VEGFR-3 signaling (Rattus norvegicus)

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4ProliferationPermeabilityPlasma membraneSurvivalGene transcriptionTyr1337NO productionMigrationNucleus2223PI3KMapk1Akt1Mapk3Plcg1Flt4ItpkcCasp9Shc12252VegfcFigf1Flt4Grb2Bad_v13Nos3


Vascular endothelial growth factors are crucial for the vascular development and neovascularization in physiological and pathological processes in both embryo and adult. There are three isoforms of the VEGFR receptor found. This figure shows the VEGFR3 pathway as detected in lymphatic endothelial cells. Activation of the receptor results in proliferation, survival, enhanced permeability and migration of the cell.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Akt1GeneProductENSRNOG00000028629 (Ensembl)
Bad_v1GeneProductENSRNOG00000021147 (Ensembl)
Casp9GeneProductENSRNOG00000012944 (Ensembl)
FigfGeneProduct360457 (Entrez Gene)
Flt4GeneProduct114110 (Entrez Gene)
Grb2GeneProduct81504 (Entrez Gene)
ItpkcGeneProductENSRNOG00000013945 (Ensembl)
Mapk1GeneProductENSRNOG00000001849 (Ensembl)
Mapk3GeneProductENSRNOG00000053583 (Ensembl)
Nos3GeneProductENSRNOG00000009348 (Ensembl)
PI3KGeneProductENSRNOG00000009385 (Ensembl)
Plcg1GeneProductENSRNOG00000051490 (Ensembl)
Shc1GeneProduct85385 (Entrez Gene)
VegfcGeneProduct114111 (Entrez Gene)

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