vivo overexpression of miRNAIn vivo expression patternTMSB4XGJA1Hand2IGF1miRNA Antagonistsin vitro antisenseHCN2KCNE1SRFPTBP2HCN4ERGmiRNA Antagonists


This catalog pathway was created using the database from "" with exclusions based on evidence type. This pathway only includes miR targeted genes expressed in adipocyte cells. This pathway is meant for data mapping. Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ERGGeneProductENSG00000157554 (Ensembl)
GJA1GeneProductENSG00000152661 (Ensembl)
HCN2GeneProductENSG00000099822 (Ensembl)
HCN4GeneProductENSG00000138622 (Ensembl)
HDAC4GeneProductENSG00000068024 (Ensembl)
Hand2GeneProductENSG00000164107 (Ensembl)
IGF1GeneProductENSG00000017427 (Ensembl)
KCNE1GeneProductENSG00000180509 (Ensembl)
KCNJ2GeneProductENSG00000123700 (Ensembl)
KCNQ1GeneProductENSG00000053918 (Ensembl)
MIR1-1Rna406904 (Entrez Gene)
MIR1-2Rna406905 (Entrez Gene)
MIR133A1Rna406922 (Entrez Gene)
MIR133A2Rna406923 (Entrez Gene)
MIR133BRna442890 (Entrez Gene)
PTBP2GeneProductENSG00000117569 (Ensembl)
SRFGeneProductENSG00000112658 (Ensembl)
TMSB4XGeneProductENSG00000205542 (Ensembl)

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