Eukaryotic Translation Elongation (Homo sapiens)

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73512cytosolRPL26L1 RPS10 RPL26L1 RPL9 RPL13 eEF2:GTPRPS15A RPL17 RPL18 Phe-tRNA(Phe) Pro-tRNA(Pro) RPL19 RPL39 RPL39L RPS8 RPL23 Met-tRNAi RPL19 Cys-tRNA(Cys) RPL10 RPS14 RPL37A RPL28 RPS25 RPL23A RPS5 RPL40 28S rRNA RPL31 RPL41 RPL10 RPL11 EEF1A1RPL39L Cys-tRNA(Cys) RPL18A RPL37 EEF2 RPL37A RPS15 RPL24 RPS15 RPL10 EEF1A1P5 Met-tRNA(Met) Elongation complexwith growingpeptide chainRPL35A RPS8 RPL18A RPS3A GTP RPL40 RPS10 RPS27L RPS24 RPL8 RPL34 RPL3 RPL10L RPS15A RPL22L1 RPL32 80S:Met-tRNAi:mRNARPL29 RPL3 RPS28 RPL13A eEF2:GDPRPS26 RPL7 RPS18 28S rRNA Trp-tRNA(Trp) RPL41 RPS13 RPS23 RPL9 RPSA RPS9 GTPAsp-tRNA(Asp) RPL23 RPS16 RPL23A RPS19 RPL15 GTPRPL23 RPL8 RPS17 RPL5 RPS12 RPL7 Gly-tRNA(Gly) Val-tRNA(Val) RPL31 RPL21 RPL3L RPL27 RPL12 RPL41 Leu-tRNA(Leu) RPL39L RPL10 RPL18A RPL10L Met-tRNAi RPL35 80SRibosome:mRNA:peptidyl-tRNA with elongating peptideRPS19 RPL17 RPL36AL peptidyl-tRNA with elongated peptide RPS4Y2 RPL13A EEF1DThr-tRNA(Thr) RPS18 RPL14 RPL5 RPS15A Ser-tRNA(Ser) RPL28 RPL24 RPL14 RPL10A RPL13 RPL19 RPL36AL Arg-tRNA(Arg) EEF1G RPS16 RPL36 RPL7A RPS26 RPL35 RPL3 RPS13 RPL28 RPL37A RPL17 RPSA RPS26 RPL32 RPL35A RPL18A RPL7A RPL5 RPL39 RPL28 RPS19 RPS29 RPL26 RPS27L RPL4 RPS27 Cys-tRNA(Cys) RPS9 Leu-tRNA(Leu) RPS3 RPS4Y2 18S rRNA GTP RPL26 RPS8 RPS4Y1 RPL13A RPL24 RPL23 RPS10 RPL37 EEF1D RPL34 RPS24 Gly-tRNA(Gly) RPS4X RPLP2 Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) EEF1B2 RPS15A RPL11 RPL26 RPS3 RPL4 RPS14 RPL23A GTP RPL6 RPS27A(77-156) RPS13 RPL26L1 RPS11 RPL7A RPL28 RPLP2 Aminoacyl-tRNARPL7 RPL7 RPL22 RPL39 peptidyl-tRNA with elongated peptide RPL29 RPL41 EEF1A1 RPS23 RPL15 eEF1B complexRPL36A RPL6 eEF1A:GTPEEF2 RPL22L1 RPS20 RPL5 RPL3L RPS2 RPL39L RPS25 EEF1A1-like proteinsRPL27A Pro-tRNA(Pro) RPL31 RPS5 RPL22 RPS17 RPL34 RPS24 RPS27 RPL26L1 Asn-tRNA(Asn) RPL27A GTP RPS2 RPL38 RPL22 Leu-tRNA(Leu) FAU 5S rRNA RPS9 RPS4Y2 80S:Met-tRNAi:mRNA:aminoacyl-tRNARPS7 RPS25 RPS28 RPS18 RPL39 RPS29 Ala-tRNA(Ala) RPL36 RPS27L RPL11 RPS3A RPS21 EEF1B2 Pro-tRNA(Pro) Asp-tRNA(Asp) RPS8 Arg-tRNA(Arg) RPS12 RPS5 RPLP2 RPS29 RPS28 RPS25 RPL5 RPL18A RPS2 RPLP1 RPL23A RPL12 RPL27A RPL12 RPL22L1 RPL35A Arg-tRNA(Arg) RPL3L Leu-tRNA(Leu) RPS4Y1 Asn-tRNA(Asn) RPS15 RPL3L RPL19 RPS6 RPS8 RPL30 RPL30 5.8S rRNA RPS23 GDP Asn-tRNA(Asn) RPL7A RPL6 RPS3A RPL7 RPL15 RPL4 RPS4Y1 RPL12 RPL6 RPS21 RPL29 RPL21 RPL21 Lys-tRNA(Lys) RPL8 Ala-tRNA(Ala) RPS3 RPL13A RPL24 RPL36 RPS14 RPL10A RPL41 RPL10A RPL3L RPL10A RPSA RPL37 FAU Ser-tRNA(Ser) Val-tRNA(Val) RPS13 5S rRNA RPL38 RPL27 RPLP0 RPS20 RPS20 RPS27L RPL38 RPS5 RPS28 RPL24 Gln-tRNA(Gln) RPL26 RPL10L RPL40 Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) RPS18 RPL36 RPS4Y2 RPL18A RPS25 5S rRNA Met-tRNA(Met) PiRPS2 28S rRNA RPL30 RPL18 FAU RPL36AL RPS4Y1 RPS12 RPL10A eEF1A:GTP:aminoacyl-tRNA complexRPS27 RPL40 5.8S rRNA Gly-tRNA(Gly) RPL35A RPLP1 RPS7 EEF1A1 RPLP0 RPS16 RPS4Y1 RPLP0 Ser-tRNA(Ser) RPL13 RPS4X RPL39L RPL32 RPS27A(77-156) EEF1A1 Ala-tRNA(Ala) RPS23 RPL39 RPS12 RPL22 RPS24 Val-tRNA(Val) RPL3 RPL26L1 RPL27A Ile-tRNA(Ile) RPL18 RPL3L EEF1A1 5S rRNA RPS10 RPS9 Glu-tRNA(Glu) RPL13 RPL27 RPS21 RPS29 Asp-tRNA(Asp) RPS27A(77-156) RPL34 EEF2RPL31 RPL26 Val-tRNA(Val) His-tRNA(His) RPL32 RPS17 RPLP2 RPS15 RPLP2 RPS18 RPL8 RPL23A RPL18 RPS10 RPS11 RPS15 RPS26 RPS6 RPL22 EEF1G28S rRNA Glu-tRNA(Glu) RPL35A RPS19 RPS18 RPS13 RPL17 RPS7 RPL14 Cys-tRNA(Cys) Lys-tRNA(Lys) RPS21 Met-tRNA(Met) EEF1B2RPS11 RPS9 RPL32 Ala-tRNA(Ala) RPL35A RPL36A 5.8S rRNA RPL34 RPS7 RPS4X RPL9 RPL31 RPL7A RPL22 RPL36AL RPL40 RPS21 RPL21 28S rRNA RPS27 EEF1A1 RPL37A RPS21 RPL11 Glu-tRNA(Glu) RPL36AL RPL26 RPL9 RPL28 RPS27A(77-156) RPSA Phe-tRNA(Phe) Gln-tRNA(Gln) RPL30 RPL19 RPL30 RPL21 RPL17 RPS13 Gly-tRNA(Gly) RPL38 RPLP1 RPLP0 RPL13 Trp-tRNA(Trp) Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) 18S rRNA RPLP1 5.8S rRNA PiRPS6 RPL8 RPS11 RPS26 RPS4X Thr-tRNA(Thr) RPL36 Ceruloplasmin mRNA RPL35 Lys-tRNA(Lys) Phe-tRNA(Phe) RPS24 RPS28 RPS29 RPL18 RPL14 EEF1D RPL10A RPL38 RPL27A RPS25 RPLP2 RPS3A RPL15 RPL3 RPL36A RPL13 RPL35 RPL18 RPL12 eEF1B:GDP exchangecomplexRPL27 RPL22L1 RPL36A RPS23 RPL29 RPS7 RPS3A RPL9 His-tRNA(His) eEF1A:GDP18S rRNA GDP RPL34 RPL6 RPS19 RPL36A RPL9 80S:aminoacyltRNA:mRNA:eEF1A:GTPRPL8 RPS3A RPLP0 His-tRNA(His) RPL6 RPS2 RPL3 Asn-tRNA(Asn) RPS16 RPS14 RPL4 RPL26L1 RPS4Y2 RPL5 RPS11 Arg-tRNA(Arg) RPL35 EEF1G RPL19 RPLP1 RPL11 RPS3 RPL23 RPL37 18S rRNA RPL41 18S rRNA RPL29 Gln-tRNA(Gln) RPS4X RPL17 RPS27A(77-156) RPS23 RPS12 RPS4Y1 RPS14 FAU EEF1A2 Asp-tRNA(Asp) Lys-tRNA(Lys) RPL24 Met-tRNAi RPL36A RPL11 RPLP1 Ceruloplasmin mRNA RPL22L1 RPL23 Ceruloplasmin mRNA RPS27L RPL15 RPS20 RPL10 FAU Ile-tRNA(Ile) 80S ribosomeThr-tRNA(Thr) RPL39L Gln-tRNA(Gln) 5S rRNA Ile-tRNA(Ile) RPL13A RPL7A RPS4X RPL23A RPL37 RPL39 RPS15 RPS17 5.8S rRNA RPL14 RPL10L RPL37A RPSA Trp-tRNA(Trp) RPL37 Glu-tRNA(Glu) RPS5 RPL22L1 RPS3 RPS4Y2 Met-tRNA(Met) RPS27A(77-156) RPS6 Pro-tRNA(Pro) RPLP0 RPS11 28S rRNA RPS5 RPS27L RPS20 Trp-tRNA(Trp) RPL4 RPS27 RPS29 RPL27A RPS12 RPS24 5S rRNA GDP RPS8 Ser-tRNA(Ser) RPS16 RPS20 RPL36AL RPL10L RPL38 RPS9 RPL14 FAU 18S rRNA Thr-tRNA(Thr) RPL29 RPS26 RPL35 RPS6 RPS16 RPS27 RPL27 Ceruloplasmin mRNA RPL12 RPS15A RPS28 RPL10 RPL40 5.8S rRNA RPL27 RPS6 RPL15 RPL36 RPSA His-tRNA(His) RPS3 Phe-tRNA(Phe) RPL13A RPS15A RPL30 RPL4 RPL37A RPL32 Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) RPL21 RPS2 Ile-tRNA(Ile) RPS17 Ceruloplasmin mRNA RPS19 RPL7 RPS17 RPL10L RPS10 RPS7 RPS14 RPL31 4, 64, 64, 6