Intracellular trafficking of CFTR (Rattus norvegicus)

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recycling endosomlate endosomearly endosomrecycling endosomvesikelVesikelActinvesikelLysosombudding ofTGNPlasmamembran (apical)Endocytic PathwayGTPRecycling Pathwaysabiliesing complex desolvesActinActinCftrCftrCftrCftrTc10Rab11aSYN6Cl -CftrCftrSlc9a3r1EzrinMyosin-VICftrCftrCftrCftrCftrCftrRab5aCftrEzrinRab9Rab11aRab7Myo6EzrinCftrCalCftrCftrCftrSlc9a3r1Slc9a3r1Slc9a3r1CftrCalRab7CftrCftrEzrinCftrCalCftrCftrCftrCftr1, 5, 6423


This pathway describes the mechanism of endo- and exocytosis of CFTR channel, based on the article: "New insights into cystic fibrosis: molecular switches that regulate CFTR" by Guggino et al. 2006.

On the left side (in red) the endocytic mechanism is shown. Respectively in green on the right sight the exocytic mechanism. We integrated the functions of PDZ proteins, SNAREs and Rho GTPases.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CalGeneProductENSRNOG00000011774 (Ensembl)
CftrGeneProductENSRNOG00000055103 (Ensembl)
Cl -Metabolite
EzrinGeneProductENSRNOG00000018524 (Ensembl)
Myo6GeneProductENSRNOG00000011852 (Ensembl)
Myosin-VIGeneProductENSRNOG00000011852 (Ensembl)
Rab11aGeneProductENSRNOG00000011302 (Ensembl)
Rab5aProteinENSRNOG00000057056 (Ensembl)
Rab7GeneProductENSRNOG00000012247 (Ensembl)
Rab9ProteinENSRNOG00000030443 (Ensembl)
Slc9a3r1GeneProductENSRNOG00000003232 (Ensembl)
Tc10GeneProductENSRNOG00000015415 (Ensembl)

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