TOR signaling (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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67life span extentionEnergy stressHigh AMP:ATPamino acidsTOR complex 2Amino acid transporterTOR complex 1sgk-1rheb-1let-363akt-2daf-15C10H11.8hif-1rict-1mRNA translationInsulin signalingdaf-16aak-2sinh-1par-4C10H11.8Autophagyrps-6akt-1let-363rsks-1unc-51


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
C10H11.8GeneProductC10H11.8 (Ensembl)
C10H11.8GeneProductWBGene00015697 (Ensembl)
Insulin signalingPathway
aak-2GeneProductT01C8.1 (WormBase)
akt-1GeneProductC12D8.10 (WormBase)
akt-2GeneProductF28H6.1 (WormBase)
daf-15GeneProductC10C5.6 (WormBase)
hif-1GeneProductF38A6.3 (WormBase)
let-363GeneProductB0261.2 (WormBase)
mRNA translationPathwayWP110 (WikiPathways)
par-4GeneProductY59A8B.14 (WormBase)
rheb-1GeneProductF54C8.5 (WormBase)
rict-1GeneProductF29C12.3 (WormBase)
rps-6GeneProductY71A12B.1 (WormBase)
rsks-1GeneProductY47D3A.16 (WormBase)
sgk-1GeneProductW10G6.2 (WormBase)
sinh-1GeneProductY57A10A.20 (WormBase)
unc-51GeneProductY60A3A.1 (WormBase)

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