Stress response (Bacillus subtilis)

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1fla/che operon (including sigD)lytA/B/C, lytD, lytF, other flgs also follow same regulation as hagabrBPhosphorelayswrAAdegSdegUyqxMsinRhagaprEslrRsinI


Stress response pathway.

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  1. Chai Y, Norman T, Kolter R, Losick R; ''An epigenetic switch governing daughter cell separation in Bacillus subtilis.''; Genes Dev, 2010 PubMed Europe PMC


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
aprEGeneProductEBBACG00000004004 (Ensembl)
degSGeneProductEBBACG00000001057 (Ensembl)
degUGeneProductEBBACG00000001454 (Ensembl)
hagGeneProductEBBACG00000002339 (Ensembl)
sinIGeneProductEBBACG00000003862 (Ensembl)
sinRGeneProductEBBACG00000001390 (Ensembl)
slrRGeneProductEBBACG00000002246 (Ensembl)
swrAAGeneProductEBBACG00000003861 (Ensembl)
yqxMGeneProductEBBACG00000003350 (Ensembl)

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