Transport of inorganic cations/anions and amino acids/oligopeptides (Homo sapiens)

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SLC38A4H+L-GluL-Thr L-Leu L-Phe L-GluL-Arg L-Ala H+L-Ser SLC4A8 SLC17A1SLC9A3 Cl-SLC34A1 PEPT cotransportersL-Glu ligands of SLC36A1L-Cys ligands of SLC43A1and SLC43A2SLC26A7 I-L-His L-Phe Na+Cl-L-Thr SLC7A10 Li+SLC4A3 L-ProSLC24A3 L-Gln L-Ser L-Asn H+DAB L-Thr Gly SLC9A1-5L-Asn SRISLC1A4ligands of SLC7A10Na+SLC12A3L-Phe L-His L-Pro Ca2+Cl-L-Lys alanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineL-Ser K+L-Gln L-Gln L-Asn SLC7A6:SLC3A2heterodimerSLC25A29 substratesL-Ala H+D-Asp L-Val SLC6A20L-His LACT LACT, PYR, NCAL-Gln L-Arg Cl-SLC5A12Gly L-Ile L-Arg L-Trp SLC15A2 L-Gln K+L-Ser neutral amino acidsSLC7A8 SLC17A6 L-Val monocarboxylatestransported bySLC5A8L-Met H+SLC1A7 EtCOO- or C2H5COO- ligands of SLC7A8SLC4A9 ligands of SLC38A3GABA LACT L-Ala L-Met SLC17A5ligands of SLC7A5SLC7A11 SLC38A3L-Leu Cl-L-AlaL-Ile Ca2+PiL-Leu L-Tyr SLC24A1-4ligands of SLC36A1Na+monocarboxylatestransported bySLC5A8L-Gln L-Ile Ca2+b-Ala I-EtCOO- or C2H5COO- SLC1A4L-GluL-Orn ligands of SLC7A5CALM1L-Asn Cl-L-Tyr SLC26A2 SLC36A1SLC26A11L-Pro tripeptide L-Asn L-AlaL-Leu L-Ala L-Thr Na+dipeptide L-Phe SLC1A2 SLC25A26L-Arg, CySS-, L-LysNa+Na+Na+Ca2+L-ProL-Asn SLC20A1 L-Met SLC12A6 SLC6A14SLC7A6 H+H+L-Thr Na+DAB L-Ser L-Asp L-Met SLC4A5 CySS-L-Ile SLC8A1,2,3L-Met AdoHcyL-Cys L-Trp L-His L-Thr L-SerDi-peptides/tri-peptidesalanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineL-Tyr SLC9A7/8L-Asn L-Ala L-Arg L-Ile L-ArgSLC1A6 SLC12A5 L-Ala L-Ile PYR L-Leu PiL-Ala L-Ser Na+L-Trp L-Ser L-Ala L-Pro SLC7A7 L-Ile MALGly SLC26A3,6K+CH3COO- Cl-L-Arg, L-Lys, L-OrnLACT, PYR, NCAL-Pro H+L-Glu L-Arg MALL-CysSLC7A9:SLC3A1ligands of SLC6A12(BGT-1)SLC4A2 L-GlnSLC38A5L-Met Cl-H+L-Ala ligands of SLC38A1SLC12A2 SLC32A1SLC7A5 Cys L-Leu ligands of SLC16A10Na+L-Arg, L-Lys, L-Ornalanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineL-Lys L-Ala Cl-Gly L-Tyr L-Ile L-Ala L-GluNa+SLC38A1SLC26A3 Na+Na+SLC17A6,7,8SLC7A8:SLC3A2heterodimerSLC16A10L-Leu SLC17A7 L-Ile LACT BUT L-Thr GlySLC25A18,A22L-Pro L-AlaL-Asn L-Cys L-Val L-Ala SLC38A4L-Ser SLC34A3L-Orn BET L-Tyr I-K+L-His L-Ile Cys L-Cys L-Phe Cl-L-Ala Na+SLC34A2 Cl-H+HCO3-SLC15A4 D-Ala L-Orn L-Ser ligands of SLC38A3Na+H+L-Tyr Na+dipeptide SLC7A5:SLC3A2SLC3A2 AdoMetH+L-SerSLC36A4AdoMetNa+L-Met SLC6A6SLC1A1 L-Gln SLC12A1 Na+L-Ser L-Cys Na+L-His SLC3A2 SLC9A6 SLC8A2 L-Ala SLC4A7 L-Ser K+H+D-Ser L-LeuSLC6A14 ligandsK+ligands of SLC6A6SLC26A4L-Met L-Ser L-His L-Cys methylArg alanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineSLC26A9 NCA L-Cys L-ThrL-Thr Na+Gly, L-ProNa+L-Lys Na+SLC4A4L-Val L-Tyr L-Ser Na+SO4(2-)L-ProSLC8A3 Na+SLC24A6Na+Na+PiNa+SLC26A6 SLC3A2 CH3COO- SLC12A4,5,6,7L-Val D-Ala SLC6A12Na+L-Arg HPRO L-Val L-His L-Trp L-Met PYR b-Ala L-Arg L-Met L-Pro Gly dipeptide Na+L-Ser L-Lys tripeptide L-Met Na+GABA L-Ser SLC6A14 ligandsL-Ala SLC5A8b-Ala SLC34A1,2L-ThrL-Ser L-Pro Na+SLC1A4L-Ser Li+SLC9A5 Cys SLC25A29 substratesCys SLC7A9 Neu5AcL-Thr L-Lys H+L-Ala L-Trp methylArg SLC7A2-1Gly Gly SLC4A1,2,3neutral amino acidsPiNa+L-His Na+SLC9A2 SLC7A7:SLC3A2heterodimerL-Gln Na+L-His SLC3A2 HCO3-L-Ile L-His L-Glu,L-Asp,D-AspL-Ala L-Tyr H+H+Ca2+L-Arg, L-Lys, L-OrnSLC9A6,7Gly SLC3A2 Cys SO4(2-)L-Ser L-Thr SLC5A5L-Phe Na+ligands of SLC38A1H+L-Leu L-Trp SLC3A2 L-Leu L-Gln L-Arg alanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineH+L-Ala L-Lys L-Met L-Lys Ca2+L-Thr SLC1A5SLC1A4Cl-ligands of SLC38A5D-Ser CySS- SO4(2-)SLC4A1 ligands of SLC6A15Na+Na+-driven Cl-/HCO3-exchanger proteinsCa2+L-Ala NCA H+L-His L-His L-Phe LACT ligands of SLC6A12(BGT-1)SLC9A1 SLC7A2-2L-GlnInhibitory aminoacidshomoArg Gly H+L-Ser Na+TAU Na+NCA L-Ala L-Ala L-Leu Na+ligands of SLC38A2L-Ser homoArg PiBUT L-Lys L-Orn GABA L-ArgCys Na+PHT cotransportersGly SLC43A1L-Ala SLC9A9SLC25A18 AdoHcyL-ProL-Thr ligands of SLC43A1and SLC43A2L-GlnL-Met Cl-AHCYL2L-Arg Cl-SLC8A1 SLC38A2L-Orn L-Ala L-Leu SLC1A1-3,6,7GlyNa+L-Ser Neu5AcPYR Na+ligands of SLC7A10L-Phe ligands of SLC6A15Na+SLC24A1 L-Ala Histidine/di-peptidesNa+SLC7A11:SLC3A2heterodimerL-Phe Na+L-Arg, CySS-, L-LysSLC20A2 L-Ser L-Val L-Asn SLC26A1 Ca2+L-Lys SLC3A1 SLC7A3L-Val Gly Na+HCO3-SLC12A7 NCA Na+BET SLC24A4 Cl-K+Histidine/di-peptidesSLC9A7 SLC7A10:SLC3A2heterodimerL-Ala Na+Inhibitory aminoacidsH+Gly L-Arg L-Lys SLC12A4 Na+Gly, L-ProSLC15A3 Na+D-Asp L-Gln alanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineSLC9A4 L-Trp ligands of SLC7A8SLC1A3 Na+SLC6A15H+L-LeuNa+L-Thr SLC6A18L-Thr Cl-L-Ala alanine, serine,threonine, orcysteineNa+L-Trp L-Ser Na+L-Arg Cl-L-Asp L-Leu Gly L-Lys H+b-Ala SLC6A19L-Thr SLC26A1,2ligands of SLC38A4SLC25A29Na+L-Gln SLC9A7 Di-peptides/tri-peptidesL-Thr SLC15A1 L-Val H+b-Ala ligands of SLC38A2Na+L-Arg PYR CysNa+SLC24A2(59-661) PiK+Gly Gly L-CysNa+ligands of SLC38A5PiL-Asn SLC17A8 L-Cys Gly L-Phe Cys SLC25A22 L-Trp GABA L-Val HPRO CTNSI-L-Ala L-Leu SLC4A5,7,9Type III Na+/PicotransportersL-Asn L-Ser CySS- HPO4(2-)L-His dipeptide Na+L-GlnL-Gln SLC7A1SLC26 chloridetransportersCys SLC12A1,2Gly SLC25A10Cl-L-Val Na+L-Leu L-Arg, L-Lys, L-OrnSLC9A8 ligands of SLC6A6L-Met L-Ile L-Gln L-Lys Na+481799, 1361085417